Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wish granted for CRESPO

As he prepares to take on Switzerland this Saturday, Hernán CRESPO received wonderful news about his future. His desire to stay at Inter Milan will be satisfied.

Fernando HIDALGO, CRESPO’s agent, have announced to the Italian newspaper, Gazzetta Dello Sport, that the Argentine striker will renew his loan and stay with the Italian champions.

Chelsea, who own CRESPO, and Jose MOURINHO, reportedly wanted CRESPO back at Stamford Bridge, but Hernan wanted to stay in Italy and his wish has been granted.


johnny said...

Excellent news for Crespo and all Chelsea haters !:)

Seba said...

Johnny...just when I think I could manage and be politically correct you tempt me and you make me say that this is "Excellent news for CRESPO and for me"

You cheeky Johnny, you! hahaha!