Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Preview for Germany list

With MARADONA expected to release the list for the Germany match later tonight(Tuesday night), rumors are circulating that Ever BANEGA will make the squad over Fernando GAGO. MARADONA came out a while back and said that he can't pick players who are not playing for their clubs, Fernando GAGO being one of those players. Nothing is confirmed(far from it) when it comes to BANEGA getting into the squad and GAGO being left out. They are simply rumors and nothing more. As for what we do know(or atleast 99.9% sure).

Lionel MESSI
Sergio ROMERO(likely goalkeeper)

Those players are more or less confirmed to make the Germany list. Martin PALERMO, Juan Sebastian VERON, Fabian MONZON and the rest that MARADONA might want to call-up for this match from Argentina have domestic duties as March 3 is a Clausura match day, however, MARADONA would still be allowed to pick from the domestic players.

In my opinion, several names are up in the air and it will be interesting to see if they make the list or not:

Ezequiel GARAY
Gabriel MILITO
Emiliano INSUA

Those are the ones that I am personally looking forward to seeing on the list.


Anonymous said...

Happy to ever gonna get call up he such a good player

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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messidona19 said...

Hey does anyone have a link about Maradona saying that Samuel is confirmed for the Wc? If that's really true then till now the list is perfect!
I really hope Banega is picked instead of average Bollati and Gago because we cant afford to miss out on such a talent. Banega and Samuel are two missing links in our team.

andaman said...

EVER BANEGA for me. I love this guy more and more. I knew he'd kick ass ever since the YWC 2007 in Canada.

Banega is now tie with Messi for highest assist in la liga at 8 each.

I hope. I pray. Please Diego.

Leo said...


What about Aguero? He should be a sure pick, right?

Anonymous said...

Here you go Messidona. Samuel and Banega, that is sweett if it is true.



Anonymous said...

where is Ezequiel Garay, Kun AGuero, Zanetti, and Gago/Banega?
i just saw the squad list. I'm dying to see Garay in our jersey!

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