Friday, February 12, 2010

Diego to name Germany squad on Tuesday

With the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver just hours away(Go Russia/USA by the way!), we here at Mundo are looking forward to something else... And no, I'm not talking about Valentine's Day! On Tuesday, Diego MARADONA will announce his squad that will travel to Munich next month to play Germany.

The reason why most of us are looking forward to the list is because it should give us a clear indication as to who will make the final cut for the World Cup and who won't. In short, if you're on the Germany list, you'll likely make the World Cup list. If the likes of SAVIOLA, CAMBIASSO, BANEGA and LOPEZ are not on the list, then chances are they won't be part of the final 23.

We know that MARADONA has already chosen MASCHERANO, MESSI, VERON and recently Walter SAMUEL, but what about those in the domestic league and the rest of Europe? Are OTAMENDI, PALERMO and MONZON going to travel to Germany? What about Marcos ANGELERI who Diego seems to love? Will the MILITO brothers make the list or only one of them? Or worse, they both miss out? Will we get a little bit of redemption for that heartbreaking loss in Berlin from 2006 or will it be just a little taste of what's to come?

Tune in on Tuesday for the next episode of this wonderful Telenovela starring Diego "a man of 102 players" MARADONA, Martin "The Saint" PALERMO and Seba "Diego MILITO's cheerleader" GARCIA!


Anonymous said...

Hurry Up ..Hurry Up..Hurry Up

All Argentine origin footaller across the world please have your Luck . Maradona going to call more new 50 players Germany match . Please contact 00888822355 for info .

Your chances of selectiion are bright because the selector has lost his mind .

Just wear a Argentine jersy when you came for selection and fill the name favorate politician as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez in your selection form . You will be selected .

I lost all my respect to Diego maradona .. self centric person ..

johnny said...

Should be time for a high volume podcast after Diego's picks on Tuesday. We all have our favorites but I am rooting for Banega, D. Milito and E. Insua. If Diego picks Bolatti over Banega and Monzon over Insua, then he should be immediately abducted and held in a basement in Merlo until the WC is over.

Anonymous said...

Diego final list

players will be at South Africa playing for Argentina at World Cup 2010:

Sergio Romero
Lionel Messi
Martin Palermo
Carlos Tevez
Javier Mascherano
Juan Sebastián Verón
Gabriel Heinze
Walter Samuel
Martin Demichelis
Jonas Gutierrez

GK said...

Roy, I still can't get over the fact that you cheer for USA and Russia when you live in Canada's capital city! I assure you that you will be dissappointed when Canada are crowned Olympic gold in ice hockey.... again. GO CANADA GO!!!!

More importantly....

I am confident that come Tuesday we will all be relieved and satisfied with Diego's selection (maybe two or three names will be debatible) but overall we will be happy with his selections.

Anonymous said...

Argentina last 2 games that are, for most of u, useless were the last ones where we used all Domestic based players.

The best of those 2 games should make the list at least in a friendly against Germany. For me there are at least 3 of them: Clemente, Monzon, and Palermo.

Let's guess who'll make Maradona's list against Germany. Here is my guess:
GK: Romero, Andujar
DF: Demichelis, Samuel, Heinze, Otamendi, Schiavi, Clemente, Monzon
MF: Mascherano, Banega, Bolatti, Di Maria, Gutierrez, Veron, Aimar
F: Messi, Higuain, Tevez, Aguero, Palermo

That's my guess. 21 players for the Germany mat
ch. Maradona said he will take only players who play regularly for their clubs. I'm sure that's the reason why the names of Samuel and Banega are recently mentioned.


Anonymous said...

Again I can say maradona is a fucking stupid person and he only wants his friend playing. He should not call Palermo over milito tevez or even cavenaghi. Surely argentina will be humiliated if palermo is playing. hei is way over his prime

Sir Raul

King Aguero said...

So far i do agree with the list of players he has chosen for South Africa!


I mean who would you exclude? other than Veron who ppl may have an arguement about but everyone else is needed on the NT because each one of those guys brings something different!

Messi - I dont need to tell you hes the best in the world

Mascherano - Arguebly the best DM in the world but you can say hes one of the best 3 in the world?

Veron - South American player of the yr and is currently playing great football i think he brings some needed leadership and experience to the team and it would be best to have him come off the bench when the game is in hand

Jonas - One of the fewest wingers in Argentina that provides hustle, defense, and some offense! and he is arguebly the best defending winger we have!

ARGENTINIAN777 said...

wow really really really liked the way u guys posted "next episode diego"a man of 102 players" ha ha . i always foind pleasure whenever i visit mundo and yes i also like the 1st comment here from whoever bt the first one. keep going guys bt yes maradona makes the rt decision bcoz we need to take revenge over fucking germans which eliminated us in 2006 wc. VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARGENTINIAN777 said...


GK said...

Does anyone think Ayala will get a call up? He retired for the national back in 2007 after our Copa America defeat to Brazil but he recently said he is ready to play for his country if he is called upon. I'm not necessarily saying I want Diego to call up Ayala but I'm just curious to hear people's opinion of Ayala running our backline once again.

In my opinion I don't personally think he should get a call (especially since Samuel's spot has been confirmed) nor do I think Diego will chose him. Don't get me wrong, he was great for us in all the matches and years he put in but I just feel his time with the national team has passed him by.


johnny said...

Ayala didn't set the world on fire in his first match for Racing and my bet is that if he was NT quality he would still be playing in Spain.

Mohd said...

guys, a wonderful article about Banega:

I quote "Banega, robs like an Italian, shoots like a German, and plays like the Argentinian he is."

Still Gago and Bollati are maradona's favorites...painfully funny

johnny said...

Great article on Banega ! Let's hope he keeps it in the straight and narrow. Neither Gago or Bolatti could carry Banega's jock right now.

LM10ARG said...

Federico Fazio is back today in sevilla's starting line-up after a long injury. Don't you guyz think his 6 ft 5 in height can be very useful to our usually short NT?

LM10ARG said...

And Angeleri is also back today with Estudiantes. May be he could be picked as well since we lack quality full-backs.

Anonymous said...

messi had a terriable game ton8,he doesnt like high tempo games,plus .he always hide.(whe his teams suffering or in when they in difccult moments).

LM10ARG said...

anonymous, what do u expect when Barca is hit so badly with injuries??? It's like a disaster for us. Anyways stop hating.

Anonymous said...

i am worried as well,its not the first time i witnes that,he prove it again,it seems when the games r complicated he disapears.or tries too hard.

i dont care what he does for barca,i just want him to be mature enough to lead our national team(as hes our main player whether u like it or no)

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