Saturday, August 08, 2009

TEVEZ only fit to play for Manchester City?

I'm fuming! Manchester City are facing Celtic in a friendly that is as meaningless as Russia v. Argentina (if you want to look at them that way) and on 65 minutes, their number 32, the famous Carlos TEVEZ replaces Craig BELLAMY and plays the last 25 minutes at full speed and without any signs of 'a freak injury' he suffered (??) during the week.

At least that was what the club told us and who knows what was what the player said to MARADONA to get a 'day-off' in his international duty with Argentina.

Apparently, TEVEZ was going to be a doubt for City's debut in the Premier League next week and that was why he was in no conditions to play for Argentina against Russia in Moscow on Wednesday.

Why did he play today when it wasn't even an official match?

I'm so angry right now. I hate to be lied to and I thought I was going to be happy to see TEVEZ making his debut for City. Just not like this.

I would like to think Carlos is a victim and that he was pressured a lot, but I guess I'll never know.

I couldn't even wait until the match was over. I needed to rant about this.

I'm not happy...and I imagine Diego is feeling the same way...


johnny said...

A definite surprise to see Carlitos on the pitch today. Who knows what the circumstances are ? My guess is that he would rather get his career started at Man City, not lose time to his rivals for playing time, and avoid a trip to Russia. Priorities ?

Victor said...

Tevez probably recovered quickly than expected and demanded to play that game. You know tevez, he likes to show everythings hes got. Dont worry about it too much dude i know argentina need practice and tevez but he was just transfered and got a small injury. He could of played against russia but its not a big deal we have other players too that need a chance and can show off from our leagues. who knows maybe we can find someone better lol

Sebastian said...

See...I agree. TEVEZ should have stayed with City instead of going to Russia. That's cool.

What I don't like is the way the club behaved.

It wasn't a case of TEVEZ staying because HUGHES needed him and travelling to Russia just 3 days before the start of the season was going to mess with the player's adaptation process.

They said TEVEZ was staying because he was injured and he was not ready to play on Wednesday with Argentina. Now that obviously wasn't the case as he played four days before Wednesday and he didn't show any signs of injury whatsoever.

And Victor, I agree, it's not a big deal TEVEZ won't play vs. Russia. In fact...his absence may give Diego MILITO the chance he deserves to FINALLY start a game for Argentina and show what he can do (if he gets the minutes).

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tevez should be out for more games so this injury does not linger over the season. Not happy with Mark Hughes neither. It is a bit upsetting when a coach does not make the choices for the benefit of the team. What if Carlitos got hurt and misses out vs Brasil.


Anonymous said...

Lets go and get a repeat of this game on the 5th of September. Remember remember the 5th of September!


Mohd said...

Maradona said:
"though I don't understand why (Fernando) Gago's not been playing. They should play him but he's still one of my first-choice players all the same."

so basically maradona will call his favorite player regadless of how well they play and if they play at all.

i have seen gago in all preseason matches for madrid and he is really loosing his touch and playing poorely. i mean really what kind of coaches say and act like that??


msi2 said...

Sebastian> you have your explanation:

Forza_albicelestes said...


Sebastian said...

Hey...msi2, thanks for that. For those who don't read Spanish, msi2 gave us a link to a story on Olé about how TEVEZ explained everybody involved agreed in the decision of him staying with Manchester City.

How hard was it for them to make it public before he played against Celtic?

As I said...I agree that the best thing for Carlitos was to stay put and avoid that trip to Moscow, but that 'freak injury in the shower' we heard about last week...what the hell was that?

And Forza_albicelestes, I'm with you there: Que en paz descanses, Daniel JARQUE.

Sebastian said...

Mohd, when it comes to GAGO...I don't know, man! He has always played well for Argentina. I don't think you can point in his direction when it comes to what's been going wrong for Argentina lately.

RIQUELME was a starter and a key figure for BASILE when he wasn't even training with Villarreal. Let alone play a first team match and I didn't hear many critics.

I think there's nothing wrong in the manager trusting his players beyond what's going on at their clubs.

If the player is clearly underperforming for Argentina...that's another matter, but as I said, I don't think GAGO can be accused of that.