Tuesday, March 13, 2007


In the aftermath of Lionel MESSI´s hat-trick for Barcelona against he can´t stop attracting looks and flashes as he is in the cover of every sports newspapers of the World.

To be honest with you, I wouldn´t pay much attention to that if it wasn´t for what MESSI keeps on repeating again and again: He wants to play for Argentina.

That´s the thing that matters the most to me. I´m sick and tired of players complaining about the fact they have to travel, play many games and sacrifice a lot of things to represent their country.

I don´t want that no more and that´s why I feel happy when I read what MESSI said in an interview published today by Olé

“I would do any sacrifice to play for Argentina and there´s no doubt that I´d rather play in the Copa America than go in a vacation somewhere. Anyway, BASILE knows which players will he bring. But I want to be in Venezuela because I love to wear the Albiceleste”.

A little bit of history behind MESSI´s hat-trick. With 19 years and 8 months of age, he became the second youngest Barcelona player to score three goals against Real Madrid. The youngest ever? His name was Paulino ALCÁNTARA and he scored a hat-trick against Real Madrid in a Copa del Rey match all the way back in 1916 when he was just 19 years and 6 months of age.

“I´m very happy because I scored three goals. I was starting to play well but I was not scoring but it all happened on Sunday and it was exactly against Real Madrid. I´ve never imagined that I could score a hat-trick the way I did. I haven´t even dream about it. Now if someone like Diego MARADONA says I could be a reference, it just makes me happy”

“Just after the game, RAUL (Real Madrid) came to congratulate me. When I got back home I told all my family because I was more excited about what he said to me than for the three goals I´ve scored”

MESSI´s contract with Barcelona expires in 2014 and it has a cancellation clause of 150 million Euros. That´s the money any team interested in him would have to pay if they are serious about a transfer. But then they could face yet another obstacle: MESSI´s commitment to FC Barcelona.

“This club opened its doors for me in a very key moment of my life. My family and I are very comfortable here.”

And just as I finished typing this last quote from MESSI there are rumours flying high about Inter being very keen on signing him. Reportedly, they are offering Argentine defender Walter SAMUEL and Brazilian forward (and party-boy) Adriano in exchange. Source:
Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy)

Expect more news about Lionel MESSI…after all he is the World´s Cover Boy this week…


linda said...

Good for him, I say. And he was wearing an Albiceleste shirt as well while being interviewed: I'd say those are some pretty strong hints to Basile right there.

Any less subtle and he'd have to be shouting in the man's ear 'pick me! pick me!'

John said...

If this is what MESSI really wants then COCO has no reason to leave him out. But please bare in mind that, the boy still only 19 years old and it is unwise to risk him at such young age with burden and expectation.

Remember RONALDO was also poster boy and the darling of the tabloid during 1996 to 1997 and look what happened to him at the 1998 World Cup. Same thing goes for RONALDHINO in 2006.

Anyway, does anyone have idea what is going with our “Younglins” in the match Under-17 Championship match against Uruguay?

NBA News…

Manu GINOBILI and Fabricio OBERTO scored 16 and 4 points respectively as San Antonio Spurs beat the LA Clippers 93-84.


john said...

Great News...

We beat Uruguay 2-1!!!


alwin said...

Hope this LIONEL MESSI hatrick is not blown out of porpotions and the lad has to keep being consistent and i hope he is able to handle all the pressure and attention he is getting for a 19 year old.

linda said...

Alwin, I don't think we'll have to worry - remember the incredible coverage he was subject to after the Chelsea match last season? He's come through all that and the subsequent controversies intact and I think with greater maturity. And he is well protected from negative influences both on and off the field.

Good on the U17s!