Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Diego: "I won't risk Lio. Not even a single minute"

Some quotes from MARADONA, taken from a TV interview on TyC Sports.

"I wanted to cancel this friendly in Russia, but I couldn't. It's too risky and I'm afraid of injuries."

"MESSI suffered a set back in training and therefore I won't risk him at all. Not even a single minute".

"On 5 September, against Brazil, Argentina will have the qualification to the World Cup at stake. If we win it, we'll be taking a huge step towards South Africa"

"I'm happy we were granted the players' and coaching staff's wish to play in Rosario vs. Brazil".

"I haven't seen the pictures of how the River Plate stadium is looking, but if they are working to improve it, I'm happy".


aaka said...

No need of Messi to win a game, and we should depend on him, thinking " if Messi don`t play we will be in disadvantage " we superb players to not be worry about.

Anonymous said...

It appears Maradona and Higuain ran into each at the airport not too long ago.


Sebastian said...

Anonymous! What a finding! Thanks for the clip.

For those who don't understand Spanish, Diego says in the video: "Is everything fine? You scored two goals?"

And HIGUAIN replies with a yes to both questions.

Again, thank you for sharing the clip here with us.

Anonymous said...

Must be heartbreaking for Gonzalo watch them board the flight to Moscow.But on the bright side Diego knows he scored 2 goals in a pre-season game. Maybe Diego will come to his senses and call him up.


Mohd said...

no he won't. only a sensless guy calls lisandro ahead. and oh wait, after the qualifiers he will call palermo!

messidona19 said...

Hey you guyz there's some good ressauring news coming from Higuain


Mike (Canada) said...

I really hope that Diego gives him some more consideration. I think he would be a great addition to the squad.