Friday, September 28, 2007

Pumas Line Up Against Ireland Confirmed

Marcelo LOFFREDA has announced on Friday the list of names that will take on Ireland in Pool D crucial match at Parc des Princes on Sunday.

Starting 15 :-
1 Rodrigo RONCERO
2 Mario Ledesma AROCENA
3 Juan Martín SCELZO
4 Carlos Ignacio Fernandez LOBBE
5 Patricio ALBACETE
7 Juan Martín Fernandez LOBBE
8 Gonzalo Longo ELIA
9 Agustín PICHOT (c)
10 Juan Martin HERNANDEZ
11 Horacio AGULLA
14 Lucas BORGES
15 Ignacio CORLETO

16 Alberto Vernet BASUALDO
17 Omar Hasan JALIL
18 Rimas Álvarez KAIRELIS
19 Martín DURAND
20 Nicolás Fernandez MIRANDA
21 Federico TODESCHINI


John said...

Off the topic,

2007 Golf's President Cup.

The International Team with Angel CABRERA on board are 5-7 behind Team USA.

John said...

It seems like mind games are not played in football but even in rugby as well.

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Fence said...

Congrats on the win John. Your lot were the better team on the day.

Gerry said...

No complaints from this Irishman about today's results. Argentina were the better team and played the better team.

You should have no trouble picking off Scotland in the quarters, and who knows what happens after that?

All the best for the rest of the tournament. Argentina are a bloody good side and deserve to do well.

Gerry said...

D'uh, should have previewed before publishing…

"Argentina were the better team and played the better game :-)

John Cav said...

All the best to Argentina for the rest of the World Cup! As an Irish man I have to put my hands up and say you were the better team. Hernandez is a genius!

Best of luck in the semi-final then ;)

Seba said...

Thanks for the words, lads!

I watched the match at an Irish pub in Lyon (just passing by) and the supporters are classy. They cheered on Ireland but they also recognised when Argentina did something good on the pitch.

I think the match could have been very different if Ireland were not in such a bad position and having to score 4 tries and all that.

And Argentina played their gameplan to perfection. Keeping the clock running, kicking deep but not out, tackling very early, forcing mistakes from the Irish.

It was a little scary after Ireland's second try when a French guy turned around and said: "Am I right in saying that with two more converted tries from Ireland they are through and you are out?"

I felt it was so unfair. Having defeated France in France and then Georgia and Namibia (both with bonus points), we still had to go to the wire to see if we could advance in this bloody world cup or not! But Los Pumas are playing with such intensity and pride that they give us all the confidence in the World.

Then, having a guy as talented as Juan Martín Hernández, it's just a bless.

I'm really looking forward for next Sunday's match against Scotland. We could make history then and the rest of the World Cup will be like a bonus.

I feel very happy for Los Pumas tonight. Now it's time someone gives them a chance to enter a proper yearly international competition.


Anonymous said...

That was such a good game!!! I was on the edge of my seat, particularly after Ireland's first try (and maybe a little sick at that point). Thankfully we recovered extremely well. I watched the game with a friend of mine who doesn't know much about rugby but watches american football religiously and he has now become a fan of the Pumas and particularly Hernandez. Awesome game for him and everyone else. Now onto the quarterfinals...
Vamos Argentina!

P.S Good game to the Irish and the best of luck for the future.


alwin said...

Hi Y'all,

Great win, all your words summed up entirely what Los Pumas have achieved throughout this tournament. To me the Pumas were the most underrated team in this tournament and the Irish, maybe one of the most overrated. On the pitch yesterday, the hoops were the better ones out there and good fight from the Irish themselves, but the mountain was too high from the start.

To be pooled together with the “HOST” and supposedly the 2nd strongest team in the world not too long ago, people might have thought it was too much for the Pumas, but here we are now on top of that group. Yes not finishing second and merely making the cut but TOPPING it with 4 wins out of 4, great in deed and hope for more success in this tournament.

Some people might say that the Pumas can only kick penalties and progress, but now after scoring 2 “TRIES” against the IRISH, we are now facing the Scotland whom themselves kicked 6 penalties past Italy to progress to the quarterfinals. The chance for the PUMAS is here and with 4 heavyweights (Australia, England, New Zealand and France) about the knock each-other out on the other side of the draw; we have first Scotland and then the winner of South Africa vs. Fiji. Is this an opportunity that now to be missed? I would think so for all the hard work they have put together so far.



Linda said...

Congratulations to the Pumas!

(You've handed the ABs a difficult quarterfinal, though. :-))

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