Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Schedule confirmed for Argentina (2006/2007)

The following is some information regarding the activity of Argentina for the rest of 2006 and for the whole 2007.

We know some dates, we know some rivals, we still need to know who's going to be our manager for those compromises!

But while we're waiting to discover that, let's take a look at the list of matches and dates we have confirmed:

August, 2006:

16th. Friendly match against South Africa in Cape Town (the list of players taking part in that friendly needs to be submitted in two weeks!)

September, 2006:

2nd. Friendly match to be confirmed.

6th. Friendly match to be confirmed.

October, 2006:

7th. Friendly match to be confirmed.

11th. Friendly match to be confirmed.

November, 2006:

15th. Friendly match to be confirmed.

February, 2007:

7th. Friendly match to be confirmed.

March, 2007:

24th. Friendly match to be confirmed.

28th. Friendly match to be confirmed.

June, 2007:

2nd. Friendly match to be confirmed.

6th. Friendly match to be confirmed.

26th. Start of Copa America in Venezuela.

July, 2007:

15th. End of Copa America in Venezuela.

August, 2007:

22nd. Friendly match against Norway in Oslo.

September, 2007:

Start of the South American World Cup Qualifiers for South Africa 2010.


Cantona said...

well i gues argentina will be playing the hosts in a friendly b4 the world cup. Could it be a sign of things to come, hopefully.
Remeber italy beat germany b4 the world cup and they won it all.

well here are a few teams that i would like to have friendlies with:
Ivory Coast

Seba said...

What about ITALY???

I would love to face them!

Brazil, England and Germany should be in our friendly agenda too.

Maybe we could leave Brazil out of the friendly schedule because we can face them for Copa America and the World Cup Qualifiers.

With our trip to South Africa for our first friendly confirmed, I think we should organise more friendlies in that continent.

And I think it's a good time for Argentina to go to Asia too.

We've got plenty of followers there and if we play in places like Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, The Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, name just a few, it'll be a huge success.

Seba said...

It looks like the South Africa friendly has been postponed. I don't have a lot of information about it but I've read in one newspaper (Ole) that it was postponed. A new date was not announced.

Cantona said...

well the russians can't be happy about that. I wonder if it will affect the deal in anyway?

Seba said...

I don't think it will affect the deal. Both, the Russians and the AFA are in charge of organising and dealing with everything related with friendlies.

Maybe it was a decision taken by the two parts.

At the moment, the information is not being distributed properly. Nobody knows what's going on and no one knows what to expect or when to expect it.