Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hitting form just before facing Chile?

The Copa America defeat against Brazil was a huge blow to take (still is). The risks were too many. All the voices against Coco BASILE started being louder and louder and under those circumstances, the pressure the manager and the players he picks have on their shoulders, can be their worst enemy.

A defeat to Norway made things even worse but beating Australia in Melbourne gave our players a little bit more confidence.

In any case, we shouldn't take too seriously the results or the performances we've seen in those two matches. The real thing starts next month and I'm seeing very positive signs when I watch our national team players having good performances week in, week out in Europe's top competitions.

Today, Carlos TEVEZ finally scored his first Premiership goal for United and it came against bitter rivals, Chelsea in a 2-0 win over the former Jose MOURINHO's team.

Last week, it was impossible for me to write, but I wanted to mention SAVIOLA, HIGUAIN, CRESPO, Diego MILITO and Sergio AGÜERO, all of them scoring for their clubs.

A great competition for places and good news for COCO. A lot of his striking options are finding the back of the net just in time to face Marcelo BIELSA's Chile on October 13 in Buenos Aires, to start our World Cup 2010 Qualifying campaign.

And it's impossible to keep talking about our key players, without mentioning the top of the lot: Lionel MESSI.

The Flea just can't stop! And there's no stopping him either. He scored a brace on Saturday to help a RONALDINHO-less Barcelona beat UEFA Cup two-times defending champions, Sevilla. Those two goals came a couple of days after MESSI outclassed Olympique Lyonnais in the Champions League, with a goal and a shot that was deflected by CLERC into his own net.

Our ace of spades seems ready to start a new era as the most important player in our national team. A lot more responsibility will come with that, but MESSI seems to be ready to take whatever pressures could be on his shoulders.

I trust him. I'm in peace.


johnny said...

Ah Seba-writing about football ! Yes, let's put the Copa disaster behind us and get geared up for the qualifiers ! Just a little over two weeks away. So many stars we have to celebrate on a weekly basis. I'm eagerly awaiting Chile in Buenos Aires.

Local update-Boca travels to Brazil for the second leg next week, and Tigre(my second favorite club) beat the chicken mierde out of River today 4-1 !!

Seba said...

And to add to the list, Diego MILITO was fouled in the area and then scored from the penalty spot to help Zaragoza beat Osasuna 2-1.

Anonymous said...

Aguero scored again today as well.

Anonymous said...

Saviola scored in the last 3 min of the game to save Real Madrid.

John said...

It has been like 2 months since that Copa America final. I agree its time to put that behind.

Lets usher a new era shall we.

Afterall if COCO and his boys needed some form of inspiration, there is plenty of that around them.

Just look at Pato CABRERA, Tall Albiceleste and the Los Pumas.

You can't get anything better than that.

Anonymous said...

I wanted Pekerman back

Rio said...

lol, in form? we don't even have a real CAM... What modern formation doesn't use a CAM? Even 442 needs playmaker CM.

All I'm saying is, better lose now than later.

johnny said...

Pato is hurt again, so Coco must take a look at alternatives. Anybody know of a link to Messi's brace against Zaragoza ? There was a video taken off of YouTube due to copyright issues.

Rio said...

The list is out

does this mean we'll get ustari?

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