Monday, August 24, 2009

News Round Up From Europe

Well despite the English Premiership already underway and with the start of the Italian Serie A, there wasn’t that many goals to talk about during the weekend. Most of the goals from the Albiceleste players came lesser known leagues.

Sebastian LETO was on target twice for Panathinaikos in their 3-0 win over Ergotelis in the Greek Super League. Then in Ligue 1, Alberto COSTA scored for Montpiller in their 2-0 win over Sochaux. In Russia, Alejandro DOMINGUEZ also scored twice for FK Rubin in their 3-0 win over Dinamo Moscow.

Then I supposed the best thing to happen over the weekend has to be seeing Carlos TEVEZ appearing in his first start for Manchester City against Wolves. The fact that some of us argued that he will make a better partner for Emanuel ADEBAYOR up front was proven to be the right thing.

From the moment the referee blew the kick off whistle, it was non stop attack from the host team. You had to think if there was going to be a goal, it had to come from one of them. And it was! Courtesy of one delicate and graceful pass from Carlitos to Manu and that saw a fierce finish from the Togolese international.

Its pity that despite of all the effort the Citizen had to settle with one goal but still overall I have to say it was nice seeing TEVEZ enjoying himself on the pitch and returning back to his usual self. With the arrival of Joleon LESCOTT, more great things are bound to happen for the blue half on Manchester.


Ben said...

Manchester City fan here, I was at City's Saturday game. Tevez got the biggest cheer (and most applause) from our fans when he came onto the pitch.
Also, when substituted, many fans stood to applaud him as he left the pitch.
He had a good game for us - not brilliant, but he is still finding his way back to full fitness.
He still ran his heart out, chased loose balls, and it was also good to see him acknowledge the fans near to the East Stand where I was sat.

I predict he will have a great future at City, his home debut just confirmed this for me.

Total Manchester City said...

Was at the game he had no problem charging down the keeper more than once and really ran his arse off he will be a great city player City did at time try to play an arsenal style of football by walking the ball in the net rather than taking shots on the goal as we seen there was more than one cut back in and around the box on Sat but 3 points is 3 points and just to say i think Barry deserved man of the match that lad is a workhorse !!

Anonymous said...

Unlike at United, City and
City fans appreciate a hard working footballer but Tevez is more than just a hard working player, hes that player that gives that extra 10 percent with skill, strength and versatility.

Tevez will be a big player for City.

Paulina said...

HEY --

Do you guys know if Banega went/is going to EVERTON? Is that a rumor or a fact?


Anonymous said...

It is going back and forth. David Moyes is saying he will be joining Everton in a short time but Valencia are denying it. I really really hope he does NOT go to Everton. He could all but kiss his career goodbye if joins that team. I am still hopeful he makes it big. Off the field problems may have lingered his playing. Tim Vickery wrote a little about him this week in his blog. Here it is.

Q) I would very much like to hear you opinion on Éver Banega's impending move to Everton. Following observation of Banega's performances throughout the 2007 U20 World Cup in Canada, I had extremely high hopes for his future career. I particularly enjoyed the way he dictated the rhythm of the side with his intelligent and imaginative passing and his performances were reminiscent of one of my favourite players - Juan Roman Riquelme.

Do you think Éver will be equipped for life in the premier league and will Moyes be able to coax the best out of him or will this be another case of a talented player leaving South America too soon and falling by the wayside?

Dean Moran

A) I'm a huge fan, but I share your concerns. I first saw him during the South American Under-20 Championships in Paraguay at the start of 2007, and the excellence of his passing meant that he was in my notebook within the first 30 seconds of the first game.

I wrote at the time in World Soccer magazine that this was a player who would be best advised to develop in Argentina for a few years before making the move - but the money talks, he walked into a very difficult situation at Valencia, was unable to make much of an impression at Atletico and is now heading for another awkward situation at Everton.

I never really imagined him as a natural for the Premier League - but he is much more of an all rounder than Riquelme. He spent a year at Boca playing the holding role in midfield, which put a strain on his defensive abilities but did ensure that the first pass forward was played with quality.

I'd love to see him come off - to do so will take some patience and careful handling from Moyes as well as a real desire to knuckle down and adapt on his part.


Anonymous said...

As I am watching ATL Madrid and Panathinaikos, I have to say I am very impressed with Sebastián Leto. This kid has a bright bright future. Good on the ball, does everything. If he is not a part of this cycle of players I could see him in the next cycle. Very gifted player.

On other news I am not really watching the Lyon game but it appears Licha Lopez has scored a hattrick in the first half. Our players are the right gears right before the big duel. Also it appears Paraguay will be without Roque Santa Cruz, so one less striker to give us trouble in Asunción.


Anonymous said...

Kun scored a quality goal in the 83rd min, the GK could of done much better but hey its in the back of the net. As ATL progresses, Panathinaikos gets sent to the Europa League. Here are the highlights in the Lyon game. All 3 of Licha's goals were QUALITY!


messidona19 said...

So anyone agree like I said that Lisandro and Aguero should partner in attack with Messi in the middle?
Btw I asked this in the previous post but no reply... What are the potentials of Diego Maradona Jr. and Gerardo Bruna?

Anonymous said...

Maradona's son prospect is not too good. Not really ever seen him play but if he was any good we would hear about him. It's like Michael Jordan's son, tried to play college basketball but sometimes it just does not translate to the pitch. It is rare to see a Bobby and Brett Hull in the sport. Both are HOF in the world of Hockey.

As for Bruna. He was dubbed "Messi of Madrid" a few years ago. Real Madrid were furious that Liverpool took them from their grasps. But Real Madrid is a buying club, they do not develop like a Barcelona. Also he is still unsure for which national team he wants to play. It is either Spain or Argentina. I believe he was with the youth team in Toloun earlier this year. He is only 18 years old. And has years to develop. For me a kid that can be very good is Germán Pacheco. I have high hopes for him. Atlético Madrid
have sent him on loan I believe to a second division team in La Liga.


Paulina said...

Thanks for posting that Vickery stuff about Banega. Of course, it's ironic about the comparison to Riquelme, since Banega got shown the door too early at Boca to finance Riquelme's return.

I think that Banega is more talented than Gago, but he's illsuited for the prem. He's much more continental. His real problem is that he seems ungovernable. He needs some major therapy. I'm hoping that he has an amazing season. On talent I've always wanted him for the NT over many players who seem to have a fized starting position for reasons that I don;t really understand.

johnny said...

Goal. com reports that Banega has turned down a transfer to Stuttgart.

Anonymous said...

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