Friday, February 26, 2010

Germany announce squad plus interesting stats

Earlier today, Germany announced their squad that will take on the Albiceleste in Munich next Wednesday.

Manuel NEUER

Philipp LAHM
Serdar TASCI

Christian GENTNER
Aaron HUNT
Marcell JANSEN
Mesut OZIL
Christian TRASCH

Miroslav KLOSE

Out of that list, 2 players(KROOS and MULLER) are getting their first National Team call-ups.

Interesting notes/stats:
Miroslav KLOSE has 48 goals in 93 games for Germany.
Germany has NEVER lost a game when KLOSE has scored.

Lukas PODOLSKI has 37 goals in 69 games for Germany.
Germany has lost 2 games when PODOSLKI has scored.

Michael BALLACK has 42 goals in 97 games for Germany.
Germany has lost 3 games when BALLACK has scored.

All 5 strikers who have been called-up by Diego for this match have a total of 33 goals between them in a total of 136 caps! That's not even the same amount of goals PODOLSKI has scored.

Sergio AGUERO has 7 goals in 20 matches.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN has 1 goal in 3 matches.

Lionel MESSI has 13 goals in 43 matches.

Diego MILITO has 4 goals in 20 matches.

Carlos TEVEZ has 8 goals in 50 matches.


John said...

Interesting to see CACAU is included in the list. I never knew about his intention to opt for Germany instead of Brazil. Seems like he already has a few caps to his name. One thing I can tell, the guy scores goal, a lot of them in the Bundesliga. That's something we should ponder about. I can't give any statistic on that, but we can say that Germany does utilize their strikers to the fullest.

Anonymous said...

germany is stronger now than in 2006, i think this is the strongest german team in the last 20 or 16 years. however they still lack outstanding players in the midfield. always hard to beat in competitions, always perfect prepared, always heve the referees on their side. germany is always the same, only that half of the current team has not german ancestors.

Vitalij from germany

Anonymous said...

I never knew how many goals Klose,Podolski,Ballack all had for the national team, that is a ton of goals. I can see them giving us problems but I think some of our boys that were apart of that 06 losing side want to show something.

I noticed that some of of their players are not even German! I guess they are doing what Portugal is doing and French been doing for sometime.

Tasci-Turkish born in Germany

There maybe more but those are the names that stick out as being Non-German.

There is a strong possibility we can run into these bastards again in the QF's, or England. But it just depends how everything falls into place, or we can miss both depending if England finish second in their group and Germany 1st. So if England finishes 2nd and Germany 1st there can be a chance we miss both. Only way I really see that is that if the USA beat England in their first group, but Germany's group is tough as hell!.


King Aguero said...

Well regarding the goal scoring stats Argentina's best goal scorer right now is Higuain and he has only played 3 matches with the NT!

besides that i think its tough to score goals when you keep changing the line-up and specially the attackers because you lose chemistry up front! but 1 stat is how many games have Podolski and Klose started together??????? i bet is way more than any of the 6 strikers we have have started together so u might wanna consider that!

Argentina's talent has been misplaced all over the pitch ever since Basile tookover in 2006!

totti said...

to anonymos
Tasci-Turkish born in Germany
Mario Gomez - Spain
Mesut Ozil - Turkey
Sami Kherida - Tunisia
Jerome Boateng - Ghana
Marko Marin - Bosnia

so almost whole team :)

Anonymous said...

Jack; I think you got the possible quarterfinals wrong; if we finish first in our group and advance to the quarters we will meet the winner of Germany's group and the runner up of England's. So the only way of avoiding them is that Germany finishes second which I find it quite possible because the group is as difficult as hell, something Germany has never experienced before.


Ari said...

Good point King Aguero; Klose and Podolsky have been playing together since 2004 (or 2005, not sure) which is a huge factor in the attacking line.
Basile basically fucked up our national team big time, he constantly messed with his player selection and formation for no apparent reason and when he left we were in such a dire situation in the qualification there was no way to try to find out a new formation or tactic; Diego basically had to select a team for every game on an emergency basis to grab the three points... will never forgive you Alfio...

Anonymous said...

Hey Ari,

Yes you are correct, that is my fault. I think if we finish 2nd, and if the US win their group with England and Germany wins their group that is how we will avoid both(Depending if we pass through the group of 16 which we will). But I would rather take the group win and see how things fall into place. Because there can be a Round of 16 game between US-Germany. This would mean Germany would have played, Aussies,Serbia,Ghana then the US then they would get us. That is a very tough road and these all could be physical games for them.


Ari said...

I would love to meet Germany again in the quarters; this time will be exactly the opposite. In 2006 we were worn out by 4 tough games before meeting them while they had not sweated yet.
I see more than one sign this is our world cup to take, despite practically having no coach I have never been so positive.

LM10ARG said...

King Aguero, well Datolo has scored 2 goals in in 3 games. So he has the best goal per game ratio right? LMAO

sirus said...

i dont think now germany stronger than 2006... they central defense and central midfield has some problem... Per good but Tasci and Shafer has not experience... too young... Boateng is not national team material... See midfield... they has not good defensive midfielder... Ballack is cant hold midfield... Khedira no experience... Hitslperger already freeze...

johnny said...

Hey ! Leave Coco alone ! He had a squad with too many whining, spoiled brat babies who wanted to decide for themselves who their teammates were going to be. Blaming the NT's troubles since Maradona took over on Coco is absurd.

Anonymous said...

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