Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goals from Carlitos, Pipita, Hat-Trick Di Maria & Much More

From what I summarized after Saturday’s fixture, it looks like dress rehearsal from our forwards for next week friendly against Germany.

In England, while all the fuss was about the first meeting between John TERRY and Wayne BRIDGE since their recent controversy; Carlos TEVEZ decides to take matters into his own hand. He scored twice as Manchester City defeated Chelsea 4-2 at Stamford Bridge. This takes his tally to 23 goals in all competition for him this season.

In Spain, of all the big names; this occasion truly belongs to Gonzalo HIGUAIN as he was star in Real Madrid’s 5-1 trashing over Tenerife. Hr scored the first two and then went up to set Real’s third goal scored by KAKA.

With this result, the pressure was all on Barcelona as they need to maintain their comfortable position at the top. Down 0-1 against Malaga, they equalize through PEDRO in the 69th minute. Then with six minutes left, Lionel MESSI tapped in the winner after some nice work from XAVI and Dani ALVES. That was his 17th goal of the season.

In Portugal, Angel DI MARIA was in the heart of everything as Benfica ran out against Leixoes 4-0 with the talented winger scoring a hat-trick, the third goal which is an absolutely wonder.

Whilst in the French Ligue 1, Lisandro LOPEZ strucked the first for Lyon in their 2-0 win over Nice. Finally in Greece, Mauro MILANO was on target for Iraklis as they defeated Asteras Tripoli 4-0.


Anonymous said...

goals goal goals awesome to see but now they muct turn their brilliant club form into brilliant nt form.

Rune said...

John, has Tevez scored 23 goals this season? I can only remember 15 in the legue and 6 in the Carling Cup....that's 21. Have I forgotten two goals?

Anonymous said...

how shameful were chelsea fans by booing Bridge.... what a disgrace...

But great to see Tevez playing so well, up front on his own, and a great first goal even tho he had a bit of luck...

Am i the only one thats starting to think that maybe Tevez should start up front with either Milito or Higuain...



Abs said...

I said it before, Tevez should be our target man if we are really playing 3 ahead Messi-Tevez-Di Maria

John said...

My apology Rune, my calculation was wrong. This is what I got from Carlos TEVEZ Soccernet profile. At the bottom, his total goal scored is at 20 but this does not include the two he scored yesterday. This means, in total he has scored 22 goals in all competition.

Mohd said...


the problem is that no coach could find a formation to fit both Tevez and Messi.

Considering Messi and Higuain will play. that leaves one attacker position between Tevez and DiMaria. I would go with DiMaria because he can provide the natural winger support and he is good when drops to the middle.

But if Tevez continues this form, then he will play a major role in the team. However, this could mean even bad news to our best stiker: Milito.

John said...

The truth is guys, if you choose to play with two upfront; then it's got to be MESSI with either MILITO and HIGUAIN.

No way I ever want to see two little guys up front. It's already proven it doesn't work especially against teams that have a strong defensive line up. From a footballing aspect, this is why we struggle against Brazil and Paraguay back in September.

Unless, if we want use three players up front; then maybe we can have both TEVEZ and MESSI in the right and left or vice versa and MILITO or HIGUAIN in the center.

Sebastian said...

Just heard another nasty rumour...did Diego MILITO score yet again?

Nah...someone must be lying to me. It's surely not true. Or is it?

johnny said...

Milito with a slick little glancing header. Yes Seba, another goal from your fav o rite player.

Just a few days now until the battle with Germany. I'm hoping Mascherano plants a boot in the middle of Ballack's butt.

Forza_albicelestes said...


Did u see Mascherano's performance as a Right Back.......
God he was absolutely awesome..

If he can continue doing this...He can be the Best RB in the world.....

And the answer to our problems

Batigol9 said...

it's funny,everyone is hot right now,but i think it has to be Messi with either Higuain or Milito upfront with Tevez as a sub.

Anonymous said...

Another great day for Argentino's no? Milito scoring, Kun scoring. It seems that all our forwards that are going to play vs Germany scored this weekend.

Roy, no need to apologize for Canada I was rooting for the US to win. I just can not root for Canada just for one simple reason. They gave us Celine Dion! I will never forgive them for that! Haha.

It's ok the Ruski's will take it in 2014 at Sochi


Abs said...

How can England play with two short guys up front ?! It could work !!

By the way, is it true the Roman heading to Saudi Arabia ?!

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