Monday, September 03, 2007

2007 FIBA Americas Post Mortem

Just incase if anyone wish to know what was the outcome in the final match between the Tall Albiceleste and USA, well the Americans won 118-81. Don’t be bothered by the score line because our mission was done and dusted before the match even started.

Much to my surprise the MVP award went to non-other than Luis SCOLA. This would cap another milestone is his already successful career. To think about it, after carrying the team like no else could, he truly deserves this. For sure things are about to get excited in Houston when the new NBA season starts.
Now I would like to recap on the team and tournament overall (also to follow up on Seba’s previous comment). No doubt Sergio can take a lot positive points from this competition for achieving something without our entire NBA superstar but there were always some loopholes that would have not made this day possible.
Many of these were obvious in our most important game against Brazil. The most significant in those two meetings was the fact that we failed to dominate them in the early part of the game only to recover with help from our opponent itself (BARBOSA & SPLITTER foul trouble and NENE’s injury).
Among the best thing for me in this tournament was the discovery of Roman GONZALEZ. For someone I had no idea before this, he was the one that caught my attention. Now I believe HERNANDEZ would want to keep his option viable considering the fact that others who occupy the center position are already in their prime 30’s (OBERTO is 33 and WOLKOWISKY is 35).

Pablo PRIGIONI did a great job and finished as the tournament top assist player but there were still plenty of turnover in his part. Surely HERNANDEZ would need to have PEPE in this role.
It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Carlos DELFINO enjoying his time on the court and I’m very happy to see him play the way he did. But then again I still feel he lacks the MANU factor that make this team chilling to watch. But he still has time on his side so we would see more of him in the future.

So what would the jury’s verdict be? Bring back our big names. No question about it.


Seba said...

Thanks for the info John. I didn't know about SCOLA being selected as MVP of the tournament. Luis is a true Albiceleste legend!

As for the got me in a bad moment as I was unable to watch all of the matches (but one! The crucial one against Brazil).

I guess that, based on the results and the circumstances, nobody can deny it was an incredible achievement to make it to the Olympics.

Now we have to look forward to seeing Los Pumas in action at the Rugby World Cup.

Our team will make their debut against non-other than France (the home team), on Friday at the Stade de France.

I have been assigned to cover team Italy at their various training grounds and venues while they are in France, so I won't be able to get first hand information on Los Pumas, but I should be making it to watch them against Namibia in Marseille (22 September) and I'll try and keep you posted on everything I can.

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