Monday, September 10, 2007

COCO's Eleven to face Australia

A hit after a hit and very few smiles lately. The last ones I recall are after the Copa America semifinals. Now the team is reaching a crucial stage in which will have to face Marcelo BIELSA's Chilean national team in Buenos Aires next month, and our players really need a morale boost before that.

We've left a chance go by when we lost against Norway (a couple of weeks ago) and now we've got another one in the shape of Australia.

COCO has named the following starting eleven:





So the addition of DEMICHELIS as a central defender looks good on paper. Jonas will try and do a Maxi, while the play-making responsibility will once again be of Federico INSUA.

Up front, probably the two darlings of the common people. They have to be the most beloved players by the majority of the people and I can't see many people complaining about them being selected.

We'll see how they click together and if INSUA can pull the strings behind them.

The match will be played on Tuesday (6:30 AM Buenos Aires) in Melbourne.


johnny said...

A Hitchcock start. Crazy birds !

johnny said...

Goooooooal !!!!Demichelis on a free kick header.

johnny said...

Por favor ! Messi fouled in the area and no call from the ref.

johnny said...

1-0 Argentina. A victory under Coco's belt heading into WC qualifiers.

Seba said...

Just checked the result.

Did we play a good game, Johnny?

Did you wake up at 6:30? Or did you stay awake after a crazy night? Hmmmmm....I don't know why but I think it "Option B" if I have to guess!

johnny said...

Seba-up at 6:15 after a night of frantic dreams about my castellano profesora. Epa !!

We played well enough to win. Definitely not dominating, though I thought the midfield looked better offensively. Messi on fire from beginning to end and was unlucky with a long screamer that must have dented the palo. Tevez looks strangely subdued. Maybe all he needs is a goal. That seemed to do the trick at WestHam. Might be lacking some confidence. I would expect Coco got exactly what he wanted, a victory and another chance to see a number of players.