Monday, July 17, 2006

Where is SAVIOLA going? (July 17th)

He left RIVER PLATE as one of the hottest prospect in the World. He had a couple of seasons in FC BARCELONA in which one of the managers (Carles REXACH) insisted on playing him only for home games (ridiculous!).

Nonetheless, he managed to score 17 league goals and 4 in the Champions League!

In total for FC BARCELONA he has 78 goals in 173 matches (including friendlies).

Then he was off-loaded to AC MONACO on loan where he scored 19 goals in 48 matches.

FC BARCELONA didn't want him back and so he went to SEVILLA where last season he was the top scorer in the UEFA Cup's winning team (with 6 goals in 12 games). He also scored 9 league goals playing only 29 matches.

Now he is in the same situation again. Owned by FC BARCELONA but not wanted by his manager Frank RIJKAARD and now SAVIOLA has a 6 million euros price tag on his shoulders. A reasonable amount for any team to pay for a proven young striker with World Cup experience.

Rumours linked him with ARSENAL but today those were denied by manager Arsene WENGER.

Where is he heading now?

Here's a little list of those teams which have shown some interest in him:












Joey said...

Oh, oh, oh, I am crying for the poor little rabbit!

Saviola is one of my favorite player in this Arg squad. I sincerely hope to see hime playing for Arg for the next four years, pairing Tevez in the forward line (with Kun as substitute) while Messi, Maxi and Aimar providing support in the midfield!

It is shame that such a world-class, talented striker at the peak of his career has been kicked around like a ball for the last two years! $6 million is really very low, considering that Kun cost something like $30 million.

But seba, I have to say the competition in Arsenal is very fierce. They have so many attacking options already (kind of like Arg!)

I hope he will go to New Castle. With Owen injured they are looking desperately for a forward.

I am afraid he has to stay in a top-level league if he wants to keep playing for Arg, otherwise he will simply fade away quickly.

Wherever he goes, I hope the club will treat our little rabbit well. And I hope it is a place where he could call home.

Joey said...

Seba, I just found this MTV about Zanetti.

By the way, what do those final captions mean?

I watched him playing for Inter and Arg for so many years that I simply couldn't imagine either team playing without him.

If Zanetti could play in Germany I am sure he will play wonderfully like Ayala.

And Arg might not lose either of those two goals in the elimination phase.

In his lastest interview, I read that Zanetti wanted to continue playing for Arg. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Arg owe Zanetti a lot, that's the least I want to say.

Joey said...

Opps, sorry, the MTV is actually here:

pablo10 said...

i rate the little rabbit he deserves a big club so he can show the world what he can do as we know he can do.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is John from Malaysia,

By looking at the list of clubs which are interested in Saviola, I would prefer if he goes to a place where the football is much close to the Latin American style. My preference would be Portugal. This is the league that produce some outstanding players in recent times such Christiano Ronaldo, Simao etc. In Simao case it was the same as Saviola. Both did not settle in Barca but a move elsewhere prove to be a good idea.

Newcastle and Bolton will never be my choice because Newcastle has been dodged with their own problems, the rabbit might loose his place once Owen returns from injury. Bolton to me personally is a place much suitable for players in their NEAR RETIREMENT (Borgetti, Okacha, Campo etc.....)

As for Panathinaikos??? NO WAY!!!!. I've not seen Greek clubs performaing outstandingly in Europe and this is not gonna help Saviola in maintaning his form at the very best.

PSV seems to be ok. But I then I'm wondering how could the Dutch league benefit him. Rosales move to Ajax did had some mixed result.

Anyway I hope the best for Saviola as he will be a key figure in 2010.


Cantona said...

come to manchester united saviola!!
God knows we need a striker and the little rabbit would be a great addition. I just hope he doesn't go to liverpool, anywhere else and i'm ok cuz i can celebrate his success without lowering my level to that of the scouse nation

Seba said...

I would like to thank Mohammad for the picture we're seeing of SAVIOLA and the clubs that are after him.

Nice job!

Joey said...

Little rabbit is only 24. If he is plagued with injuries, I can understand why people are not interested. But he is not. He is always in top form. Why do so many big clubs chose to ignore this world-class striker is beyond me.

Hi, Cantona, what is going on in Man Utd? I mean, do they really want to keep C Ronaldo and keep the tabloid reporters busy for the whole season?

