Monday, July 24, 2006

What to expect here after a lazy weekend?

Hi everybody, I've been away from the computer for a couple of days and so I didn't update this blog during the weekend.

There were not so many news worthy of a mention but here are some things that happened while I also start to take a look at what's coming up in this blog.

-BASILE went to Mexico with BOCA JUNIORS and they won the Copa Puebla (a friendly contest against Mexican side CRUZ AZUL. They won the penalty shoot-out after a 2-2 draw (with both of BOCA's goals coming from cult hero Guillermo BARROS SCHELOTTO).

-Mauricio MACRI is also in Mexico and he will meet up with Ricardo LA VOLPE to talk about his possible role as manager of BOCA JUNIORS.

-Diego MARADONA has been offered the job by MACRI before, but the legendary champion of the World in 1986 said 'No, thank you'.

-Carlos TEVEZ returned to action for CORINTHIANS (Brazil). He scored in a 2-2 draw against FORTALEZA and he made a gesture towards his team's supporters asking for silence, after the 'torcida' spent most of the game and the previous days, insulting their players for a bad run of results that have them in the relegation zone. After the match, the CORINTHIANS supporters waited for TEVEZ outside the stadium and they insulted him for a while. One fan even kicked TEVEZ's car when he was leaving the stadium.

-Juan Pablo SORIN could be on his way to BOLTON WANDERERS. An offer by the English Premiership outfit has been accepted by VILLARREAL but now it remains to be seen if STUTTGART, PORTSMOUTH and INTER MILAN will continue to fight for Argentina's captain.

-Javier SAVIOLA could also be on his way to BOLTON. No further news about his situation, but a move to the Reebok Stadium looks probable.

What's next?

-We'll take a look to the national basketball team and its final preparation towards Japan 2006.

-We anticipate the start of the Apertura and the most important leagues in Europe, following the argentine players every weekend.


Mohammad O. Ali said...

SAVIOLA and SORIN to Bolton… hmmm I can’t wait; I think they’ll fire up the team. If they both went.

I still can’t figure out why they didn’t use SAVIOLA’s capabilities in Barcelona; its their loss…

I really also can’t wait to see what Argentina will do in the Basketball world cup in Japan.

joey said...

Well, I have followed your soccer team relentlessly for 20 years, but the only time I watched your basketball team play is in Olympic 2004.

I was hugely delighted when they edged out the arrogant Americans in the semifinal. Even though I am a US citizen, I am totally fed up with US team's sheer stupid blagging that the rest of the world is nowhere near the US standard.

And I just found out that Arg won two gold mendals: Man's baseket ball and soccer. The two most heavy gold mendals of all.

While China proudly won a record number of 32 gold mendals, only second to USA's 35.

Two years later in Beijing, we have every possibility to top USA and became the new leader in World Sports.

joey said...

Everyone knows that China is a true sporting power, and we are. Ever since China is back to international sporting stage we have been a huge influence - winning 16, 16, 28 and 32 gold mendals respectlively in the last four olympics and appear to be the new world sports leader in Beijing 2008.

The only sport that China is doing really bad, is...unfortunately, man's soccer.

China now ranked something like 90th in Fifa ranking.

This is a huge shame, considering soccer is actually the most popular sports in China. Chinese soccer fans are every bit as crazy as their conterparts in Europe and America.

And those bad soccer players were actually the highnest-paid sports players in China. Yes, those mediocre soccer players earn a lot more than all the world champions we have.

We have bitterly complained that out of 1.2 billion Chinese, we simply couldn't find 11 players and 1 coach that will make a good team.

I know Arg's senior side haven't been world champions for 20 years. But at least you are consistently producing the best youth team in the world. No such hopes here. China soccer team is bad at every level - from national side to club sides, from senior level to youth level.

Hi, since you are done with Pekerman, why not inviting him to China to build a strong youth team for us - I know Chinese Football Association will be happy to pay him big bucks for that. Chinese fans will love him and worship him, and he could forget the nightmare in German. Anyone who can give him a call?

