Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Champions League News

FC Porto vs. Liverpool FC
Both Lisandro LOPEZ and Lucho GOZALEZ of FC Porto and Javier MASCHERANO of Liverpool were starters in their Champions League clash. The match ended in 1-1 draw after Dirk KUYT has cancelled out LUCHO eighth minute penalty lead for PORTO.

Olympiakos vs. SS Lazio

Luciano GALLETTI scored for the Greek side and was voted man of the match after some superb display, which also saw teammate Cristian Raúl LEDESMA in starting line up as well. On the opposite side, Cristian Daniel LEDESMA was in the starting line up so please don’t be confused here. The match ended in a 1-1 draw after Luciano ZAURI equalized for the Italians

AC Milan vs. SL Benfica

Angel DI MARIA was a starter for Benfica but it wasn’t happy ending for the Portuguese side as they went down to the defending champion 2-1.


alwin said...

Not to forget Mariano GONZALEZ and Ernesto FARIAS appearing in the second half of the liverpool match. Who to look forward to day? Common Carlos TEVEX, its time to break your duck.

johnny said...

John-Thanks for the Champions League update ! There are so many homegrown players now spread out across the globe that it is difficult to keep track of them all ! Too bad Saviola didn't get a shot. I noticed he wasn't on the bench as well. Today we get to see Messi and Carlitos. Let's hope for big performances for both of them !

Seba said...

Thanks for the update John! I'm writing this from the Parc des Princes stadium, where Portugal vs. Italy are about to start their Pool C match in the rugby world cup.

I hardly have time to post here, but I'll soon come back full strenght.

Here's a link where you can check out some of the stuff I'm producing for the rugby world cup:


Or in Spanish:

Or in French (not that I write in French, but I get translated! How cool is that!?!?!?!?!)

Check out TEAMS, then ITALY, and you should be able to read some of my stories.

As for the Champions League...I'm gonna miss Barcelona v. Lyon because it clashes with Italy-Portugal here.

Just wanted to point out that Fernando GAGO played last night for Real Madrid, but I'm not sure how it went for him.


johnny said...

Seba-Gago started and played well. He moved the ball and played well on defense, even though he committed a foul at the very end that gave Bremen a dangerous free kick. He is pretty tough for a pretty boy. He is not yet Mascherano, but very talented.

Tonight- Boca and Sao Paulo.

johnny said...

Barca up 1-0 as Messi with a sweet stutter step frees himself in the area and caroms one off Clerc.

johnny said...

Messi Robbed after another fantastic move in the area ! He is unstoppable !

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