Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Los Pumas with a bonus win against Georgia

It was the moment to confirm all the good things done against France in the Rugby World Cup opening match. The rival, not so fancy or dangerous on paper, proved to be a very tough bone to bite. Georgia made our lives really difficult in a first half that ended 6-3 for LOFFREDA's men.

But the Georgians seem to ran out of gas in the second half while Argentina improved dramatically and turned on the style.

Two tries from small guy Lucas BORGES and one from Patricio Albacete, put Argentina on the brink of getting that crucial fourth try that grants the bonus point.

And with seconds to go, Federico Martín ARAMBURU got a pass from Juan Martín HERNANDEZ and burst into the Georgian ingoal to get that extra point and secure the 33-3 win that sends Argentina to the top of Pool D.

A lovely Tuesday for the Albicelestes with COCO's men winning in Melbourne and LOFFREDA's Pumas doing the same in Lyon.


alwin said...

Yes it was a nail biting finish and i was urging them for the 4th try, it is so crucial in this POOL OF DEATH. There was a lot of brilliant passing and flair also, and the more i watch Felipe CONTEPOMI, Juan Martin HERNANDEZ and Ignacio CORLETO, it really reminds me of MESSI, RIQUELME and TEVEZ interchanging passes between them. It was simply brilliant and all worth it in the end as i woke up at 2am to watch the game.


John said...

It was a tale of two different half’s

The Georgians would have taken a lot inspiration from Los Pumas performance against France. They were not afraid at all and played tremendously to take the game almost to our very end. For this I salute the Lelos for their encouraging play.

But the second half was altogether a different story. It was this moment that our beloved Pumas reminded everyone how much it would take to conquer them. I must agree with Alwin on the wonderful passing game played by CONTEPOMI, HERNANDEZ and CORLETO. Truly spectacular!!!

Overall I would give plenty of credit for boys as they did bring back two important factors, a win plus the bonus point. And bare in mind, this was done without the service of some of the players from the French game such as PICHOT.

Next up is Namibia, another team that we should not underestimate after what a performance they gave against the Irish.

I have plenty of confidence that we can beat the Namibians but I still believe it all boils down to the last match against Ireland.

Lets just keep the faith, shall we.