Friday, August 03, 2007

Carlitos is officially a Red Devil

Thank you all for your patience during the last few days in which I was unable to post much stuff here.

Nothing better to stop that inactivity than announcing the end of the European summer's football soap opera. After a lot of articles and rumours were written, Carlos TEVEZ will officially play for Manchester United this season.

I don't understand much about how the deal went through and I haven't read a lot about the legal aspects of TEVEZ's move from Upton Park to Old Trafford, but I'm happy to discuss it with you and I think we can share our opinions on the impact Carlitos will have at Manchester United.

Will he be a starter?

Will he struggle to find his best form around stars such as Cristiano RONALDO and Wayne ROONEY?

What shirt number will he use? (if you hear or read something about it, please send us a comment here!)

My first thoughts are that I've been following Carlitos throghout all of his career and I've never seen him lossing a battle when it comes to be a starter or sit in the bench.

Yes, you might say he started on the bench in the last two Copa America he played, but then he became a starter as the competition progressed. Same thing in Germany 2006. At Corinthians and at Upton Park.

It may be the case again this season. He might start from the bench, but I trust him so much that I doubt Sir Alex FERGUSON will resist his work ethic and his sensational skills.

Carlitos will, sooner rather than later, have the Old Trafford crowd in his pockets.

And, even if I'm not a Man Utd fan -I'm not even close to be- I can't wait to see that.

I can't deny it is one of the biggest and most famous clubs in the World and because of this, I'm thrilled that Carlitos will now play for them.


johnny said...

Finally, and now we can look forward to watching Carlitos on center stage week after week in the most visible league in the world. I can't wait to watch him against much loathed Chelsea. Even if he does not start, he will get alot of playing time. With Manu's busy schedule we will see ALOT of Carlitos. We will also see Carlitos versus Masche.

Rio said...

of course tevez will start.
It's all about the rooney-tevez duo. Tevez isn't Rossi.

The deal between the 3 sides is practically the same as what Liverpool did with Mascherano. Did Mascherano start? I would expect the same for Tevez.

The difference is that the system Ferguson after is an experiment. It might fail. If it does, Carlito will be out of ManU, and we'll have much more than Tevez's career to worry about...

linda said...

Carlitos has the mentality of a winner, and I'm sure he'll overcome any difficulties and become a crowd favourite eventually.

pablo.d said...

sorry tevez ill always cheers you in the beautful blue and white but never never in the horrible red color,glory glory tottenham hotspur!!!

John said...

Not that I'm a big Man Utd supporter but to have one of our greats displaying all his talent in front of packed Old Trafford is always going to be special.

At least for those hardcore Red Devil in Malaysia, they'll learn to understand why I'm always passionate about our beloved Albiceleste.

I do see CARLITOS starting up front with ROONEY. That's for sure.

Behind them, there is the possibility of a RONALDO-HARGREAVES-CARRICK-NANI midfield quarter.

Really mouth watering indeed.

johnny said...

Here is a question for Seba and others-what website(s) would you recommend as regards following news of football in England/Europe ? ESPN has been poor, and even worse recently. I am looking for a site that follows breaking news and is thorough. Much thanks. I am presently watching San Juan's maiden match against Argentinos Juniors. Very entertaining.

Seba said...

Johnny, I thought Soccernet was quite good. Honestly, I haven't read it in a while now.

There are some good ones for livescores and news (especially for English football):

There are some good websites to follow La Liga, but they are in Spanish. Not sure if it helps:

For Italy (of course, in Italian):

For Germany: is quite good.



Those are the ones I check.

allan ng said...

I wonder how Carlitos will perform without a tall centre forward type striker beside him like he had at West Ham (Zamora) and at albiceleste (Crespo). I honestly don't believe Carlitos can do the no. 9 job. Yeah, I have no doubts at all about his work rate and enthusiasm, but to win a game is not a one man job.

Rio said...

The idea is not to use a number 9. The high crosses can be utilized by players running back line striking routes (hit and run from midfield).