Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Argentina on top of the World

We talked about the FIFA ranking many many times and I think we´ve come to an unanimous decision regarding it: It is important (because it has a saying in the process that determines the World Cup seeded teams) and it is also very unclear and sometimes unfair as well.

But this time, we will say that it is the best ranking of all times! Because Argentina is the best ranked national team according to FIFA!

Even though, in my opinion, we´ve had better times in the past, it is the first time Argentina is on top of this ranking that was often led by Brazil (now 3rd) and lately by World Champions Italy (2nd).

Great news indeed!


john said...

Though I’m really happy to know that we are on top of the world but I still feel this world ranking doesn’t have any relevancy towards football, unlike tennis, badminton etc.


Not a great night for Gustova LOPEZ, Diego PLACENTE and Matias LEQUI as Celta Vigo lost 2-0 away to Werder Bremen (3-0 on aggregate) and are out of the UEFA Cup.


alwin said...

Congratulations ARGENTINA for topping the World! Yeah im happy in many ways, but Seba, just to relay what John mentioned, this World Ranking is one of the most DEFUNCT rankings i've come across in most sports. It doesn't really reflect on football as a whole and the true strenght of the teams, to me it's just a pinch of salt everytime FIFA announce the rankings.

john said...

NBA News…

Walter HERRMANN manage to scored 10 points for the Charlotte BOBCATS as they beat the Sacramento KINGS 111-108


Anonymous said...

Hehe, I agree with everyone else that the rankings aren't the best indicator of team talent and strength and that we have had better teams in the past without seeing it reflected in the rankings. HOWEVER, at the moment I am going to savor this for as long as I can and just ignore that fact. Call it pride or whatever but I plan on enjoying this for however long it may be, especially since for once we are ahead of Brazil. Yay! Vamos Argentina!!!!


johnny said...

Righto, it's nice for bragging rights that Argentina is ranked #1, but the rankings are laughable. Remember, it was less than two years ago that the USA was ranked in the top 5 !!!

Seba said...

Way to go Argentinafan! I´m doing the same thing you´re saying! Living in Brazil at the moment, this news about the ranking couldn´t come at a better time for me! And now everybody in the office will have to live with the fact that we are above them and that we CAN beat France with no problems! hahahaha!