Monday, May 14, 2007

Giving CRESPO the credit he deserves

How many goals he needs to score for him to get some praise?

He was “born” in Gabriel BATISTUTA’s shadow and even after the great Bati retired, he is still not given all the credit he deserves.

I’m talking about the media in Argentina and the Albiceleste supporters in general.

He is Argentina’s all-time leading scorer in World Cup qualifications matches. He scored more than 200 goals in Europa and he won the last 2 league titles he played in: English Premiership last season with Chelsea, Italian Scudetto this year with Inter.

He scored twice in the Copa Libertadores final of 1996 to give River Plate their second title in what it is known as the South American Champions League. But then he also scored 2 goals in a Champions League final. Despite his efforts and those 2 goals coming in the first half, AC Milan ended up losing on penalties to Liverpool.

Now he is wanted back by José MOURINHO at Chelsea, but he wants to stay at Inter, where he scored his team’s last 5 goals (a brace midweek, when they lost 6-2 to AS Roma in the first leg of the Coppa Italia final and a hat-trick on Sunday, to help Inter defeat Lazio 4-3).

Have a look at the video above and forgive me for the music it has as a background! It really sucks! Hahaha!

Oh…and by the way, take a look at Lazio’s third goal. It is a beauty of a shot by Argentine Cristian LEDESMA.

And if you’re reading this, it means that I have found a way around the system and I’m writing and posting this from work! Which means I’ll only be able to open new posts with videos (through YouTube). If I have to…I will!


John said...

Frankly speaking I never had anything against CRESPO. As a striker he did what he was supposed to do which is score goals. Maybe not during crucial moment or when it really matters, but still his records does justify what a great finisher he is.

By the way, Luis SCOLA is ACB regular season MVP. VAMOS SCOLA!!!

John said...


Phoenix SUNS have tied their series with San Antonio SPURS 2-2 after defeating them away 98-104. Despite starting well, Manu GINOBILI could only post 10 points, 4 rebounds & 4 assists. Perhaps this was due to his recovery after receiving bloodied and bruised eye in Game 3

Surprisingly, Fabricio OBERTO was given the starting role ahead of Francisco ELSON, and he manage to post 6 points and 3 rebounds.

Do expect an heated encounter when Game 5 resumes.

risingson said...

Finally, someone who's been expressing my exact sentiments regarding Crespo. Actually, I find that he scores when it matters. Like Seba astutely points out, his two most important games of his career (Copa Libertadores Final, Champions League Final) he has 2 goals in EACH.

I think he's a clinical finisher, and this hatrick shows how deadly he is in the box.