Thursday, March 01, 2007

Our talent from across the Atlantic

We know now the 22 players called by COCO from our local league. We also know that he wants to take to the Copa America Venezuela 2007 a mix of those players and the best talents we´ve got playing in the European leagues.

OK, now here are the names that are almost certain for the upcoming Copa America:

Roberto AYALA (captain)
Gabriel MILITO (COCO is really a fan of him and he didn´t disappoint against France)
Fernando GAGO (BASILE had him in Boca and he was a key part in that successful team)
Lionel MESSI

One step behind this group are:

Gabriel HEINZE
Carlos TEVEZ
Javier MASCHERANO (the duo of CARLITOS and MASCHE will depend on whether they are able to get a decent form by playing more minutes because if it wasn´t because they were in trouble at West Ham not playing that much, COCO would love to have them on board).

The big question mark remains on whether he picks Hernan CRESPO to opt for experience and a recognised striker or if he gambles with Mariano PAVONE to start building up for the future and try and find a new BATISTUTA in him.


Lucy said...

Carlos Tevez is in horrible form this season in West Ham, hasn't scored a single goal so far, so I don't think he will be a choice.

I hope Coco brings Crespo, if not for anything else, just for his service for the national team. After all, it is his last chance to win something with national team. The same thing applies to Zanetti, but I guess after being dumped for world cup, he shouldn't be surprised anyone can take his place.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that Tevez has been in horrible form, quite the opposite, he is the only player to show up and is very sharp. He does everything on the field expect manning the goal (well that and score) The problem is that he isn't being used as a striker but rather as a winger due to the surplus of strikers at West Ham prior to Carlitos' arrival. If Curbishley would just dump the non-preformer strikers and actually play Tevez in position I imagine that he would start to score.


alwin said...

Agree with Argentinfan on this issue. Tevez should be played in his prefered role and things might happen. Whatever it is to me he still need to get the F#%K out of West Ham!!! for his own good.