Monday, September 03, 2007

COCO and RIQUELME with new headaches

One week to go for Argentina's friendly match against Australia, three less players that will be making the trip down under.

Daniel "Cata" DIAZ, Maxi RODRIGUEZ and Hernán CRESPO won't be part of the travelling team and with little time to plan, BASILE have decided not to replace them.

DIAZ will miss the trip due to personal reasons. Maxi have suffered a muscular injury in his right leg playing for Atletico de Madrid against Mallorca while CRESPO is still not in his best form after the injury sustained at the Copa America.

More headaches for a manager that is desperate to win a match. Any match.

Will we see more of RIQUELME this season?

Apparentely not. Boca Juniors wanted to take him on loan for a couple of years, Atletico de Madrid also showed interest but both negotiations collapsed. Now Villarreal, owner of RIQUELME's rights, will not use him as Roman's relationship with manager Manuel PELLEGRINI is non-existant.

In the appears as if Juan Roman RIQUELME will be away from the action at least until January.

Like him or not, this is a big loss for football.


johnny said...

Bad news indeed, for the NT,
Riquelme and Boca fans. Is Riquelme being stubborn or is Villarreal sticking it to him ? Maybe both, eh? A shame.

Rio said...

without maxi and crespo, even australia can beat us now.

alwin said...

Next thing to look forward to is the RUGBY WORLD CUP. FRANCE vs LOS PUMAS on friday. Hope the LOS PUMAS can break the run of unsucessful starts to the last 2 world cups. The opponent can't get any tougher but i think we can do it. I will be behind Augustin PICHOT and his troops.

Seba, would also like to know, any updates on the MARIO KEMPES interview, is it still on?


Seba said...

I was fortunate enough to cath the game between Serbian sensation Novak DJOKOVIC and Argentine Juan MÓNACO.

It was an epic game! Every set lasted 1 hour each. DJOKOVIC (third seeded at the US Open) won the first one 7-5. Then he took the second in a tie break and the third set was sensational. The two players with physical problems, needing treatment and all that but giving their 100% in every move.

MONACO won an electrifying third set in the tie break (overcoming one match point) but then DJOKOVIC was too much and he took the game easily in the fourth. Great display by MONACO.

CHELA is the lone survivor now and he'll take on David FERRER who knocked out NALBANDIAN and NADAL in consecutive games.

As for Los Pumas, I'll post something very shortly.

And contact seems to be very busy to get me in touch with Mario KEMPES (plus...I'm not having a lot of time lately. But I did send all the questions to this friend of mine who works with El Matador and hopefully we'll have the answers in the near future).

Thanks for your patience.

allan ng said...

Maybe Riquelme can come to HK and play for a while for fun. I will certainly watch him play!!!

allan ng said...

Just read that Augusto Fernandez of River Plate has signed for Real Madrid. Can Seba or anyone else here confirm this news?

Rio said...

transfer window closed.