Thursday, August 13, 2009

MESSI wants day off at Barça to prepare for Brazil

Politics and more politics again.

Here's the situation:

FC Barcelona will host Sporting Gijón in the start of another La Liga campaign. The match is scheduled for the weekend of 28-29 August.

Provided he is ready to play, Lionel MESSI will be busy with the Catalan giants even before La Liga starts. Barcelona have to play in the Spanish Supercup (at Bilbao against Athletic on 18 August and at the Camp Nou on 23 August) and they also have to take part in the European Supercup (against Shaktar Donetsk on 28 August).

MESSI's statement was: "I want to feel good and play as many matches as I possibly can before 28 August".

That means Lio plans to skip that home match against Sporting Gijón in order to be ready, fit and rested to play a few days later in Rosario against Brazil.

Is that why Lio didn't play at all in Russia?

Was that some sort of 'I scratch your back and you scratch mine' kind of situation between the AFA and FC Barcelona. Between MARADONA and GUARDIOLA?

I tend to think it was.

Yes, Barcelona wants to win 6 titles this year: Spanish Supercup, European Supercup, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Copa del Rey and the FIFA Club World Cup in Abu-Dhabi.

Lio wants that too. That's why he is willing to play those matches against Athletic Bilbao and Shaktar Donetsk. Matches that could mean trophies.

But MESSI is showing he cares even more about our match against Brazil. He is speaking now. He is taking the opportunity to tell the world what he really wants to do.

He didn't feel able to express himself when last year he was in the middle of another political battle in order to play in the Olympics with Argentina. He always wanted to go to Beijing with BATISTA, but he never quite made it public until it happened.

I, for one, am really pleased to read this kind of statement from MESSI. He is showing he cares. He clearly loves FC Barcelona, but this really is a no-brainer. There's every chance that Barça will still defeat Sporting Gijón without MESSI and GUARDIOLA is clever enough to grant his favourite player his wish, because he knows what Lio can do when he is happy.

After all...MESSI can call Barcelona his home, but Rosario will forever be his birth-place and I can't imagine how much he wants to shine there against Brazil.

Well done, Lio.


Paulina said...

It makes sense that that they have these back door dealings. Messi strikes me as a very shrewed operator - he almost never makes a wrong political move.

Brazil is far more important than the first few matches of the Liga season, even with the supercopa.

It's imperative that Messi plays well against Brazil.

Mike (Canada) said...

I'm glad to see that GUARDIOLA and DIEGO are making the smart choice and making deals together instead of butting heads and fighting over MESSI.

LEO's heart is with the national team. I can't wait for Sept. 5th, its going to be a good one.