Joey said...

Hi, guys! Let's talk about something more fun here. The best and worst of world cup 2010.

Here is my opinion:

Best player: Zidane. This world cup is basic his story, from his remarkable revivle to...oops, his suicidal act in the final.
Worst player: Ronaldonho. A huge flop, an utter disappointment. Kind of like Van Basten in 1990.

Best goal: Maxi Rodriguez – Argentina vs. Mexico A once-in-a-life volley, definitely one of the best 10 in world cup history.
Best team play goal: Cambiasso, Argentina vs Serbia: a wonderful finish after a flowing 24-pass move, in China we called it a 24-karat goal

Best match: German vs. Italy. Without the two late goals it might be one of the dullest, with those two beautiful goals it is a true classic
Worst match: Holland vs Portugeal. You can call it a wresting game or something but not soccer. I am really upset to see Holland, still one of my favorite teams, clashed out in such a horrible style.
Most entertaining match: Argentina vs. Serbia. This match is the crowning moment of Argentina. A great classic, I watched it over and over and enjoyed it every time I watch.
Most boring game: Ukraine vs. Switzerland. Even though it was played in the afternoon, I almost fell asleep.

Best coach: Lippi and Klinsmann. Italy won't win the title without Lippi and klinsmann is everything this German side is: young, fast, strong, attacking, entertaining.
Worst coach: Eriksson and Pekerman. While Eriksson was bad throughout the tourment, Pekerman was bad in the most crucial moment.

Most enteraining team: Whoever says Portugeal is the most entertaining got to be kidding me, unless you think diving is very enterntaining. German and Argentina are the most enteraining teams in the tourment.
Most disappointing team: Brazil. There are two things that I couldn't figure out: first, what on hell happened to this Brazilian squad? Second, what on hell happened to Zidane in thefinal?

Best eleven: because this is a defensive world cup, I will go 4-5-1 (as most coaches will do).
Buffon; Zambrotta, Cannavaro, Ayala, Lahm; Viera, Pirlo, Ballack, Zidane, Maxi; Klose.

What are your picks, guy?

Mohammad O. Ali said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mohammad O. Ali said...

you are welcome seba, anytime :)

Cantona said...

Best Player: Cannavaro. How he was not voted the best player by FIFA is beyond me. Zidane was non-existant in the first two games of the group phase. Suspended for the third, outshone by viera against spain, had one outstanding game against the defending champs in brazil then scored two penalty kicks and got sent off in the last two games. Cannavaro had to play without his usual defensive partner Nesta for most of the tournament. Switched partners three times, rarely made a mistake and was the best defender in this defense first tournament. Massive respect to him.

Best young Player: Cristiano Ronaldo. Was always dangerous when attacking and was portugals main threat in all their games. Podolski scored two sitters against sweden but did little else while ronaldo even with his diving antics was the more entertaining and effective player.

Most Disappointing player: Ronaldinho, Cafu and Roberto Carlos all underperformed badly and were the reason brazil failed to impress

Best goal: The 24 pass move finished by cambiasso, Classic!

Best Game: France VS Brazil, Zidane at his best, need i say more

Worst game: Switzerland VS Ukraine, a waste of time.

Best Coach: Lippi, Scolari and Kilinssman

Worst Coach: Parrera, Eriksson and Arena

Most entertaining team: Ivory coast, even though they went out early they were very impressive and all their games were very exciting.

Most Boring team: Switzerland bored their way to the second round and went out without conceding a goal in regulation. Won't be seeing any of their games anytime soon.

Best 11(4-4-2_:

joey said...

Cantona, I can see our major difference now: I am a Zidane fan and you are not.

By the way, are you a French fan?(judging by your name) What do you think of French's future? Sometimes I worry they won't even make it to Africa 2010.

joey said...

One more thing, Euro 08 will be hold in Switzerland. So you will have to see them play again.:):):)

Cantona said...

No i am an argentinian fan joey as evidenced by my presense in this blog i think.
I am also a hardcore manchester united fan hence the name cantona.

Also i am a great fan of zidane.I watched him play many great games for juve and that goal against levurkusen in the final of the champions league will always stick in my memory of the great man.
However it is clear to me based on facts not letting emotions cloud the way that cannavaro was the better player over the course of the tournament.

