Saturday, August 18, 2007

LAVEZZI thrills the San Paolo with a hat-trick

A lot of people don't know who Ezequiel LAVEZZI is. There were a lot of questions regarding whether Coco BASILE was right or wrong in calling him for Argentina's friendly match against Norway (August 22nd in Oslo).

Well...he's just arrive to Napoli after winning the Clausura tournament with San Lorenzo last season and on Saturday, he couldn't have had a better presentation in front of the San Paolo crowd!

For the Italian Cup second round, Napoli hosted Pisa and within 20 minutes they were down 1-0, due to a KUTUZOV strike.

After half-time, Ezequiel LAVEZZI was sent to the field and he only took 5 minutes to find the back of the net with a great personal effort that saw him finishing with a lovely strike. 1-1.

But both teams failed to score again and the match went to extra-time. And LAVEZZI saved the best for the final moments.

He scored two more goals to record his first hat-trick in his new club, send them to the next round -when they will face Livorno- and to start conquering the crowd that had the privilege to watch the best player of all time at his best.


Seba said...

Before some LAVEZZI detractors start talking, I know Pisa is a Serie B outfit, but we've seen many lower-division sides upsetting bigger teams and don't forget Napoli is a newly-promoted club.

I think this hat-trick will surely help LAVEZZI to shorten that period every player needs to adapt to life in a new country/club/league.

I can't wait to see him taking on those industrious defensive units almost every team in Serie A have. I don't think he'll disappoint.

Rio said...

just promoted from serie C1 actually.
but a hat-trick is hat-trick, doesn't matter from whom and how.

Rio said...

lavezzi is playing like absolutely crap right now. not only did he continuously disappeared to the edges, he's showing frustration and killing our reputation