Thursday, March 01, 2007

RIQUELME returning to our National Team?

To add info to the RIQUELME saga, despite being criticised by the Chilean newspaper yesterday, he apparentely wants to come out of the volunteer international retirement and play for Argentina in the next Copa América (Venezuela 2007 in June).


Yep. Exactly what you just read.

Now back in Argentina (playing for Boca Juniors), the reason why he quit our National Team is no longer valid. He was feeling bad about all the criticism he was getting from the Press and the public in general and the way it affected his mother´s health. But he was so worried because he was living in Spain and he was so far from his mother (who had to be hospitalised in the past).

Apparentely she is better now and he feels safer because he can be in Buenos Aires with her to support her.

With VERON back in the team, he also feels BASILE is not taking into consideration the past trouble a player might have had and he thinks the manager is keen to give any player another chance.

So the funny ways of life can sort out the playmaker´s spot woes that Argentina were having to deal with and if RIQUELME is happy again with life then who knows what could happen.

Are you happy with the news of a possible RIQUELME´s comeback?

Let´s discuss!


Lucy said...

I don't like Riquelme and I am very disappointed with his performance in the world cup when it really matters, that is, against Mexico and German.

The worst thing with Riquelme is that when he doesn't function (which happens quite often), the whole team doesn't function. Any team that could successfully mark him out of the game (almost any European team can do that), the whole team is doomed.

If he is back to national team then he will be in the center of criticism again, and his mother's health will deterioate again, and he will quit again, and the whole world will have a quite good laugh again, I guess.

Anonymous said...

To be honest when I first heard the announcement I had mixed feelings, I still do in fact. Riquelme has given us some moments of pure brilliance and I will always like him for that. We do also have a current problem with not having a playmaker and he would solve that problem. However on the flip side, as many of us know Riquelme's ego is critical for him being able to play well. Unlike some other players who can brush off criticism, his level of play is directly affected by it. Also, I doubt that Basile is going to be as indulgent as Pekerman was in building a team around him, particularly if he is competiting against Veron. I think at this point I want to give someone new a chance before going back to Riquelme.

I'll admit to also being a little disappointed that now it seems that pigs will have to fly against a purple sky before Aimar will be considered for the position again despite his wonderful performances (before his latest injury) for Zaragoza. Actually, Zaragaza played better against Barcelona after he came on the field in the second half. Too bad he isn't in contention for the NT at the moment.

BTW, what do we think of the whole Messi-D'Alessandro scuffle?


Seba said...

I´ve heard about MESSI and D´ALESSANDRO´s incident. There was a confrontation between them and the referee showed D´ALESSANDRO the red card for head-butting MESSI.

I think it´ll stay there and when their heads are cool again, they´ll be OK. I hope so, anyway.

Let´s hope it stays on the field.

Lucy said...

I saw the game and as far as I could tell, the so-called heardbutt was actually very light. It certainly won't hurt Messi. Yet Messi behaved as if he was shot from behind or somthing. I don't blame him, I mean, we all know Messi is a good actor, and I am not saying it in any negative term. I like C Ronaldo and I like Messi, they are both good players, and they are good actors as well. That's just the way they are.

john said...

Hi Everyone,

As I’ve mentioned before, I wont deny that RIQUELME is talented and gifted in many ways. He has on some occasion produced some moment of brilliance. Like setting up SAVIOLA’s goal against Ivory Coast. Those are the work of genius and from someone who knows the art and masterpiece of a playmaker.

But if given the choice to have either VERON or RIQUELME returning to the national team, I would give my vote to La Brujita.

Well as far VERON is concern he never announced that he was retiring from international football even though he knew for a fact that he was not going to be picked by PEKERMAN. And based on what we’ve read from his interview about his return to done the Albicelestes jersey, I can see there is plenty of motivation in him to come out with a bang.

And VERON is one player who maintains his professionalism in the higher standard (assume if the Chilean newspaper were right about RIQUELME), even during his unsuccessful spells at Manchester United and Chelsea.

But end of the day, COCO should make decision of what is best for the team. Whether it is VERON and RIQUELME, we should stick behind our team as we did not support the team because of one player but we supported the team because we LOVE the team.

Having said all this, I also feel that COCO should also start to bring the team some new dimension and rhythm, rather depending on tried and tested players. I’m surprise that we do not have any fresh new faces to occupy the playmaker role.

Seba, there must be someone out there right?

D’ALLESANDRO would have been a perfect choice but I guess all that know has been shoot in the foot after that incident with Lionel Messi.


alwin said...

Hi All,

RIQUELME's return could be a blessing in disguise for all other player vying for the spot to be the playmaker. Look at it this way, if he is not fit for the position then COCO will not consider him. So, if COCO sees something like what he sees in VERON then why not? I am a huge VERON fan and the news of him being included in the squad cannot come any better for me. As mentioned in the past before, I would like to see VERON have one more shot donning the ALBICELESTE.

As for RIQUELME’s, why I say it’s a good, because the other players like AIMAR, D’ALLESANDRO, INSUA and many more will be wanting that position as well, this players will end up putting on some master class performances for their clubs, it’s not that the are not doing it now already but it should drive them further. Of course I’m trying to say also is that RIQUELME should not just have the liberty to walk straight into a team that he left before, so in the end this could be a “Good” headache for COCO BASILE.

To me, a players must be judged by performance and not reputation, as long as it can be anyone that is performing and can step up to the challenge to become the playmaker in the next Copa America, then I’m happy. The football team needs a trophy and what a better chance to do it now.

As for the MESSI and D’ALLESANDRO issue, well Lucy, it’s good that you mentioned Cristiano RONALDO in this topic too. These are not the only good actors around, there are many out there because it’s the game that has evolved. Look at this way, anyone for that matter will always want to out do their competitor in anyway, either it be clean or dirty, so if you have to dive to gain an advantage then they will do it. At times it looks very ugly to the eye to watch this things happening but then now days it all boils down to winning and people are getting smarter in manipulating the many “STUPID” rules set by FIFA. I was always a fan for Video Replays and somehow it has to come into the game, but as long as those people in FIFA still sit on making a decision on this issue, then we should just accept the fact that many players can actually feature in the red carpet at the Oscars’s.


Seba said...

It´s always good to hear from the Malaysian Albiceleste Gang! Thanks for the comments John and Alwin!

I´ll make a new post (apart from the U17 South American tournament) in which I´ll let you all know where BASILE stands regarding RIQUELME.

johnny said...

Even as a big Boca Fan, I think Coco should steer clear of Riquelme. He is too unpredictable. I agree with the poster above that Aimar is a good choice to fill the spot. Anyway, there is still time to sort things out.