Monday, July 31, 2006

AFA and Boca reach an agreement

Alfio BASILE will keep on working for Boca Juniors until September 14th. That day, Boca will face Sao Paulo (Brazil) for the South American Cup Winners Cup and after that game, he will officially become Argentina manager.

That will give Boca some time to decide on BASILE's replacement and it is a reasonable amount of time for Argentina not to waste a lot of time without a manager.


Anonymous said...

The sooner this over & done with the better. It's important that Basile has a clear mind when he takes over the Albiceleste.

I cannot wait for their fist game under Coco.

Seba, who are the potential coaches for Boca? Has the Argentine press been tossing up any names in the news lately?

Vamos Argentina!!

Papua New Guinea

Seba said...

It's a big mistery. It's the club everybody wants to manage and then nobody seem to raise to the challenge and accept it!

Diego said no.
Bielsa said no.
La Volpe said no.
Gallego said no.

Macri said the candidates are working in the media now.

Just a few names off the top of my head:

Bilardo (radio and TV - former Boca manager)
Veira (TV - former Boca manager)

And I can't think of any other candidates.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone approach Ardiles for this job???

Lena said...

Did Bianchi want the job?

Anonymous said...

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