Friday, August 28, 2009

TEVEZ scores for Manchester City

Moving away from the Champions League draw, Carlos TEVEZ scored his first goal of the season for his new club on Thursday night. Manchester City took on Crystal Palace and with the score at 1-0 for Manchester City, Carlos TEVEZ scored with a header to secure the win for his new club.


John said...

Let's hope this is just one of many more to come as the season's progress.

johnny said...

Another one of Tevez's sly headers !

Sebastian said...

Poor Neil WARNOCK! Carlitos sent his Sheffield United side to the Championship when he scored for West Ham at Old Trafford a couple of seasons ago.

Now he knocks WARNOCK's Crystal Palace out of the cup.

Anonymous said...

Messi and Barca pick up another trophy. In the European Super Cup with 5min left until PK, Messi gave a wonderful pass to Pedro and he slotted it away for a 1-0 victory. I believe Messi will miss Barca first game so he can travel to Argentina to prepare for the next round. I am wondering if somebody can clarify that for me. Well here is the highlight of the play.


Mohd said...

this is an agreement between the AFA and barca. surely the AFA will return this "favor" sometime during the season.
just hope that this will do and we can get at least 4 points from our next two matches.

Anonymous said...

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