Tuesday, May 29, 2007

HEINZE: from Red Devils to White Empire?

Reports from Spain suggest that Gabriel HEINZE is on the verge to make a 7-million euro move from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

According to Sport newspaper, the Argentine defender will sign a three-year contract with the Spanish power house. English newspaper, The Sun, already published a version linking HEINZE with Real Madrid.

HEINZE, who already played in La Liga (for Valladolid) in the past, will go to Madrid to fill up the position Roberto CARLOS will left vacant at left back.

Good luck to HEINZE if this deal becomes official. No doubt Argentina will benefit if he keeps on playing for big European clubs.


Amy said...

Ruud and Gaby are the reason I started watching Manchester United. I may have to relax my RM-hating stance now.

Also Gaby only lacks the Italian league for exposure now.

johnny said...

Looks like we are seeing an increased Argentine presence at Real Madrid. Gago, Higuain, and soon Saviola and it looks like Heinze. That's great with Real Madrid being such a well known franchise. I would prefer to see them ALL at Barcelona, but as long as none of them play at Chelsea-wonderful !

Seba said...

We do have a lot of Argentines now going to Real Madrid.

I wonder if we should soon add to that list the name of Carlos TEVEZ.

Should be interesting to see.

Amy, you are spot on by saying HEINZE only lacks the "Italian Job". His done well in Portugal, France and then England. Now he might be off to Spain (where he already played in the past) and the only missing links in the chain would be Italy and Germany. Who knows...maybe in the future...

No doubt it is a great thing for Argentina to have a huge number of players at Inter (Champions of Italy) and now at Real Madrid (still in contention for La Liga and almost guaranteed of a place in next year's Champions League).

Stay tunned because the MILITO brothers could both leave La Romareda Stadium at Zaragoza and go to BIG clubs to play next season.

Gabriel MILITO is a target of Juventus (as they make their return to the Serie A) but Rafa BENITEZ is also keen to sign the curly-haired defender.

Diego MILITO? FC Barcelona is the name. They never hid the fact that they want to have him to play for them next season.

Personally, I would love to see Gabriel playing in the Premier League.

As for Diego, I think it'll be the first case in which a player from my beloved Racing Club goes on to eventually play for Barça. I can't wait for that move to come through.

I expect a very busy summer for a number of Argies who will change their address for the next campaign.