Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Cuchu!!!

Yes! Today on the 18th of August, we celebrate the birthday of one of Albiceleste unsung football hero, Esteban CAMBIASSO. For the record he just turned 29, the same age as with me! Haha!!!

Unfortunately, he will miss the first few months of the 2009-10 campaign, which is set to get underway this weekend, after undergoing knee surgery to repair the meniscus he damaged against Juventus in the Trofeo Tim last week.

My first foray into CAMBIASSO began almost 12 years ago right behind my own backyard. He was part of that amazing youth team that won the World Youth Championship and captured the imagination of many young Malaysian fans on the beauty of our National Team. Though he was just a mere 17 years old teenager (already on the books of Real Madrid!), he did more than enough to convince me that we will see more of him in the future.

He did achieve some moderate success with the Los Merengues, however his best years came when he joined Internazionale in 2004. It was during this time that his talent flourished on the field. Some critics even argued that he is one of the greatest player to ever pulled an Inter shirt.

As a result, he became a key figure under both Jose PEKERMAN (the same man that molded him into a mighty force that he is during his youth days) and Coco BASILE. Why you may ask? Because of his determination and hard running performance. His intelligence and capacity to change the shape of the game. So far he has made for than 43 appearance for the National side and scored four goals.

I’m sure I will (or might) have everyone agreement on this. That his most memorable moment on the field came on the 16th of June, when the Albiceleste took on Serbia & Montenegro in the 2006 World Cup. Do I need to say anything more as I’m sure everyone knows to what am I referring to.

Since Diego MARADONA took over as Argentina coach, CAMBIASSO has not been called-up to the national team, despite continuing to play a vital role for Inter and affirming his status as one of Europe's best central midfielders.

Its hard to understand just how come such a player can be ignored but here’s hoping that one of his birthday wishes will be to get a recall from Diego and the possibility of playing in South Africa next year. I believe he has still a lot more to offer.

But for now, let us enjoy the following video in what has to be one of the greatest moment in Argentina football history.

From everyone at Mundo Albiceleste, happy birthday to Esteban Matías CAMBIASSO!


Akash said...

Happy birthday Esteban Cambiasso. Truly one of the best central midfielder in the world.

msi2 said...

You should forget about Cambiasso under the NT... Diego said specifically he doesnt like Cambiasso as a left midfielder. The thing is not really left midfielder but whatever...

Lalo said...

Watching this highlight gives me chills. The team built for that world cup played some of the best football I have ever watched, and I hope we can get back to this level before the next world cup. While our current squad doesn't have the patience and ball control as the 2006 WC team, I hope that Maradona recognizes the ability that Cambiasso has to provide stability to our midfield in the absence of a true #10. I believe adding him to the NT will be the catalyst that stabilizes part of defensive troubles and ignites our goal scoring potential. Happy Birthday Cuchu!!

Anonymous said...

That goal was a joke. Against Serbia, and do you really think this is memorable? Cambiasso is one of the worst players Argentina has ever seen. And if he knew how to kick penalties, we would have had some opportunity against Germany... but no. He isn't even the best on his position. I saw him so many times playing so bad in the NT. This one is not about Maradona.

Anonymous said...

That goal was a joke? Lay off the meth. Serbia barely allowed any goals for that WCQ, and had the best GA margin in Europe for that WCQ. Vs the PK'S the Germans, neither Germany nor Argentina had lost in a PK shoot out in their history, so somebody had to lose. Maybe if Riquelme was in and another strong PK taker we could of won. So do everybody a favor and take a long walk on a short bridge before you criticize Cambiasso.

Anonymous said...

the goal was not a joke, it was a very good goal of a great team, but the goal is overrated. the opponent was weak and it was not a crucial game. i had bad feelings after the serbia game, cause the team peaked so early and were declared beeing favourites to win the cup, which build pressure and expectations. well, i am still not over the germany game, i want revenge!!!

Vitalij form Germany

John said...

First things which I need to remind everyone, that the post was all about celebrating Cuchu’s birthday plus I needed to announce that he will be missing the early part of the current season.

It wasn’t my intention to argue about just how great that goal against Serbia was. Then again, after reading you through your comments, I just couldn’t help myself but to be involved in this interesting debate here.

Okay now! Sheer beauty or pure fluke, I’m sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

For me it was a great goal and I would still say the same regardless who we play against with. If I were to say that there is nothing great about that goal just because we scored against Serbia (or anyone else for that matter) means that I’m being disrespectful towards our opponent and that something which I would not want to strive for.

As what Anonymous #2 had mentioned, S&M came to the World Cup with a huge reputation of being a tough defense to crack. Among their result was an away win against Spain. So overall you must give them some credit for that.

Lets remember that the whole play behind that goal was typical Albiceleste style of football; neat and short passing, wonderful movement and most importantly fantastic teamwork. Fundamental elements that what makes Argentine brand of football loved by many fans around the Globe.

In fact to certain degree, that goal has also raised the standard on what really makes football a team sports. I don’t think you can ever find any better example than Cuchu’s goal. Can you?

So to those of you, who claimed that goal was a joke, let me ask you one thing; what was your initial reaction after that goal was scored? Please don’t lie to me that all you did was stood quite and had no response after watching it.

Mohd said...

the comment is the joke, not the goal.

and for cambiasso missing the penalty it is not his fault. he is not a penalty specialest. the fault is of the coach pecker***ck. who subistituted riquelme and crespo and did not play messi and aimar. with those shooting we would have possibly won the match.

anyway, i wish cambiasso the best of luck as he has been a great representative of Arg football for many years.

Mike (Canada) said...

I don't care what anyone says that goal is absolutely beautiful. Don't ever try to take that away from that team.

That goal showed how organized and strong their midfield was. The way they moved the ball around was amazing. Serbia was chasing and running while we waited for the right time for CRESPO and CAMBIASSO to finish that goal with style and class.

That goal is not a fluke by any means

I think we still need CAMBIASSO in our midfield, but thats just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Kun scored a quality goal today vs ATL Madrid in the Champions League qualifers vs Panathinaikos. So did Sebastián Leto. Licha looked really good for Lyon today, scored on a PK and was everywhere on the pitch.

Kun's goal.


Leto's goal.


Mohd said...

i was watching lazio's game in te UEFA Cup and Zarate was breathtaking..again.

Anonymous said...

just curious how many of you are actually argentinian or from argentina?

Anonymous said...

all of them... I wonder why they don't write the blog in Spanish. Deberian avergonzarse, "mundo albiceleste" en ingles... Lamentable!