Tuesday, July 18, 2006

PEKERMAN gone? Who's next? (July 18th)

The man said it in Germany right after Argentina was knocked out of the World Cup.

The man repeated it in Buenos Aires minutes after his plane landed.

He is not staying. Provided there are no miracles around, PEKERMAN will become Argentina's ex-manager and he seems to be adamant.

Hugo TOCALLI, PEKERMAN's assistant manager, could continue acting as an interim manager until the end of this year and it's very unlikely he will become a potential full-time manager for the future.

However, the final word on that will come next week. There will be a meeting at the AFA headquarters in Buenos Aires and its president Julio GRONDONA will try all the tricks in his bag to convince PEKERMAN to stay.

If he fails, then there are several names dancing in the air.

Let's take a look at some of them:

Diego MARADONA: Nobody feels the same about our national team. Nobody lived the things he lived as a player. There are no other icons such as his figure to identify our Country. He is dying to have the chance of managing Argentina but he is hardly qualified for that and his managerial jobs have been far from a success.

Alfio BASILE: Has experience at a World Cup (USA '94). Suffered from the controversy around MARADONA's suspension and the team fell to pieces. Was undefeated before that for more than 30 international matches. Have won the last 4 trophies at stake while at BOCA JUNIORS. Plays offensive and attractive football and won't be afraid of playing the likes of MESSI, TEVEZ, AGÜERO, SAVIOLA, AIMAR all together.

Daniel PASSARELLA: Managed during France '98 and was captain in Argentina '78. Knows his stuff but had a tight relationship with the media and some key players (REDONDO being the most notorious).

Américo GALLEGO: He says if he was blonde he'll be regarded as one of the best in the World. He might be right! He won league titles with RIVER PLATE, INDEPENDIENTE and NEWELL'S OLD BOYS in Argentina and with TOLUCA in Mexico. Very successful and loved by the players. Was assistant manager for PASSARELLA in France '98 and was also a player during Argentina '78.

Jorge BURRUCHAGA: Seems to be GRONDONA's favourite if he fails to convince PEKERMAN. He is a young manager (currently at INDEPENDIENTE) and has talent. Was an icon for Argentina, scoring the third goal in the World Cup final against Germany in Mexico '86.

Miguel Angel RUSSO: Another young and talented manager. Was crowned champion with VELEZ SARSFIELD and has a good image. He was left out of the World Cup Squad in 1986 in one of the final cuts made by BILARDO.

Carlos Salvador BILARDO: Speaking of which...he was the first one to apply for the job even before returning from Germany, where he was working as a TV commentator. That early postulation was not welcomed by the AFA. Has the backing of many in the media and the public opinion (however PEKERMAN continues to be the favourite in every poll). GRONDONA is not a fan of his defensive style even though noboby can forget the World Cup victory in '86 and the final four years later in Italy.

Carlos BIANCHI: He is probably the most successful manager in the history of the Argentine league and if he is not, he is right up there with the best. Failed the two times he went to manage in Europe (AC ROMA in the 90's and ATLETICO MADRID last season). He doesn't get along well with GRONDONA and that could hurt his chances. But nobody can underestimate his chances, specially being so strongly identified with every BOCA supporter.

Ramón DIAZ: Played in '82 alongside MARADONA. Had a great career playing for INTER MILAN and then became a great manager for RIVER PLATE (winning several leagues and 1 Copa Libertadores -1996-). Offensive minded. He likes his teams to play attractive football. The bad thing about him? He's been inactive at a high level for quite some time and has a tendency to be very controversial with his statements.

Héctor CUPER: He is currently unemployed. Had great spells at VALENCIA and INTER but failed to win the important final matches.

Nery PUMPIDO: Recently hired by NEWELL'S, he was the goalkeeper in Mexico '86 and had great campaigns as a manager in the Paraguayan league (even winning the Copa Libertadores with OLIMPIA). He is not a clear favourite for the job but given his low profile, he could surprise a few people.

Ricardo LA VOLPE: He recently managed Mexico in the World Cup and ended up in a war against the media. But he is a talented manager and he is Argentinian. He was the third goalkeeper in Argentina 1978 and could come as a great option for GRONDONA. On the other hand, he is not very popular with the people because he left Argentina in 1978 and never managed a club in our country so people don't know him.


Cantona said...

Well La Volpe has just said he would love to coach argentina but i can't see that happening .

To me it is a toss up between Basile, Bianchi and Galllego.

All play attractive attacking football and have a tactital nuance about them as well.

