Thursday, February 25, 2010

Germany Podcast - Part 1 of 2

It's time for yet another Mundo Albiceleste podcast, this podcast being the first one of 2010. In this relatively short edition, John and I take a short look at next week's Argentina vs. Germany friendly and discuss who made the list and who didn't in this first part of 2 podcasts.

We discuss everyone who was excluded from Diego's list, from BANEGA to GAGO along with a hint of a special announcement coming in next Tuesday's podcast!

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salvio supporter said...

You're right, Zanetti exclusion is unexplainable. If I were Diego, my defense would consist of Zanetti and Clemente Rodriguez (Zanetti can play both sides, and I think Clemente too), Samuel, and other central defender, not sure about that one yet. But I saw el Pupi yesterday against Chelsea, and he was as good as usual. No reason to exclude him.

And Banega is a player I never liked, at least when he was on Argentina, but I know that not-so-fit players have been there, like you said, Gago and Dátolo (the acute indicates the tonal accent, John!) and considering Banega's performance, he should be prioritized. The problem is: Banega follows his coach instructions, and we don't currently have a coach. Would he be the same good player?

Sebastian said...

Looking forward to have the time to listen to this pod, amigos!

Will have more time in March and I will be able to join future editions as well as every thing that goes on here on Mundo.

Gotta go now...gotta check whether Diego MILITO has in fact fooled the legendary captain of England and scored past one of the toughest defensive units there are and one of the best keepers in the world.

I heard someone saying that and I'm sure he has to be exagerating. Surely!


GK said...

HAHAHAHA, nice apology Roy. I'll be looking forward to the next apology on Tuesday's podcast. By that time Team Canada will have eliminated Slovakia and then go on to win gold by defeating either Finland or the USA, but rather than an apology on the next podcast I will prefer to receive just a simple congratulations. :)

All in good fun my friends.

LM10ARG said...

Sebastian I am with u 100%. Milito is far far better than higuain and deserves to start. If any1 thinks higuain should play over milito, he is just a real madrid fan; he can't be a true Argentina fan.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast as always guys. I can not wait for the Germany game. I think we may get some answers. I wonder what the tone will be when we do beat the Germans! I think Di Maria will be the star of the game. But I agree we are still missing a couple pieces to make it just right. I predict a 3-1 victory.

P.S. Roy is correct that Canada is going down! I was pulling for the Russians(Have a lot of Russian friends. I doubt any Canadians will try to laugh at the Russians, well at least to their face and Ovie is better then Sid lol).


Anonymous said...


You are now just being childish with that statement. Think about for a second, a person wanting Higuain to start over Milito can not be a fan of Argentina's and only a fan of Real Madrid. If this is a shot towards me then read this.

I for one was born in Argentina and bleed for my country.

Higuain was a River player the arch rival of my beloved Boca and he took out Boca a few years back.

I hate Real Madrid and what they stand for, and Boca took them out a decade ago and became champions of the world.

So next time you make a statement back it up with some facts and not speculations.


LM10ARG said...

Jack, I just wonder why u always have to reply to my comments everytime I say something about higuain. Why does it hurt so much? Milito once again proved his worth yesterday scoring against a team like chelsea in CL. I am waiting to see if higuain can actually do something against lyon (yup, against lyon, not such a BIG team) in the 2nd leg or comes up with another poor display.

Anonymous said...


Ahhh (Long Sigh).You are just trying to bait people into a debate. Whatever you write about Higuain is negative, you're feeding off Higuain playing poorly in one single game. What kind of fan is that?You're theory picking Higuain over Milito is childish and that is all you plaster on Mundo.But you know what, Milito will likely not start, so that is that, so I guess Diego is not a fan of Argentina's and only Real Madrid(lol). And your new excuse is Milito scored vs Chelsea and you can live off that as long as you wan.I am done with your lack of rationalism.


LaChampionsLiga said...

Maybe both Higuain and Milito will start and make the best partnership in the world, and maybe then you guys will stop fighting.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see that but I believe Diego already has stated he does not want to put two major strikers on the pitch together. Pipita did quite well last season when he played off Raul. Also I am not sure how we will see it. Can somebody put that three headed strike force with Messi/Milito/Higuain with the team that is facing Germany.


Abs said...

I back you Jack, Higuain over Milito anyday. And @ LA10MAR you need more facts to put Milito in front of Higuain. Coz me as well not a fan of Madrid, I actually hate them.

Banega won't make it to the WC simply because he isn't mature as a player enough, and hopefully Datolo doesn't make it.

John said...

Hey, just to let everyone here know that you can actually subscribed to our podcast via iTunes.

Anonymous said...







Abs said...

I don't know how you people think that Messi can play as a RM ?!

