Saturday, September 01, 2007

2007 FIBA Americas - See Y'All In Beijing 2008

Thanks Seba for the information. Yes!!! This will be without a doubt going to be one hell of a achievement for the Tall Albiceleste. All the uncertainty that was surrounding this team for the past 6-8 months is all over. Even I had my fair share doubt on how are we supposed to achieve this but now we can all finally say Hola Beijing 2008.

Once again standing between our way and glory was Brazil. They had their best players just how we were in the Copa America. Only this time the table has turn.
Just like the first meeting earlier in the tournament, Brazil dominated early on, shooting 60 percent (18 of 30) and held a 43-35 lead at the half. And just like the first meeting, Argentina came out of the locker room at the half with a sense of urgency and quickly wet on the offensive, outscoring Brazil 30-13 in the third quarter.

Luis SCOLA will take the deserve credit from all this as he posted 27 points, 9 rebounds & 2 assists. Another key factor in this game was Carlos DELFINO who posted 13 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists & 3 steals. Pablo PROGIONI was also an outstanding point guard throughout this tournament and Roman GONZALEZ also gave plenty of contribution.

DELFINO said “I think this group started to work as a team slowly. We got more confident during this tournament, and today we are qualified to go straight to the Olympics. Coming into this tournament, we knew the other top teams were the U.S., Brazil and Puerto Rico… the teams with bigger guys. I think that we showed everyone who questioned this team with this win and qualification”.

If there was once person who had faith in the team it has to be coach Sergio HERNANDEZ as he said “ I am extremely happy about this. We have played two tournaments of the same caliber and came out strong on both. Now we have just to be happy and look forward to our upcoming challenges. Hopefully we will go into the Olympic Games as strong as we entered and performed in this tournament. It has been a long tournament, and we are very tired too. Five months ago when we were putting this team together and GINOBILI and OBERTO said they could not participate, some people did not believe that this team could qualify Argentina for the Olympic Games… but we always knew we could do it, and we did it. I think this is a great day for us”.

Te veremos todo en Beijing 2008!!!



Seba said...

Top result. Great tournament.

Now the question is: "Should you leave all or most of these players out of the Olympics to make room for Manu, Chapu, Oberto, Herrmann and Pepe?"

It'll be unfair on the guys that left everything behind to go to Las Vegas, but I don't think we should leave our big guns out of Beijing 2008.

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