Lets analyse each game of both players:

Italy vs Ghana: Cannavaro produced a solid display and helped italy keep a clean sheet aganst a team that along with ivory coast have a lot of offensive power as the czechs would find out a week later.

France VS Switzerland: Zidane continued his run of bad form and a lacklustre france created very little. Back in france the henry/zidane in the same team arguments are starting up with the majority in favour of dropping the legend to base the team around henry. No shots on goal or through balls from zidane and he picks up a yellow card

Italy VS USA: The only goal conceded byitaly in open play and it was an own goal which cannavaro couldn't help. Ten man italy held off nine man USA for a draw. While most of the italian team had a night to forget, gattuso, cannavaro and buffon shone. Another solid display by the skipper

South Korea VS France: Another extremely mediocre display by zidane who looked weary and out of sorts. Lost the ball several times and got another yellow card to rule him out of the vital group game against togo. Hardly leading by example.

Italy vs Czech: A great display to hold off the czechs who needed a win to progress. Led by cannavaro the czechs barely created any goalscoring chances.Another clean sheet for italy.

France VS Togo: Zidane suspended

Italy vs Australia: Already missing his defensive partner Nesta, Cannavaro had to pair up with Barzaghli after replacemnt matterazi was sent off. Still cannavaro held off the australian team to record another clean sheet.

France Vs Spain: Great game by france who shrugged off the too old tag to teach the young spaniards a footballing lesson. Led by viera who scored a goal and had an assist france one 3-1. Zidane was solid and scored a late goal but it was viera who grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck like against togo.

Italy Vs Ukraine: Probably cannavaros worst game of the tournament even though italy kept a clean sheet and won 3-0. Had to rely on the woodwork and buffon to keep the scores level at one nil. Still cannavaro didn't make many mistakes but i am removing some points for the dissaray italies defense was in at times. Cannavaro starts with barzaghli at center back( his third partner in the finals)

France Vs Brazil: Magic from Zidane. He played the perfect game

Italy vs Germany: Led by cannaaro the italians held off the most prolific strike forced in the tournament and restricted them to long range efforts. Made many crucial tackles and was flawless at set pieces, heading the ball away even though he is relatively short. Great game by the skipper who allowed italy the foundation they needed at the back to allow lippi to chase the game late on.

France Vs Portugal: A good game from zidane who put away a penalty in the first half. Wasquite involved in the game and had a couple of chances from open play which he either missed orpassed to another french player. Was influential in deciding a close contest

so excluding the final cannavaro has the consistent excellence throughout the tournament for me and he deserved that award more than zizou.

Seba said...

Cantona has a point here. But I would also like to mention Andrea PIRLO.

He was immense! And the thing I like the most about him?

He is everywhere and he never seems to run desperately. He seems to be walking all the time and his composure, the way he keeps the ball and the way he pass it around are incredible!

He is my pick as Italy's best player.

Zidane? If it wasn't for that tragic episode with MATTERAZZI it would have been different.

Im not sure but..isn't ZIDANE the player with more goal scored in a World Cup final (along maybe Geoff HURST)? I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to take a look on the internet! ;)

Cantona said...

Pirlo was great throughout the tournament for italy. He was man of the match against ghana, germany and france if i recall correctly.
But he is kida like riquelme in that he dissapears in some games and doesn't really hustle for the ball when the team doesn't have possesion.
When i look at the game against USA and italy for 40 minutes had a man advantage against relatively weaker opposition. Totti was out so pirlo was at the center of all italies moves but he couldn't create anything. Then u compare it with his pass to grosso against germany and u can see his range in drifting from the sublime to the pedestrian.

joey said...

Cantona, I don't think the MVP of the tourment needs to be perfect every match.

He needs to be huge at the crucial moments.

Paolo Rossi didn't start scoring until the 5th game in 82, Baggio had a horrible group phase experience in 94, and Zidane was red-carded and suspended for two games in 98.

But they appeared huge, huge in the crucial moments, that made them MVP for the tourment.

By the way, where do you leave? I am a Chinese but I live in Florida, USA.

Cantona said...

Well who would you pick someone who has been amazing throught the tournament or someone who just came good in half his games?

By th way ronaldo was player of the tournament in 98' and romario was player of the tournament in 94'

joey said...

I am not talking about official golden ball winners, just who I think is the MVP of the tourment.

The official result is that Zidane won the Golden Ball Reward 06.:):):)

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