Wednesday, July 26, 2006

BASILE accepts the challenge

It is confirmed. Alfio BASILE will be Argentina's manager until South Africa 2010. There are no more questions about it.

The big story these days in Argentina is when will he leave BOCA JUNIORS to concentrate full time on his national manager role.

Apparentely, that novel is near the end now and he will step out of BOCA when his off-season tour of Mexico is over in the next few days.

A member of BASILE's staff in BOCA (Jorge RIBOLZI) will take over as an interim manager until Mauricio MACRI (BOCA's president) finds the right man to become the next full time manager.

So far, Diego MARADONA, Marcelo BIELSA and Ricardo LA VOLPE have rejected the chance of succeeding BASILE at the helm of the most popular club in Argentina.

In other news, Argentina's friendly match against South Africa (originally scheduled for August 15th) was postponed but now it looks like there are chances for it to be played in Cape Town.

If it's confirmed, this could mark BASILE's debut.

There are rumours of Argentina going to play a friendly in Japan and another in Korea in November.

The rest is still a mistery.


Anonymous said...

First of all congratulations to Basile. This is wonderful news for the Albiceleste and for the footballing world.

Speaking of rumours, the UK newspaper The Mirror,( has reported that Man Utd manager Fergie is in talks with Mascherano to lure him to the English giants.

Papua New Guinea

joey said...

After the heartbreaking experience in German, Arg and Brazil took completely different routes.

By appointing Dunga as the next coach, Brazil send a clear message that they are going to make their team more tough, european, and defensive-minded.

While Arg hired Basile and clearly they are going to continue the offensive strategy with flair and emotion.

Who will succeed? Only tome will tell.

With 2 tropies in the last 12 years Brazil could offord to sit back and gamble a little. Even if they don't win WC 2010, I am sure they will claim the trophy in 2014.

Not for Arg.

Arg hasn't been world champions for 20 years. If you miss 2010, I don't believe you have realistic chances in Brazil 2014 or Europe 2018.

Good luck Basile, good luck Albiceleste.

Anonymous said...

Like the Bible says, faith can move mountains. So Joey let's have some faith in the Albiceleste. Basile is an experienced coach and will implement a playing system conducive to getting the best out of the combined talents of Messi, Gago and co.

Furthermore I appreciate the fact that Paletta will be plying his trade in the EPL. Our defenders are technically sound, but with Paletta at Liverpool FC this will be a good chanced for him to enhance his aerial ability in a league not reknowned for being technical.

My defensive line would consist of Heinze/Cufre(After serving his suspension), Milito/Paletta, G.Rodriguez,Burdisso. I liked what I saw of Cufre in the Holland game, he had Van Persie in his pocket the entire match. Milito was the reason why Van Nistelrooj was subbed. Gonzalo n Burdisso are virtual starters. I especially liked Burdisso, he handled the right back spot with aplomb and rarely put a foot wrong.

Midfielders...Well Messi,Masche,Gago,Riquelme n Maxi. Without doubt other nations would kill just to have abundance of talent that we have.Whatever people say about Roman, in himwe have a classic no.10. Similar to Rui Costa and Zidane. imo, he has to be there, at least for Copa America 2007.

Forwards would be Tevez and Figueroa, or someone who provide us with an aerial threat. Of course should Basile wish to keep the ball on the ground, then I'd throw un Kun Aguero.

Well my fellow Argemntina fans there you have it, my line-up for the MIGHTY ALBICELESTE.

Papua New Guinea.

Seba said...

I like it Ingi!

Just one little bit of information. BASILE will not play with central defenders moved to the wings to play as right or left back. He will have natural born wing-backs.

The name of Hugo IBARRA (BOCA JUNIORS and ex MONACO) sounds like an option to play at right back.

Clemente RODRIGUEZ (ex BOCA now playing in Russia) could be playing on the left. He is fast and he is solid man-marking. But he is forgotten in Russia and will need to "escape" from there to play in a more competitive league.

Lucas LITCH, recently bought by GETAFE, will also be a potential candidate.

And BASILE could play MESSI a few meters behind. He could start in a play-maker position.

