Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ARGENTINA 33, San Antonio SPURS 3, Utah JAZZ 1 !!!...

After pulling off a convincing win in the last match, the JAZZ must have felt good about their chances to pull of an historic comeback but they should have remind themselves that San Antonio SPURS have characters that suits well in times like these.

After taking control in the fourth quarter, the SPURS cruised to a 91-79 win against the JAZZ to lead the series 3-1 and are now just one win away from clinching the Western Conference title and to play in their third final in 5 years.

For Manu GINOBILI, whenever the ball was in his hands, he was booed but with each drive to the basket, they seem to get angrier and angrier. In the end there seems to be nothing can stop him from playing another great game as he posted a game high 22 points, 1 assist, 6 rebounds & 3 steals.

"I'm very proud of what we did in the fourth quarter because it was looking ugly for us,'' GINOBILI said.” We stepped up and did a really good job.''

But hold just sec, that wasn't the only great news of the night as Fabricio OBERTO posted 11 points and a game high 11 rebounds. For OBERTO, it is all coming good for him at the right place at the right time.

With these two in great form , together with Tim DUNCAN (19 points) and Tony PARKER (17 points), who would dare to bet against the SPURS?

Game 5 will move back to San Antonio on Wednesday, 31st of May


Anonymous said...

"The IceManu Ginobleth To Torch Out The Jazz's Music"

It was funny hearing during the game the comparisons Mark Jackson (ex-Jazz) raving about Deron Williams.
He shook me as well as his colleagues when ranking Deron Williams #2 behind Steve Nash.

Ok...Moving along, Mark Jacson and someone commented earlier, way earlier about wanting to take "Icemanu" Ginobli for a pickup team.

And then somebody else sad no, "he wouldn't last on the court."

I differ: I'd pick "Icemanu" Ginobli anytime for a playground game. He has the "winning" instinct.

It's rare you see somebody so coldly strike fear into opposing basketball players for just being on the court.

I was talking with a friend while watching the game and said, "this is a special player." Icemanu is very rare.

He has the instinct of knowing who he is in relation to his team, the opposing team, the pulse of the crowd, and "icing" his way through everything, leaving players to shake their heads in fear and disgust.

Yeah, he'd be a good baller and he'd get hit harder on the playgrounds, but his calls will be respected and he'd retain possession.

In this NBA game, the contact is less, so he's sent to the free-throw line.

I have a feeling that with the "non-calls" in the Detroit/Cavs series, the league is checking its tapes and sent a message to the refs to keep the game "undercontrol" in light of what's been written in the Salt Lake Tribune about the Jazz team needing to be "more physical, and if need be with 'ill intent.'"

The paper was very derogatory to the Jazz's manhood. It may have nothing to do with it. Jazz coach Sloan has also said more covertly for his team to be more physical.

Moving past the refs issues, what a beautiful display of a team knowing its strength, limitations and playing to it versus a younger team not yet knowing its identity and roles?

Yes, It was the Spurs beautiful Team ball versus a younger Jazz team that has talent, but knows it's overmatched and losing its poise.

I like watching sports, namely NBA basketball, for this. It slowly reveals the champions during a process of best of 7 games.

The Spurs victory last night demonstrated footwork, teamwork, passing, rebounding, poise-execution of the best degree the team is at a given moment.

What's beautiful is it clearly shows you don't have to jump the highest or do anything that makes "human highlight reels" and instead, it was a classic exhibition of knowing yourself within a winning team.

For all the periods that Tony Parker carried the scoring load, other Spurs adjusted.

For when Tim Duncan was losing his poise, "Icemanu" Ginobli sensed it and that the game was slipping away from the Spurs.

There was no "verbal" communication-what David Blaine may say, "unbelievable," "Icemanu" took over within his understood role within a winning Spurs team.

It's beautiful to watch. I've seen the chemistry in the 80, 82, 85, 87, 88, 2000, 2001, 2002 Lakers, when a team is jelling.

It's beautiful to watch because it's the goal of every team at the beginning of training camp.

The Jazz, the music was torched out because they didn't adjust quickly enough during the critical minutes. This is what separates champions from the teams who go home.

Do I have an answer for what the Jazz should do? Maybe? That's for the Jazz and coaching staff to figure out though. I'm pro Lakers (I'm not telling), NBA fan and "witness" to some beautiful championship caliber play, worthy of any "streetballer" who respects hardwork and gives recognition to seeing the "winning" instinct.

Anonymous said...

I think the Spurs is a Thug team and should be ashamed of what and how they play. Dirtiest team i have ever seen. Hey i bet payin the refs off works.

marlynn said...

viva argentina! representing! awesome show...

Anonymous said...

To all Jazz fans: Your right, there is a conspiracy! The Spurs have the league paid off. Theyre having a meeting right now, discussing what bad calls the refs are going to make tonight against the Jazz....
Im sorry, but i have never seen so many false accusations in my life. grow some cahones, shut up and take your medicine, and quit bellyaching like a bunch of beaches. thats what seperates your team from the Spurs. When the Spurs lost saturday night, what did they say? "we didnt play well, and look forward to competing again on monday." you didnt hear 1 excuse about bad refs, bad calls, "so and so hit me" and what not. Stop looking for excuses for why you didnt win and except it, move on, and strive to the next level. No NBA team will ever win the big one until this process happens. The spurs have done it over and over again- thats why they are the champions that they are. GO SPURS!!

Pal said...

What are you talking about,
Spurs are the best team in the NBA whether you like it or not..
and they deserved their Finals Birth

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