Friday, July 21, 2006

Boca Juniors looking for a new manager

After the AFA offered Alfio BASILE the job as manager of Argentina, we are still waiting for COCO to accept or reject it. But reading between the lines and making a simple deduction, we have reasons to believe that BASILE will become Argentina manager again.

The first reason is given by BOCA JUNIORS. The actual employers of BASILE at the moment are allready looking for a manager to replace him. They know they have little time to waste as the start of the Apertura (Opening) Tournament is getting near and near.

The latest news in that front is that Marcelo BIELSA has been offered the job and was pretty quick in rejecting it. Mauricio MACRI, BOCA JUNIORS president, said he didn't offer the job to anyone yet and he added: 'It is impossible to reject an offer that has never been made'.

In any case, BIELSA said he doesn't want to go to BOCA and now every way takes to Ricardo LA VOLPE.

Mexico's manager during the recent World Cup, Ricardo LA VOLPE have said he would love to have the opportunity to sit on BOCA's bench and will be looking forward to receive an offer from MACRI.

We still need to see a couple of more episodes in this novel, but by the look of it, BASILE taking over as Argentina manager looks pretty much a done deal.


joey said...

seba, what's your pick up for the starting eleven?

Sunil said...


I think COCO will accept the job. he has a chip on shoulder after the first try . He is the good choice for the argentian team. He will be more driven and I hope with messi and trevoz coming back, he can get it done this time.

Anonymous said...

No, no no. No Lavolpe for Boca. Cant they pick somebody else, maybe like the manager of Quilmes?

ML Vazquez said...

You're kind to report on Argentine futbol in english and be patient with those who don't know our culture. I am a second generation Argentino in the US and I get excited about futbol just during the mundial but it will be easy to follow all the time now. Thanks for your work. Keep it up.

Seba said...

Thanks Seba!

I'm enjoying every minute!

This blog is the result of a great feedback I've been getting during the World Cup and knowing that there are thousands of Argentina fans all over the World, not being able to access several information sources in Spanish, I'll be glad if this blog helps them in any way.

Thank you so much for your comment!

Un abrazo grande!

Joey said...

Yes, seba, I want to say you have done a fantastic job as well! (even though we don't always agree with each other).

It is a pity I only ran into this blog after Arg was eliminated. Hopefully four years later, you will still be here, and we will share all the wonderful moments together, and hopefull we will laugh and celebrate together when 23-year-old MESSI lift up the world cup!

Anonymous said...

I too would like to thank you Seba. I don't speak Spanish so this blog is very informative and entertaining.

Also it's made me realise that, even though we're from all over the world, we have one thing in common... Our love for the MIGHTY ALBICELESTE!!!

Vamos Argentina.

Papua New Guinea

Anonymous said...

I think La Volpe as coach of Boca would be a great choice. I have great respect for him, based on his work in Mexico. I also think his style will fit Boca.

jimmy1 said...

I agree that La Volpe would be a good choice for Boca, though I am River fan.

Cantona said...

yup great blog seba and hopefully we can keep it going till the next world cup.

Gracias Seba!!

Anonymous said...

Yes same thing with me, I don't speak Spanish so this blog makes things much easier for me - thanks a lot, Seba! Before I ran into it during the World Cup, I was struggling a lot when trying to read articles about the albiceleste in Spanish. Well my understanding of the language has improved a lot since then but I still can't speak Spanish.

Great blog, Seba !!!

Joey said...

Anyone who is in US?

Does anyone who know how I can watch Spanish La Lega in US? I want to see Messi and Kun play!

Mohamed-Somalia said...

Hi Seba,

i have seen some times talking about a Player called "Walter Montillo" is he a gifted player?

Mohamed-Somalia said...

i would like to see some information about Walter Montillo, i have seen some sites talking about him, it would be great if he is a gifted attacking midfielder. good for argentina for the future? Not so Seba

Mohammad O. Ali said...

Any chances that Maradona will coach boca???

Long shot … do u think????

I would love to see him coach I think he will make it as coach; through planting some of his spirit into some players.

Thanks seba for the nice strategic visionary articles

By the way I have asked this before; but doeas anyone know how to write a letter fan to Messi or Tevez

Anonymous said...

You can watch La liga on Gol TV and Fox sports world espanol if your cable company has that lineup. Fox sports world has had it in the past but I'm not sure if they do the coming year.

Mohammad O. Ali said...

you can also watch la liga on Aljazeera sports TV; I DONT KNOW IF YOU EVER HEAR OF IT?

joey said...

No, I haven't heard of Aljazeera sports TV.

So there is no chance I can watch it in an English channel, like Fox Soccer Channel? (I don't understand Spanish at all).

Or perhaps I can get a dish and receive sports channeld from England?

Anonymous said...

Gol TV is mostly in English here in the U.S.

As for Spanish, it's easy. Most of the time they're just saying names (in Argentina, lots of first names and nicknames though).

But you know, Sepa, a nice word list might be in order to help those who would like to experience soccer the way it should be heard, en castellano. First you include the basics: ex. "pelota"=ball, "tiro de esquina"= corner, "corner"=corner, "palo!"= ball hits the post! "amonestado"=player given a yellow card, "habilitado"= on-side, "punta"=forward (as in 'point' of reference, a Bilardo coinage), "definicion"=goal (Menotti coinage),"enganche"= no. 10 playmaker etc. And also add some personal favorites, for example from Fox's Argentine announcers, ex. "insiste"=the player is 'insisting', as in he's pressing forward, "salva"= so-and-so defender saves the team from a certain goal or "protagonismo"= a beautiful Argentine conception of the game as a drama with 'protagonists,' main characters, i.e a team that has all the intitiative,etc. And don't forget Fernando Auraujo gems like yelling at players "che!" (hey!) or fellow announcers "shut up!" ). A project for the service of your readers. An idea.

joey said...

I would rather listen to English commentary.

What is Gol TV and where can I get it? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You're missing out. English commentary is always boring.

GolTV, at least out here in L.A., is offered with most Spanish language packages -- except it's not in Spanish.

Seba said...

I've missed out on that post about the Spanish words in the football commentaries. I really liked it!

Except that I hate Marcelo ARAUJO, a horrible person and an even worst "journalist". He knows the nickname of every Boca and River players and then, for the rest, he doesn't even know their surnames!

Simply pathetic.

For the rest, I think the Spanish commentaries are better than their English counterparts.