Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No MESSI v. Russia?

It sounds ridiculous, right? What I'm hearing on TV right now is that due to fatigue and a muscular problem, Lionel MESSI won't play tomorrow in Moscow.

What they say is that MESSI could play and to put it this way...if it was the World Cup final or even a World Cup Qualifier, he would play. But our coaching staff doesn't want to risk him with the match against Brazil being just around the corner.

We'll be paying attention to how this situation develops, but don't be surprised is Lio doesn't even sit on the bench for the friendly v. Russia.

How will our lineup look without MESSI?




Lisandro LOPEZ or Sergio AGÜERO
to join Diego MILITO up front.


ZiggY said...

Damn, i hope this injury crisis doesnt repeat itself before the Brazil and Paraguay games! :S

Anonymous said...

That is fine with me. The less games Messi plays until now and the WC I am happy. Imagine if they win 4 titles this year. Copa Del Rey, La Liga,CL and World Club Cup. WC starts June 11th. Not too sure when this season ends in European football. Last year La Liga concluded on May 30th. I think it may end sooner. Because national teams normally play a couple friendlies between right before the WC. I just hope our players will not get pushed to the max and be burned out. If it was up to me I would let the season end a month and half before the WC kicksoff.


Sebastian said...

Champions League final at the Bernabeu (will FC Barcelona be there to defend the title at the stadium where they are most hated in the whole world? Hmmm...interesting! Will Real Madrid also be there?) will be played on 22 May, 2010. Less than a month before the World Cup starts.

I agree. The less MESSI plays, the better. Now poor Diego MILITO! He gets a start, but he doesn't get to play alongside MESSI, who could create more than one chance for him. But it'd be good to see Lisandro and MILITO together. From Racing Club to Argentina!

Hold on. Hold on. Diego MARADONA just said: Kun AGÜERO and Diego MILITO to start up front.

The rest of the lineup is confirmed as above.

Anonymous said...

Kun has looked solid in pre-season form I just hope he can bring it to the club level. He looks like he has a fresh step. I hope Kun can have his best year. He has not been up to par last few games but I hope he can change that(Which I think he can). This would of been a perfect game for Higuain to play but it shall not happen. So Seba is the game a 12:00pm kickoff? I think it is...


Mike (Canada) said...

I think this is a good idea. There is no use risking fatigue or injury, when it is just a friendly match, and we have a very important game coming up against Brazil. Its about time we've made a smart coaching decision.