Wednesday, August 12, 2009

JESUS AND "GOD" celebrate Argentina goal

What followed DATOLO's goal was one of the most bizarre celebrations you'll ever see in international football. He ran towards Diego and when he hold him, he sent MARADONA to the floor. Far from getting annoyed by this, MARADONA celebrated with him and they were both crawling on the floor. I wonder what they would do if DATOLO scores in the World Cup final!

Diego summed it up by saying: "I was getting near the grass and he came at full speed and floored me! Hey...if he wants, we can throw me to the floor 100 times! If he does that every 20 minutes in every match, we'll do fine!".

Check out this sequence from the Italian TV where you can see exactly the moment in which DATOLO comes on from Maxi RODRIGUEZ to appreciate how just a few seconds went by before he scored. just need to enjoy that celebration! The Italian commentator couldn't help but laughing!


johnny said...

After that lovely moment with Datolo, Diego had bedhead.:)

Anonymous said...

You Should Of Said, "From Russia With Love"

Mohd said...

serously this guy is not a coach. he is more suited as a cheerleader.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Mohd.. Give the guy some credits will you. You don't even watch the game and still you criticize him.. credits where credits due, no?