Saturday, July 29, 2006

Living the Fantasy

Ever since I started playing these games in 1998 I became a huge fan and I think I'm slightly addicted to Fantasy Sports.

I'm playing Yahoo! Fantasy Football (NFL), Basketball (NBA), Baseball (MLB) and the versions of the Fantasy Champions League and UEFA Cup.

But one of the Fantasy games I enjoy the most is the Premier League version.

I've discovered that besides playing it just for fun, you develop a great knowledge of every sport by following players and teams you barely knew they existed.

This time around, I've come up with the idea of creating a league for us, regulars of this blog, so we can play together.

The season starts on August 5th so we've got one week before kick-off and I'm sure we're going to have some fun.

What we can do is: send me your preferred e-mail address to and I'll send you the invitation to join our league.

In the meantime, you can go directly to and create your team right away. Rules and instructions are easy to find.

Hope you'll join me and if this is your first season, I'm sure you'll thank me for this invitation!

Oh...and by the way...if there are Fantasy players out there and you know a good free Fantasy game for the following european leagues, just let me know:


I'm trying to find a game similar to the Premier League one but so far I had no luck!


Joey said...

A whole month ago, June 30, Argentina was eliminated by Germany in world cup quaterfinal.

It has been a whole month.

I don't know about your guys, but I feel I am still recovering from the shock and sadness.

I just saw the match replay. I still couldn't believe Pekerman's stupid decision virtually cost Argentina's victory.

And I couldn't hold back my tears when Ayala missed the penalty kick.

It has been a whole month and I still couldn't hold back my tears.

Very very sad...

Joey said...

16 years ago, a dubious penalty cost Albicelestes the championship. Yes, I know, Arg took a total negative approach in that tourment but still shouldn't lose that way. Maradona's tear is the lasting image I have of Italy 90.

12 years ago, after the ARG-ROM game I simply did not believe Albicelestes was out. Redondo's tears torn my heart. I believed he will be back in France but he didn't. (by the way, Redondo my favorite player in Arg 94).

8 years ago, when everthing seemed to go Arg's way, Ortega's stupid mistake ruined everything. In the last minute Bergkamp's wondeful strike sent Albicelestes home. I sat in front of TV in total disbelief before tears finally rolled down.

4 years, Arg was the hot favorite to win everything. I, like most Albiceleste fans over the world, sincerly believe it will finally be Arg's time. Well, it turned out to be a complete disaster. And it still hurt even to think about it. I was already crying before the final whisle of ARG-SWE game.

1 month ago, Arg was in total control of the quarterfinal game...until...the goalkeeper was injured and then the coach made disastrous substitution decisions. The best team of the tourment ended up disgrasing themselves in a huge brawl.

What is going to happen 4 years later? Are we going to see Messi's tears?

If so, let's pray that will be tears of joy and happiness instead sorrow and grief.

Anonymous said...

Lets Be confident and look forward in high anticipation towards the future. I know it hurts badly but do not let the past keep hanuting us. There is no point ponting the finger at certain individuals or indicents..the bottom line's the past and we can't change it. I think it's about time we pick up the pieces and move on in our lives, keeping the believe in the Albicelete and being confident in our future Coach and Players abilities.

Coming back to the fantasy game, it's a wonderful idea to have a league of all our argie fans there. What seba said is can be very addictive but there will be no regrets.


Anonymous said...

To All Argies Die-hard,

I'm too still recovering from that shocking exit and I'm still wondering how did a team like Italy could have lift the World Cup. I truly believe that the only team that played such beautiful football, true to the Jogo Bonito spirit was Argentina. But right now I have a feelin of optimism of the appointment of Alfio Basile as it is rare that national team coach are given a second chance (with exception of Carlos Alberto Pareira) to coach again the national team again. Lets hope "Coco" would learn from all the past mistake.

By the way speaking of Fantasy Football...Seba, I think this is a great idea. C'mon everyone lets make it happen


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

I think we should be positive and hope for the best. While the defeat really hurts, it must be kept in mind that our young players really prospered. Burdisso, Mascherano, Maxi, Saviola, Tevez and Messi in his limited stint showed that Albicelestes have the best young talents in the world. The addition of Kun Aguero, Fernando Gago, Paletta, Gonzalo Rodriguez and others will just make the team sronger.

With a more offence-oriented coach, I am sure this team will go far.

As far as winning is concerned, it depends on a multitude of factors falling in place (which at times, is beyond control - for instance, Pato's injury). But greatness does remain in one's own hands and Argentina did achieve greatness in a peerless way. Most neutrals I have spoken to (and mind you there are a large number of Brazilian fans in India)fell in love with the team this time. I am positive that this team will go higher in its quest for greatness in days to come.

Anonymous said...

Agreed fully with all your comments on future optimisms. In fact immediately after we were out of WC2006, I felt very disappointed but by the next day, I was very optimistic of the future for Argentine football.

In the coming months, I look forward to seeing all players in EPL, La Liga and Seria A.

Asian Fan

Seba said...

John (Malaysia), I need your e-mail to send you the invitation.

Alwin is already invited.

I was wrong and we've got more time than up to this Friday.

We've got until August 18th.

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