Thursday, August 20, 2009

ADRIANO to face Argentina in Rosario

Not the best news I'm afraid.

DUNGA announced the Brazil squad list for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Argentina and Chile and ADRIANO features.

The image of the Emperor punishing the Albicelestes in the Copa América in Perú (scoring that last minute goal to send the final to penalties) and in the Confederations Cup 2005 final match when Brazil destroyed us 4-1 are still very fresh in my mind, so you can believe me when I say I'm not happy to see the current Flamengo striker coming to Rosario in September.

The full squad list for Brazil will be as follows:





Daniel ALVES



Filipe LUIS






Felipe MELO


Gilberto SILVA











Meanwhile, Diego MARADONA is expected to name the Albiceleste squad on Friday. Rumours of Rolando SCHIAVI being considered to play in central defense are getting stronger and stronger.


Anonymous said...

Im shaking in my boots already, haha jk. Adriano stole our Copa America from 2004. But lets wait and see what team Diego puts out.


Anonymous said...

Oh Schiavi. The best defender in Argentina's history. And the best choice, no doubt.


messidona19 said...

Come on now Seba, we shouldn't be afraid of no team in the world! I know that things are not going so well but the win against Russia was a very crucial confidence booster which means that we are not finished and we can still beat any big team in the world even though we're not playing the Albiceleste football we know of.
But we should not even be afraid of whoever plays in the opposition team, whether Kaka, Cr9, Ribery, Ibra, Vidic are all playing in one team against us.
I have to admit that since the last friendly I was very sad to see Argentina being played around in the first half but it was very important that we won the match.
3 players impressed me alot in that match! 1- Aguero as he scored a great goal and I believe gave 2 assists (or was it Papa who passed it to Lopez?)
2- Datolo was the most surprising player which stunned me with his excellent performance! I thought he wasn't that good but he deserve more than a chance against Brazil in Maxi's place
3- Lisandro also was full of energy in the match and impressed me with his performance.
I beleive that Lavezzi should be replaced by one of Higuain/Zarate.
As for Bollati, I wasn't impressed with his passing, it wasn't accurate at all and he's no Cambiasso.
As for the news that Schiavi might play for Argentina against Brazil, I just don't know why Maradona keeps on choosing those old players! Hell if that's the case I'd prefer Maradona choose a retired and unfit Ayala rather than Schiavi!!! I still don't understand why he keeps on overlooking Samuel and Garay.

messidona19 said...

As for the match against Brazil, It has to be one of the most important match since the Quarter finals vs. Germany. But there's 2 mistakes in the way Argentina are approaching this game. First they are saying that they will step all over Brazil and threaten to play their best against Brazil. I think we all remember how Real Madrid players kept on talking and talking to the press before season changing matches and got trampled all over by the quiet Liverpool and Barcelona who let the football do the talking.

The second mistake we are doing is that we are totally focused on the Brazil game to the extent that we are forgetting about the away match against Paraguay.
Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't we lose our last 3 away games while playing horrible football?
I know that the match against Brazil is Life or Death but we should also concentrate to the fullest on getting 3 points vs. Paraguay.

sirus said...

Europa league

Saviola and Di Maria scored for Benfica...

Luciano Figuero scored for Genoa

Zarate scored for Lazio

John said...

I'm not concern on who's in and who's not in DUNGA'a team. Brazil will be Brazil regardless who is playing. Remember our defeats against them in last two Copa America Final were both considered Brazil's second team. We have to be prepared to face them at all cost