Anonymous said...

Pekerman to China? Not at all can I imagine him work there, and I'll give you my reasons.

First of all, he certainly doesn't speak the language, perhaps he doesn't even speak English.

Secondly: Perhaps this is a prejudice, but I think he simply doesn't fit into the Chinese mentality. This is not meant in a derogatory sense for neither side, but I guess the difference between his and the Chinese way of living might be to huge to overcome.

Moreover: Considering his personality (at least what we pretend to know from his public appearances and from what he teaches his players in terms of values and behaviour) I don't think money and the prospect of being worshiped will ever lure him, but rather have the opposite effect. He once said that working with kids should occur in silence. He doesn't like the spotlight which will surely cover him and his (for the most part young) players in China.

And last but not least, I think his general intention as a coach is to build a team over many years, and I can't see him commit his long-term future to a country he has never been to (at least not for a considerable time, if he has ever been there at all).

Joey said...

Language is not a problem. We can hire the best translator for him.

Custom is not a problem, either. We hired several foreign coaches in the last decades. Actually Bora MILUTINOVIC, the miracle worker who led 6 different teams to world cup finals, led China to its sole world cup final appearances in 2002.

He won't be lured by money or fame? Well, that is a problem. But here, unless he stays in Argentina, wherever he goes he is got to be under spotlight. Does it mean that he is going to stay in Argentian? Then why should he resign in the first place?

I guess if he doesn't want to come to China, all the money in the world is not to persuade him. Anyway, I sincerely wish him best luck.

Anonymous said...


Yes i can't wait to see our basketball heroes in action. Wish them the best of luck. By the way any article or latest news on them. Please keep updating us.

I've heard that hockey player Jorge Lombi has been surprisingly left out of the national team. What is the issue behind this???


Mohammad O. Ali said...

everybody is fed up with the arrogant Americans joey; I can only say

Argentina Rocks
Argentina Rules
Vamos Argentina

the medals are Argentinean's whether Bball or Soccer

Argentina will also win the coming under 20 world cup

and the coming 2010 world cup

Cantona said...

BREAKING NEWS:BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) -- Outgoing Mexico World Cup coach Ricardo Lavolpe said Monday he had turned down an offer to become manager of 22-time Argentine league champion Boca Juniors.

Argentine native Lavolpe said his 26 years working in Mexican soccer meant he lacked the necessary knowledge of the current Argentine game.

"At this moment I don't believe that I could be the coach of Boca because you need a little more knowledge of Argentine soccer," he told the news media following a meeting with club president Mauricio Macri.

"I have been away for 26 years and the tournament starts in a week, in a medium I do not know," he said.

Lavolpe, 54, was widely considered to be the first choice to replace coach Alfio Basile, who has been chosen to coach the Argentine national team.

Macri, meanwhile, said that with Lavolpe out of the picture, he will ask the Argentine soccer federation to let Basile continue until December.

Very interesting news guys.
This means that Macri is resigned to the fact that Basile will coach argentina but just needs till december. With no important games coming up why not give the job to maradona as a temporary caretaker.
He would get valuable experience and would know he is just keeping the seat warm for basile.

joey said...

What I learned from this world cup: Arentina soccer is still Diego Maradona show.

And it seems it will remain Maradona show forever.

I am afraid they will never be world champions again if Arg remains in Diego's shadow.

And I sincerely hope you won't call the next promising young talent 'the next Maradona'...again.

Anonymous said...


Language must not necessarily be a problem, I agree with that, although I think it affects the relationship between coach and players if the coach always has to rely on an interpreter.
I also agree with you that there have been some very successful periods for several countries' national sides after they hired foreign coaches. Apart from MILUTINOVIC, look at Guus HIDDINK, for example. But these coaches are special guys in terms of enjoying the unpredictable and quickly adapting to wherever they live and whoever they work with. Going to other countries is part of the challenge they are seeking and I don't think PEKERMAN is such a globe-trotter.

