Wednesday, May 16, 2007

From Fuerte Apache to Hollywood

For the neutrals, it could look like I have an obsession with Carlos TEVEZ. It is logical to come to that conclussion: I keep posting videos and writing stuff about him everyday. But I swear that (despite my admiration for him) this TEVEZ flood you see here is nothing else than the reflection of what is dominating the international press these days.

You want to hear a sensational bit of news?

CARLITOS is ready to make a film about his life!

There were reports about a press conference that will be held in 10 days in which the project will be presented.

His agent, Adrián RUOCCO, said to Olé: “It won’t be a compilation of goals or images of Carlitos on the field. Our idea is to tell the story of his life. Something similar to what Eminem did with the movie “8 MILES”. That means that Carlitos will act as himself”.

What about that???? Sensational stuff.

We know that TEVEZ loves the cammeras but now he’ll step up a notch and go for the big screen!

You might know Gastón PAULS, the leader of the project. But maybe you don’t know him by name. I’ll give you a hint…he is the good guy in the great movie “Nueve Reinas” (or “Nine Queens” as it was known World-wide). PAULS is an ardent Boca Juniors supporter and a keen TEVEZ admirer. He came up with the idea and they are already working in the script for “CARLITOS, THE MOVIE” (which of course won’t be the title as it is still in the makings).

PAULS said: “I can’t think of another Argentine loved in Brazil and in England! There are very few people with CARLITOS’ charisma”.

After shooting a commercial for a TV channel dedicated to the younger viewers, he said “I love to act like a clown”. Today’s video shows us TEVEZ dancing and acting and having a good time while he was at it. BE AWARE THE SONG COULD BE VERY VERY STICKY! Lovely stuff! What about that hair style? Pure class!

This news come the same week in which half of Europe want to buy him, with Real Madrid reportedly ready to pay 60 million dollars to have him dressed in white for next season. While Inter Milan are also keen on signing him for an amount that was said to reach 49,5 million dollars.

In other news, Argentina have lost the 2nd place in the FIFA Rankings and now sit third after World Champions Italy and Brazil.

On Friday, Coco BASILE will announce the squad for the friendlies against Switzerland (2 June) and another team to be confirmed (6 June against an African team or an European not involved in the Euro 2008 Qualifiers). It is believed that this list will include the names of Carlos TEVEZ and Javier MASCHERANO. Lionel MESSI should also be included.

I’ll keep you posted if there are other news about this.

After some rumours saying the BASILE called CRESPO to tell him to go on vacations because he knows what he can bring to the table and he doesn’t need him to prove it in the next Copa America, the Inter Milan striker publicly said that he doesn’t need vacations and that the Copa America “is my last chance at winning something big with Argentina”. So he clearly wants to take part of the team too.


Ashley Gray said...

I'll try to post a comment that makes sense this time . . .

The newspaper where I work (in London) is running a big interview with Tevez's representative, Kia Joorabchian, in Friday's edition. It has just hit the internet and might interest you.

Find it at:

I suspect Carlitos won't be at West Ham next season, but I hope he stays in England.


John said...

Just to let everyone know that I’m currently on ZOMBIE mode right now as I’m off to work with only 2 hours of sleep after waking up early to watch the UEFA Cup final.

For your information I was hoping to see Pablo ZABALETA and Espanyol would able to lift the trophy but it was not to be as Seville have manage to retain the trophy they won last season. Having said that it was a great game and I guess I should be thankful for that.

Seba, I hope this movie will be screen here in Malaysia as we rarely get movies coming from Argentina. However I’m pretty sure, should the film authority in Malaysia hear the word “CARLOS TEVEZ”, I guess they should take this into serious consideration.

A question to all of you out there, from what I’ve read in wikipedia, is it true that there is going to be movie based on DIEGO’s life?

Seba said...

I wonder what is the word for ZOMBIE in Malaysian! Should be fun to know! ZOMBIE, it is true that there is going to be a movie about Diego MARADONA. And what's best about it is that it was shoot by the great Emir KUSTURICA.

It is actually in post-production and the title will simply be: MARADONA. Althought they could also add: EL PIBE DE ORO (The Golden Lad) to the title.

The release date is believed to be 4 May, 2007 (at least in Italy).

Here is a link in which you can see some details about this project and there is also a cute picture of Diego with his daughter Dalma and KUSTURICA.

Seba said...

Here's the link to that pic I told you about:,%20Emir

Anonymous said...

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