Thursday, August 16, 2007

KUN and MAXI help Atletico in European return

It's been seven years since Atlético de Madrid played their last match in a European Competition.

Today, in a sold-out Vicente Calderón Stadium, the Spanish side defeated Vojvodina (Serbia) 3-0 in a UEFA Cup Qualification match and two of those goals were scored by Argentine players, while Leo FRANCO kept a clean sheet. Mariano PERNÍA, born in Argentina but representing Spain at international level, was also in the starting eleven.

Maxi RODRIGUEZ drew first blood after a piledriver by Kun AGÜERO in the 37th minute.

Former Independiente (Argentina), Manchester United and Villarreal striker, Diego FORLAN, scored the second for Atlético after a MANICHE shot took a deflection in one defender with 61 minutes gone.

And with 20 minutes to go, the Uruguayan sent a cross to AGÜERO for him to score a great goal.

Six minutes later, Kun received a standing ovation while Luis GARCIA replaced him, and with eight minutes to go, Maxi RODRIGUEZ gave Leo FRANCO the captain's arm-band as he was replaced by JURADO.


Seba said...

Thanks for the link, Jack!

What a lovely header by Kun!

And a great action before that assist to Maxi.

Anonymous said...

No problem!

I think Aguero is going to have a break out year! No more el nino I think this will be his team. Such a talent, can score and play make. WHEN WILL HE START FOR THE NTL TEAM! I think if he has a strong year, something has to be done. Messi,Kun,Tevez on the pitch@ the same time????? Oheeeeee, I'd like to see it but we saw what happend vs the brasilians when we are a bit undersized. I have noticed all of those three playe can play make and score, so why not make one of them the true#10??? I love Riquelme but what are goin to do? Thank you to the u-20 team for giving me SOME HOPE.


John said...

Kun deserves all the praise he can get. As long as TORRES was there it is unlikely he will be the darling among the Vicente Calderón faithful. Now he is the man they look up to.

I do despite the departure of EL NINO, Atletico still very much a contender in La Liga with great chance of making to the Champions League next season. I feel overall it is a much improve team compare to last season.


Anonymous said...

Seba I have a question and you may shed some light on it. The U-17 is about to start and a name seems to be out.Lucas Trecarichi, I have read that he is a second coming of Leo Messi. I really want to see him play. Also I have read good things about Federico Laurito as well,but he is out of the u-17. THX!


Anonymous said...

Hey John watch this video of Kun, .

Makes you wonder how good he really can be, he loves to cut which some players lack.


johnny said...

Transfer news-looks like Riquelme might end up at Atletico after all. No offense to Villarreal, but having Roman play with KUN and MAXI would be a bonus. Speaking of Roman, can anybody weigh in on the merits of Leandro Gracian ? It appears he will be sold to Boca from Monterrey as Roman's replacement. I know he used to play at Velez Sarsfield and is a young guy, 25 or so.

Seba said...

Jack, Federico LAURITO is injured and that's why he is missing this World Cup.

Regarding Lucas TRECARICHI, he is now playing for Sevilla Atletico (and this is really hard for me to explain in English. How do you call Barcelona B or Real Madrid B? They are like the "minor league" team of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Well...Sevilla Atletico is the "minor league" team of Sevilla. Sorry for the confussion).

I'm not sure why he is not a part of TOJO's team in Korea, but I don't think he is injured.

As for GRACIAN, Johnny, he is a fast, talented player. A playmaker not in the mould of RIQUELME. He is shorter, faster, different.

Was great for Velez before he left for Mexico. If he finds his form, he'll do just fine for Boca.

My worry (not that I'm really worried about anything that could hurt Boca! ;) is that the pressure could be too much for him, because the supporters will probably ask too much after INSUA and RIQUELME performed so well these last few years.

Rio said...

U-17 teams look for physical attributes in players instead of superior techniques or composure.

Some these players developed into stars, like Fàbregas, Kanu, Veron... However, they are usually supporting players, not defenders or target striker.

The ones that carried their U-17 teams, so many of them, had rarely made it big in adult career. Fernando Gatti, Ishmael Addo, Sinama-Pongolle, Rodriguez-Fraile, Murgui... These were all tournament stars in U-17 WC.

Rio said...

and Aguero can play forward winger also. It's not just Forlan and him. I wouldn't worry too much about his pitch time this year.

andaman said...

It would be nice to see Roman link up with Kun, Maxi and Forlan.

There's news that Spur also made a bit for him but Villarreal said it's up to Roman. Hope he stays in Spain.

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