Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CARLITOS is waiting for COCO to call

He seems to be in the eye of the storm as every single newspaper in England talk about legal actions being started by a number of Premier League teams that consider to have suffered from an ilegal inclussion of Carlos TEVEZ in the West Ham team.

As a personal thought, I would like to say that I didn’t hear Sheffield United manager, Neill WARNOCK, complaining about TEVEZ or West Ham or anything else after they defeated the Hammers 3-0 a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, Mr. WARNOCK, that you didn’t get relegated because of TEVEZ. You got relegated because your team was not up to the task and failed to get something out of Wigan in the last game of the season AT HOME and with everything looking to go your way.

But Carlitos seems to keep himself out of those controversies as he arrived in Buenos Aires today with clearly another kind of priorities in his mind.

“If COCO calls me, I won’t doubt it for a second and I’ll join Argentina. I always want to play for Argentina. I want to be part of the team. I’m waiting to see what happens, because I have to be prepared if I have to go on vacations with my family, but I’m waiting. I’ll wait for a few days and if I don’t get the call, they I’ll go on vacations.”

Speaking of West Ham and their supporters, he said: “West Ham supporters were always behind me. From the start. They were the people who gave me more strenght and I knew I had to show them what I could do when I get the chance.”

Today’s video really symbolizes what he is saying about the bond that he has with West Ham supporters. It is a tribute by one Hammer to his team and especially to that “little fellow”.


Anand said...

awsome work seba nd John..
Now it looks like i have 2 places to really get an insight on whats what and whos who from my favourite soccer nation....and yes the video brought tears and goosebumps the same time...

John said...

Hi Anand!!!

Great to have you with us!!!

So where you’re from? Please do spread the message around about this blog. The more the merrier.

Seba said...

Hi Anand and welcome to our blog!

It's always great to receive new friends and to know there are thousands of true Albicelestes out there!

I'm going to be REALLY busy for the Copa America, but I'm sure we'll make every effort to bring you all the information and our views on BASILE's team.

We want to make this a home for all the Argentina supporters who don't feel comfortable reading in Spanish and as you can see from the map located on the right hand side of the blog, they are a lot and they are EVERYWHERE!

I have a huge mailing list of Albicelestes, but I'm keeping it quiet at the moment before we re-launch this site in time for the Copa America. At least that's my goal. I'm sure we'll make all the best so we can even follow the matches together in here.

I'm off to work now (where I can't post comments, so expect another Argie video and some news about CRESPO, TEVEZ and the Copa America in general (with our biggest rival having troubles with their best players)

Ashley Gray said...

The Tevez story will run and run in England over the summer. The decision not to deduct points from West Ham will almost certainly end up in court.

But none of it is Carlitos' fault and the way he played through the storm at the end of the season showed great character - which he can hopefully reproduce at the Copa America.

The Premier League should hang their heads in shame at this scandal. They took so long to make a decision on Tevez (and Mascherano)'s registration that they dared not to deduct points because it would have sent West Ham down.

Maybe they will learn from it, but I expect not.

I just hope Tevez is still playing in England next year.


P.S. John, thanks for your message. I will spread the word about your blog. In addition to my Copa America blog (copaamerica07.wordpress.com) I should soon be writing a blog for the Daily Mail newspaper in London. That could start in about 10 days.

Anand said...

John and Seba,
I am from Bangalore, India..however I was born in the southern tip of India called Kerala, a beautiful state filled with football craziness and leftist political and social views. Kerala along with Bangal, Panjab and north eastern states of India have produced some of the better footballing talents in the country which is known mostly for cricket and hocky.

I must tell you every boy of my age started loving football back in kerala seeing the blue white stripe play (After the 86 world cup and seeing that mesmerizing little hero of yours) Till today that loyalty to the Argentinian team can be found at every nook and corner of Kerala during the world cups. You may find 20-20 feet cut outs and street displays for the likes of messi, maradona, ortega and batigol even in the small villages. Fishermen paint their boats in blue and white before they go out in the evenings to the sea. Such is the passion that we have for argentina and its football tradition back there. Although it has died a bit in recent times, that superb display of our team in the worldcup obviously have created new fans for this fabulous style of team play and individual skill and i am sure we will pass on it to the generations to come...

I am looking forward to a trip to south AAmerica some time in the coming years, and may be some of you could help me find my way through...

Also I am a designer by my profession...in case you need some help with designing the new blog...I can be of some help...

Till then...Vamos

John said...

Hi there,

Ashley, thanks for your effort on promoting this blog. It will be great too if we could attract Albicelestes supporters from other dicispline such as basketball or rugby. Thanks a lot anyway.

Anand, I’m not surprise with the huge support for Argentina coming from India. Its makes me even more happy to know that for a country that has an undying love for cricket and hockey, Argentina is the one they look up to when it comes to football.

I’m very excited to have you all with us, as we build up towards the Copa America


Seba said...

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us, Anand!

And again: Welcome to our blog!

You know? I love to read stories like yours. During the World Cup, when I was in charge of writing Argentina's correspondent-fan's blog in Soccernet.com, I was inspired to create this space.

Inspired because I knew Argentina had a huge support abroad, but I experienced a "close encounter" with many many fans that were sending me their thoughts and telling me how they celebrated or cursed at crazy hours waking up the neighbours during Argentina's matches.

I got in touch with people from every continent and I started thinking during those games: "How will John be reacting to that Maxi RODRIGUEZ goal?", or "How will Saurabh feel after we destroyed Serbia & Montenegro 6-0". And that was how I met a lot of people. I already mentioned John (from Malaysia) who showed an incredible passion for everything Albiceleste and now has become a writer here, but there are people like Johnny (an American living in my beloved Buenos Aires), Saurabh (one of your co-countrymen, Anand!), Argentinafan (opposite to Johnny...he is an Argie living in the USA), Alwin (part of the crazy-Albi-Malaysians gang!), Ingi (from Papua New Guinea) and many, many more. By the way...WE MISS YOU JOEY! She is from China but lives in the States and it's been a while since she last made a comment here.

And we are always looking for ways to improve this space and make it a mandatory stop for every Argentina supporter in the World. As you can see by looking at the map (at the right hand side of the site) we are quite a few and we cover a lot of ground!

So, I'll keep your e-mail handy just in case we think of new ideas to design our blog.


Oh...and by the way, I was priviledged enough to be able to work at the fantastic Doha 2006 Asian Games and I wach India playing against Maldives (1-1). I have to tell you that I loved the India shirt and I was quite impress by number 8: Mr. Climax Lawrence! I could have paid a million dollars if I had it, just to get a hold of that shirt that in the back said: "CLIMAX 8". Sensational stuff!

Is CLIMAX by any chance from Kerala?

Anand said...

Climax is from Goa...a former Portugese territory on the banks of the Arabian Sea...another breath taking location famous for its beaches and obviously for football:)...yeah I apologize Goa is one state I missed out in that list..."Dempo Goa FC" has just won the national football league...

John said...


I know quite a few names in Indian Football. I guess two of the most famous players are Baichung Bhutia (Ex-Bury, England & Perak, Malaysia) and I.M Vijayan.

Of course the big two of Indian football, Mohun Bagan & East Bengal

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