LM10ARG said...

jack, diego can start higuain over milito and I will not be surprised at all. If Argentina wins wc under this guy, it will be 8th wonder. Ok let me ask u a staright forward question, do u think higuain is a better player/striker than Milito? If that's what u think then there is no point debating with u. And if Argentina plays 1 striker which they definitely should (Di Maria and Messi on wings), u will pick higuain over Milito??

Abs said...

To Roy:

Why don't you make a pole for each position for the NT ? and to make it fair, start with the formation that the NT should play with.
And what ever than formation be, you start the pole for each position.

Each pole should last no longer than 3 days. Pick the most 4 players that "you" think are suitable for the position and include "others" as a 5th option.
For the second defense, you repeat the first defense pole, but remove the top picked player and add a new one to the list. And same for any position that include more than one player.

By doing that, it'll give us a better vision for the players who deserve to be in the NT, and it'll open eyes for the people who are against El Pibe De Oro !!

Abs said...

@ LM10ARG:

I don't know about Jack, but to me Higuain is waaaaaaaay much better player than Milito. But if it is up to me, and we have to pick 1 striker, then it won't be any of them.

If Argentina is playing Messi and Di Maria on wings, then I would pick Tevez as our target man. But if they are going to be 2 ahead, which Maradona would do, then even though I don't like it, but Messi and Higuain would be our best for the moment.

For your information, Argentina is going to win the WC with Maradaon, so if that's not what you believe in or looking for, then why you are waisting your time in this blog ?!

Anonymous said...


Yes I think Higuain is a better footballer then Milito. Is Higuain a true #9? No, is Milito Yes. That does not change the fact that I feel Higuain should start over Milito. Higuain can create outside of the box and is much more gifted on the ball then Milito. I understand we have a lot of gifted players that have ball control, but they lose the ball because of their size. Higuain has strength to push off defenders. Also I am not sure if Milito has even scored outside of the penalty box. Look at it like this if Milito won't get any service for him to be a goal poacher then how will he get his goals? If we had Riquelme still playing and that can serve him the ball, then I would say start Milito. Look at Inter-Cheslea game. Yes Milito scored a fantastic goal, but the rest of the game he was really nowhere to be found because Inter did not have control of the game. Do we really need Milito to be standing around and waiting for the ball to come to his feet? Like I stated I would love to see a 3 team strike force with Higuain/Milito/Messi but I am not sure how it would work nor will Diego play that. Look at this video of Higuain, he has the speed the pace and the ability to slot goals, and he can also create for his team.


Mohd said...

salvio supporter, Abs

are you kidding? "Banega follows his coach instructions, and we don't currently have a coach. Would he be the same good player"
...."Banega won't make it to the WC simply because he isn't mature as a player enough"...

so if we do not have a coach, lets throw away the ONLY decent playmaker that we have!!!that's a new onw.

And Banega is not mature enough?! the guy is leading Valencia's play each and every game. what should he do to prove that he is mature and over his previous problems?!

salvio supporter said...

Sorry Mohd, I don't really like the guy. Maradona's stubbornness is contagious hahaha
But I'm for real, would he be the same player with Maradona as a coach? It's easier to be a playmaker when the rest of the team knows what to do. Our team has some of the best players in the world, yet... If you asked me right now who should be there against Germany, sure, Banega would be the logical answer -- as I said before, because players I like less than him have been there too, and because of his current performance, he deserves to give it a try. But I don't like him, and I wouldn't take him to the WC (same with Cambiasso, and I know many will say I know nothing).
He sure isn't the only decent playmaker. I would take any playmaker on the national league before him, specially because I would have done the exact same thing if he was still here.

LM10ARG said...

Abs, I am true fan so no matter what I will be hoping for the best. Even though Argentina has less than 1% chance of winning the wc under maradona, I will still be rooting for them. In ur opinion, higuain is a far better player than Milito. But in my opinion, higuain is not even a match for el principe. Every1 got their opions huh?

Abs said...

@ LM10ARG:

That's your right, but you don't have to pick on every mistake that Higuain did just to show that Miltio is better than him.
And Argentina chances of winning the world cup is 1 out of 32.

@ Mohd:

Well, I don't wanna start this argument, but playing in a 5 talented midfield side, doesn't make you the best out of them. Banega is playing with Villa, Silva, Pablo, Mata, and the list keeps on.
I have no doubt about him being a great play maker, weather he is the best or not, then that's a different story.
By saying he isn't mature enough, then ya I'll stick to my word. Coz even though he proved that what he had last season was just few mistakes, but still, the guy played for 3 different teams in less than a year. And every single coach had an issue with the guy.

@ Saviola:

I am 100% with you not calling up Cambiasso for the national team. Even though I know he is the best in Inter, but his mentality just doesn't work well with the NT.

GK said...

Another great podcast guys, keep it up.

I came across this interesting article on
Here is the formation/starting 11 they have come up with that will give Argentina success....

Discuss :)