Monday, March 12, 2007

MESSI: "I want to play the Copa America"

A couple of days after scoring a sensational hat-trick for FC Barcelona against Real Madrid, Lionel MESSI have declared that he would like to play in the Copa America for Argentina and he added: "Wearing the Albiceleste is always something really special".

He was interviewed for a TV show from Argentina and when asked about the position in which he would like to play for the Albiceleste he said: "I´d like to play like I did in the U20 World Cup (The Netherlands 2005 when Argentina became Youth World Champion and MESSI was top-scorer and elected best player of the tournament). I would like to play a free role in attack."

And it almost looked like he was talking to our reader Allan who said he would like to see MESSI playing for Napoli next year in Serie A. Because LIO said that he "would like to stay in Barcelona because it was the club that opened the doors for me and my family and the relationship with the people here is sensational".


Lucy said...

If Messi is healthy, I could see no reason he will not included in teh Copa America. It is so clear that future national team is going to build around him, and the more they practice it, the better.

That's anotehr reason that Riquleme should never be called back. His slowness on the fiels and Messi's fastness are two extremes, and they are simply not compatible. Look at world cup and you know what I am talking about.

john said...

Seba, I believe Napoli have already retired Diego’s No.10 jersey. But anyway, it has been great week for the Albicelestes at all front throughout the whole weekend.

However there are only two things matters to me.

Firstly of course is Messi wonderful performance for Barca against Real. In a match that is played with high intensity, most players would have started to shiver before the game could even begin. But not Lionel because the way played he wasn’t looking like he was under pressure to deliver at all and made it look like he was made for occasion like this.

His inclusion in the Copa America will be vital and regardless of COCO’s plan to mixed the best of local and foreign-based players, there is no reason for him to leave MESSI out of the picture. After all it’s high time we win our first silverware in 14 years.

Secondly is Guillermo CAÑAS victory over Roger FEDERER. Don’t get me wrong here I’ve nothing against the Swiss Ace as he is one the best sportsmen in the world. But I would be much happier if that unbeaten streak is still held by an Argentine legend rather than by someone else. Hahaha!!!!


alwin said...

Lucy- I don't know why are you so critical of RIQUELME, he might be slow but he compliments this in many other ways. If you were to look at the World Cup, MESSI only played 3 games, Started only 1. In total, he never really had a game for a long period with RIQUELME except for the NETHERLANDS game from which they played for about 70mins together, so in to total, both of them never really got anything going on in anyway.

I’m not letting you know this because I’m a huge RIQUELEME fan, no I’m not actually, but I think criticism should directed constructively and to be honest with you, all I can see here is just plainly being blunt, sorry to say so. It only proves to me that one bad apple ruins the entire basket, because all you can remember him was for his “Bad” performances and not for what he has contributed.

MESSI is a fantastic talent, I’m only afraid that he peaks to fast at a very young age and then it gets saturated after that. On the whole people like to see a fast paced player, skills and scores goals, my hats off to MESSI for that performance over the weekend but I hope he continues to be consistent throughout. The same thing goes for Gonzalo HIGUAIN, a good talent but I hope all the media hype and the REAL MADRID buzz does not work otherwise towards him.

My main concern about our men upfront is that, BASILE should start DIEGO MILITO and not keep him ageing on the bench any longer. The lad is not getting any younger and he needs international experience under his belt, he needs more games and fit into the system more regularly because I feel he is one of our most underrated forwards around.

In the end, I’m just like anyone of you here, I just want success for our Football team, a success that has eluded us since quite some time.


linda said...

I love Riquelme. But his time in the Albiceleste shirt is over. Playing for the NT just depressed him more and more.

Not sure about Veron either, but I'm sure giving him a chance is wise.

Now, Messi. If Basile doesn't select him, I'll be rather pissed. Why not?

(By the way, related to your last post, Seba, Galletti is doing really well right now. Good for him. However, Aimar and D'Alessandro have both suffered a bit of a slump.)

lucy said...

Alwin, just that you can like Riquelme I can dislike him. There is nothing wrong for either of us.

When you use Riquelme, you have to trust the team fate on his hand, the team has to be built around him, and when he is not effective- which happened quite often, the whole team is not effective.

Riqulme is a good player, there is no question about that. But the way he disappeared in the most crucial moment- against Mexico and German in 06, I simply couldn't imagine if Coco gamble national team's fate on his perfomrnce again.

By the way, besides world cup, Riquleme and Messi played together for 90 minutes in that 0-3 lose to Brazil. Are you impressed how they played together?

More important, Riquleme doesn't want to play for national team - quitting for a ridiculous reason. Do Coco have to beg him to put on national shirt?

Whoever don't show any commitment to the national team is not worthy the shirt, yes, I am talking about Riquleme.

alwin said...


I got nothing against your dislike for RIQUELME, you have laid you points and that is what you feel of him, well done.

Yes they played together in the 3-0 defeat of Brazil, the who team for a fact was not impressive, we had our clear cut chances but never took them and did not deserve to loose by 3 goals.

We can't be dependable on just one player to influence the games, even if it happened in 2006, i hope not to see it happening again. Take France for example, without ZIDANE they look flat, hence if in the future we are going to rely on one player alot and if he has a bad game it will reflect brightly our weakness. Even MESSI for that matter, i hope he is not the "ONLY" person we have to rely on to UP the tempo of a Game.

COCO does not have to BEG him to play again, same thing COCO does not have to BEG anyone for that matter, but if COCO sees it right to invite RIQUELME back, and if ROMAN decided to to step up, there is nothing wrong for a comeback. Maybe most of you see this as a negative sign,im looking at it from other angles,if it can work, why not?


johnny said...

Well, more on Riquelme. I stated not long ago, that even as a big Boca fan, I wasn't sure he would be a good addition to the selection. More because he has such an unpredictable personality than anything else. BUT, the argument that a team must be built around him just doesn't stand up to reality. Despite not being in the best of shape, he has played very well for Boca, AND surely Boca was not a team "built" for Riquelme, given his sudden, unexpected arrival. While yet to score a goal he has been responsible for many with his deft passes to teammates. In addition, he looks like he is enjoying himself.

Lucy said...

I don't want to talk about Riquleme any more.

He never showed any commitment to the team. He treated the national team as a hotel or something, comes when he wants and leaves when he wants. I don't think he is worthy of blue-white shirt, as simple as that.