As for KUN, did you see the goal he scored yesterday in a friendly match for ATLETICO MADRID????

Oh...boy! He is something else!

Have a look:

joey said...

Inter Milan awarded Italy 2005-6 Serie A title

I am really happy to hear the news, or, to be more exact, I am happy for Zanetti.

My favorite Arg player after Maradona and Batigol, Zanetti devoted his heart and soul to the two teams he fought for - Inter and Arg.

And he definitely deserves a lot more than what he obtained.

I still believe it is a huge mistake to drop him and take somebody like Scaloni. It is both very cruel and stupid. Arg paid dealy for that.

And I really hate to see him leave that. After fighting so loyaly and brilliantly for over 100 times, he was cruelly rejected at the most important stage. Now he has to leave empty-handed. Simeone and Batigol at least won Copa Americas. Ayala won Olympic gold.

Unfair, unfair.

I sincerely hope he will enjoy very successful seasons with Inter in the coming years.

Mohammad O. Ali said...

where can we see the friendly matches?

Anonymous said...


Wasn't Zanetti part of the 2004 Athens Olympic Team???

Ingi, I must say your Albicelestes line-up is extremely awesome!!! However there are question remain to be answered? Lets face it, at the current stage we dont have anyone in the mould of Batigol. Crespo might be still around but not till 2010. I guess that will Basile first task.


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Great to be back after the Indian Government's ill-conceived ban on blogs in the aftermath of Mumbai blasts.

Many many thanks to Seba for so generously sending his post by email.

I am really excited with Basile's acceptance of the offer. He is the best person to make the most of the wealth of attacking talent at our disposal.

As for Basile's preference for natural wing-backs, I hope that Zannetti gets at least another chance for the Copa America. He and Ayala deserve a trophy with the senior team for their service to the team.

But what is it about Argentinian players opting to go to Russia and languishing there - First, Cavenaghi and now Clemente Rodriguez there.

By the way, Marylebone Cricket Club, England is assisting in setting up a cricket pitch in St. Georges College, Quilmes. I am sure that given tne creativity and spontaneity shown by Argentine soccer players, you could easily be an attractive cricket team and join we Indians in whipping the English.

Seba said...

I can't seem to find the right time to sit down and write these days. I hope you can understand.

Great to have you here again Saurabh! Hope the ban is a distant memory from now on!

Welcome back!

I didn't know about the Cricket pitch! To be honest, nobody understands a thing about cricket in this part of the world. Not even baseball (which I know I don't have to compare if I don't want the cricket fans to get mad at me). But we do get baseball coverage here. There is no cricket apart from those highlights shown in CNN International.

I would love to learn the game but I doubt it can become popular in these latitudes.

Will try and find out about that pitch they are building. By the way, I used to live (I was born) like 45 minutes from Quilmes. So I know the neighbourhood.

A good incentive for cricket to be a known sport in Argentina???

Just tell the little kids that they can have a go at beating England and they will play 24-7, 365 days a year!

Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

You are right. Beating England is always fun. And if you thought English football media is insular, you just need to read their cricket writers. No player is great unless they succeed in their shores and there is an ingenious excuse for every defeat. They once blamed the pollution of Calcutta for a defeat!!!

Though India-Pakistan rivalry is big in cricket with the political backdrop, I have always enjoyed victory over England more.

But speaking of Argentina, I believe you have a team which played the 2003 world cup qualifiers. I cannot agree more that it is a complicated game.

While having grown up in a cricket mad country and family, I have become a cricket fanatic too, I realised how complicated it is few days back, when I tried to explain the basics of cricket and football to a friend who had been gloriously ignorant about most sports. While I was able to explain the positions of players, fouls, penalties, (off-side predictably took a bit more time)I could not even explain the C of cricket.

Joey said...

No, Zanetti was NOT included in the Olympic 2004 squad.

If Basile could give Zanetti and Ayala a final chance in the Copa America, I will love him for that. I do believe Arg has a great chance in Copa America next year.

Saurabh, from what you say English is almost as arrogrant in cricket as Americans in basketball. I would love to see any team teach them a good lesson and beat them:):):)

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