Thursday, May 31, 2007

ARGENTINA 19, San Antonio SPURS 4, Utah JAZZ 1....and SPURS are in the FINALS!!!

Detroit PISTONS and Cleveland CAVALIERS, please be warned as the San Antonio SPURS are back in the finals. This is a feeling that I had with me since the season started back in October last year that the SPURS are going all the way again. Now I’m not trying to disrespect anyone here, as I do agree that it is still early and we haven’t even started Game 1 of the finals yet.

But one things is for sure is that Manu GINOBILI (3rd time) and Fabricio OBERTO (1st time) are now Western Conference Champion and will play against either of the two teams that I’ve mentioned above in the finals, for the third time in 5 years.

Enough has been said the “How dirty the SPURS play” or “The referee is making some bad calls in favour for the SPURS”. The only thing that matters is that the SPURS are not an EXCUSE team and when the BIG THREE (or should I say BIG FOUR) put their talent and skills together, it is one HELL of a cohesive strike force.

If anyone needs an example for this, no need to look further, as all that was displayed in their 109-84 Game 5 win against the Utah JAZZ (SPURS win the series by 4-1). Now we all know what a great game it was captain marvelous Tim DUNCAN and the ever sensational Tony PARKER but I would like to concentrate on the names that I’ve mentioned earlier

For MANU, it wasn’t one of the best performances from him but still in just matter of 21 minutes he did manage to post 12 points, 5 rebounds & 1 assist. But most importantly in era where many International stars are making headway to the NBA, how many of them are privilege enough to be in his shoes of having won the Championship twice before and now on the verge for a third. Well the answer is only two and they are non-other than his own teammates, DUNCAN (US Virgin Island) and PARKER (France).

As for OBERTO, this has just been another great Albicelestes journey in the NBA (remember HERRMANN???), after having enjoyed a great career in Europe and with the National team. Like HERRMANN, he too had to spend most of the time on the bench and did not get much time play as he always used too. Just like the last 7 matches, he was STARTER once again and tonight he posted 7 points, team high 10 rebounds and 2 assists. In this series alone he manage to score 70% from the field and 65% from free throws, not a bad at all for someone who used to play an average of 15 minutes a few moths ago.

Before I end this, I must say thank you MR.POPOVITCH for having with our two heroes. Let’s hope for another great series in the Finals.


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Pal said...

congratulations for the Spurs and for all the argentina fans for now they are in the Finals...
i wish Manu the Best, he is a very Gifted player.. i hope he produces some memorable performances in the final that might make him collect MVP...
Vamos Spurs...