Friday, March 02, 2007

D´ALESSANDRO says there´s no problem with MESSI

They haven´t talked to each other after the incident
(Click here to watch the video)
but Andrés D´ALESSANDRO said those are things that happen in the pitch and stay in the pitch.

There were no apologises after the game but the positive things is that at least one of the players involved (D´ALESSANDRO, because MESSI didn´t comment publicly after the incident) is playing down any chance of a possible rift between them.

Personally, I think it´s wrong that MESSI over-reacted to a very subtle touch, but at the same time, D´ALESSANDRO was wrong in what he did. He shouldn´t have even come close with his head towards LIO´s.

Here´s hoping there will be no more acts like this involving Argentine players. You may saaaaaaaaaaaaaay I´m a dreamer! :)


lucy said...

Nowadays many good players are also good actors. Look at C Ronaldo and you know what I am talking about. Messi is certainly a very good actor.

The elimination is a pretty bad blow for Zaragoza, who historically does well in this tourment. This is the only chance they win a trophy this year.

Anyone interested in ALESSANDRO? He was on loan from Wolfsburg and even though I won't call his performance poor in Zaragoza, I don't think there is big chance he will stay in La Lega next season.

Seba said...

Hi Lucy, why do you say that about D´ALESSANDRO? Do you think Zaragoza will not want to keep him for next season?

I haven´t seen many Zaragoza matches this season so I don´t know if he is playing well or not.


As for his future, I didn´t hear about any team interested in him or rumours of him leaving La Romareda.

Lucy said...

I am a great La Liga fan and this season I followed Zaragaza pretty closely. No, don't take me wrong, I didn't hear anyone say that he will go back to German. But considering several things:

1. Zaragozaa is a small club and not rich
2. They spent 10M to buy Aimar last sumer
3. Diego Milito and Diogo are both on loan.
4. They need good defenders more than anything else

If they have money, they will try to keep D Milito and buy some good defenders. That's my opinion.

So I just think there is a good chance the D´ALESSANDRO won't stay in Zaragoza next season.

Lucy said...

By the way, do you think his national career is over?

He hasn't been called to the national team for a while. Last time Aimar was injured but Coco still won't give him a chance.

Seba said...

Fair points, Lucy!

I´m not 100% sure but I think I´ve heard that Zaragoza were determined to buy Diego MILITO for good.

For the rest, I´m not an authorised opinion.

However, I think it´s too early to say D´ALESSANDRO´s international career is over. It seems pretty clear that he is not amongst the main 3 or 4 BASILE´s candidates for the same position, but you never know. He might improve his form dramatically while others could drop theirs and then it´ll be a whole new ball game.