I would go with Bianchi just because he is more experienced and i would love to see what he does with the national team after such success at Boca over the years.

jimmy1 said...

From what I've heard, Bianchi not interested, so for me, it comes down to Basile or Gallego. Basile got a chance before, but I like the quality of football his teams play. I also like how Gallego's teams play, and it would be nice to give him a chance. In the end, I'd say anyone of those 2 would be fine with me.

jimmy1 said...

By the way, I agree Lavolpe is a really talented coach. I'd like to see him manage an Argentine club first though.

Sebastian said...

Any clues about when we can expect a decision on the new manager? I'm saying new because I hope Peckerman will keep his word and go. No hard feelings but he failed at the World Cup. He was unable to lead the team from the bench - his substitutions were poor and mistimed virtually during all the matches that Argentina played. He seems to be lost when the pressure is on or his ideas are simply bad. I think enough is enough. After Bielsa and Pekerman, Argentina cries for an experienced coach, who is used to big matches and who has had big results with senior football teams. No more experiments please!
The list of coaches that's laid out here is comprehensive and has some names that could lead Argentina to great success in the future. My favourites are: Hector Raul Cuper and Americo Gallego. Mark my words - if Grondona picks one of these two guys, the Argentines will play in the final in South Africa in 2010. But if Grondona decides to stick with someone who is not proven, another four years will be lost. Unfortunately from what the AFA has done so far, the chances for a good coach seem to be slim... Hope I'm wrong.

Joey said...

Whover AFA picks I hope they are making the right choice.

Africa 2010 is virtually Argentina's last chance for the next 10 years, maybe longer.

Why? From what I read Brazil is going to host World cup 2014. Then seleção just have got to win it. They let the trophy slip through their fingers in 1950 and they simply couln't afford to do that again. The seleção is already head and shoulder above any other team and when they play at home, the rest of the world could just compete for runner-up.

Who is going to host 2018? I assume it should be another European country. No chance for South American teams there.

So, after 2010, the next time you might have a serious chance is 2022.

That will be 16 years away.

Cantona said...

Cuper is a very interesting option.
Remember he was fired from inter cuz it was beleived he was cursed never to win anything after falling at the final hurdle with valencia and inter even with talented squads.

However more than the underachiever tag it is his style to normally play with a defensive minded midfield that worries me.

I wouldn't mind it but i think after being out of management so long he might be a bit rusty.

Mohamed-Somalia said...

Alfio BASILE Or Jorge BURRUCHAGA i like those two guys becoming the next National Team Managers.

Seba said...

Damn! I wrote a very long message yesterday talking a little bit about every comment here!

Here are some of the things I said and were never published (a bug or some technical problem!).

-Joey: Australia wants to organise the 2018 WC. I think it's a good thing. It'll be the first WC hosted in Oceania and they know how to do it (see Sydney 2000).

-Cantona: I have to disagree about BIANCHI. I don't think he is offensive. Sometimes his midfield was formed by 4 defensive midfielders and he loved to play long-ball to PALERMO all the time. I do recognise his talent in making everyone of his players (even the last of the substitutes) believe in themselves and he can create a winning attitude in the group.

-My favourite is Alfio BASILE. I'll comment more on him later on.

By the way...it's official: PEKERMAN is not staying. An article will follow soon.

joey said...

Seba, Australia already joined the Asian federation. I don't think Asia will host WC 2018. Remember Europe never fail to host a world cup within any eight years. 2018 is already 12 years from 2006, which I think is the maximum lapse Europe could endure.

Like it or not, Europe dominates this sport from the very beginning, and World cup as well.

The history of world cup could be simply summarised as two words:

Brazil vs. Europe.

And Argentina did join Brazil as the only other contender to challenge the European supremacy after 1978.

But, history tells us, Europe will win WC in European soil.

IanM said...

I agree that Bianchi is too defensive - under him Boca were successful but didn't play very attractive football. I like Basile, Gallego or Ramon Diaz. Basile's team in '94 plyed great football but were suspect at the back against Romania and Bulgaria... was he manager for the 0-5 at home to Colombia? However, he's done a good job at Boca the past couple of seasons and must be the favourite. Anyone but Bilardo... no chance of Menotti coming back?!

Cantona said...

well joey endland sports minister has said that his country will probably submit a bid to host the world cup in 2018.
So i guess europe it will be then

joey said...

If England did host WC 2018, then chances are they are not going to win it.


When a major European soccer power host the world cup twice, they can only win one out of two. This has already been proved by Italy, German, and France.

England won in 66 so not next time.

On the other hand, if poor Spain is going to host, chances are they will win it, finally!