As for what you said about his resigning from the job with the prospect of leaving his country afterwards: I guess he didn't even think about doing it "the Parreira way" - waiting and then resigning one day before signing the next contract - because his resignation was inevitable from his point of view. He considered his project a failure and therefore the only way was to quit, whatever the personal consequences of this decision might be.

Joey said...

This Pekerman really set me to an emotional roller coaster for the last two months.

I always liked him and had a high respect for him in the past for his wonderful work, and he seems a very wise and noble man.

Then he made me hugely angry by dropping Zanetti and Samuel from the squad. I cursed him and thought he was out of his minds.

Then he led this wonderfully talented team to play the most beautiful soccer I saw this summer.

Then...he made terrible decisions in the quarterfinal and practically cost Arg the victory. I condemned him to be the worst coach of the tourment.

Finally, he resigned...and when I saw how old, tired, and miserable he looked, I simply don't have any heart against him any more.

I don't remember any coach has set me to such an emotional roller coaster like this before.

To be honest, I don't think his project a 'failure', certainly not his youth project. About world cup, I appreciate all his great work but he could easily made this Arg team a lot stronger. Hopefully this won't be a nightmare that haunts him for a long, long time.

Joey said...

Guys! Brazil just appointed DUNGA as the new national coach.

So what do you think?

One thing is clear, instead of flair and genius, DUNGA is going to make this Brazil team more tough, european, and defensive-minded.

Not exactly the beautiful game that the whole world is expecting from Brazil, is it?

Anonymous said...

nor do I consider PEKERMAN's youth project a failure. He made a terrible individual mistake against Germany and he will have realized it. But singular mistake or not, from his point of view there was just one possible consequence. He was responsable in any case and therefore he had to go. Whether or not he was tempted by the people's call to continue - I don't think it would ever have made him change his mind about quitting, as the entire project was set to be completed this summer and one might argue that he failed the most important part of it.

Cantona said...

Dunga follows the very recent tradition of big teams ditching experience by the sidelines in favour of youth.

Van basten at holland followed by klinssman at germany and now dunga at brazil.

For the football federations its a no lose situation. They are giving the people exactly what they want. Whatever happens in the coaching careers of van basten and dunga their legacy is already secure and after 2006' klinssman islooking like a role model for the footballer who turns to management.

The only team to buck the trend is argentina where it hasbeen made clear that until maradona has experience of management he will not be the coach of argentina.

I think even though young coaches who are former players may bring beautiful attractive football with an emphasis on youth but when the going gets tough and its down to one call to make or break the game i will take experience over youth anyday.

joey said...

Hi, guys, just to tell you a story to make you laugh a little bit!

I married an American husband, an extremely nice guy who is a typical American middle class, and he showed me how ignorant most Americans are about soccer.

He told me before meeting me he had never heard of soccer world cups.

Several years ago when I watched the ARG-ENG 86 game he had no idea what these two teams were.

When I told him it was a Maradona show he asked "who is Maradona?"

When Maradona socred his fist goal and I explained to him it was a hand ball he asked "So he can NOT use his hand?"

And the following question: "why didn't the refereee watch the replay?"

He did recognize the second goal as "marvellous".

After the game he asked "Only three goals and you call it an all-time classic?"

So much for soccer for Americans...

Seba said...

Sorry guys for not being so active lately. I'm taking care of a few things and baby-sitting my friend Pablo's little daughter!

I'm developing in my head the next couple of articles and they will come up shortly.

Thank you for keeping on visiting this site and for interacting between yourselves.

joey said...

How old is the child? I have a 3-year-old so I can teach you something about babysitting!

Seba said...

She is something like 16-months old (or young!).

I managed to take care of her without problems.

But next time, if she gives me trouble, I'll ask you for help!

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