Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Argentina 2-1 Jamaica - Bad vibrations, mon!

I had to watch this game. I don't know exactly why, but I thought I had to watch it. If anything, to do one of the things I love most: scream at the TV and criticize everyone who speaks or anything I see.

And I had plenty of reasons to do what I love most! It was a game that was tailor-made for that.

Then I found myself thinking and got to one conclusion: MARADONA is like a violent father.

I'm not WUI (writing under the influence). Let me explain what's my reasoning behind this.

A violent father will often say he loves his children and that he'll do anything for them. In some cases they would even go as far as to saying they are beating their children for their own good. When in reality, in every one of those cases, they know nothing about how to educate their children. In reality, they are not capable of being in that position and everything they do is wrong. Even when they don't mean to do wrong.

I have no doubts MARADONA loves our national team. He gave us enough proof of this in his playing days and also when he was a celebrity fan, but he is beating the hell out of the Albiceleste in every step he takes as a manager.

In another pathetic, almost horrifying display, Argentina defeated a VERY weak Jamaican team that included an amateur player and in order to do that, we needed more than 90 minutes to do so. As a matter of fact...Argentina were trailing until the 80th minute! Not to mention the blatant penalty that was not given to Jamaica in the first half.

Now we've got to get ready for an avalanche of idiotic journalists praising Martín PALERMO, who was awful and only scored thanks to some of the worst defensive displays I can remember and certainly because this Jamaican goalkeeper could have played without his hands and would have made no difference at all.

So-called pundits who undoubtedly have a hidden agenda and keep praising MARADONA (so Diego then gives them the exclusive interview, of course!).

Argentina scored twice in the last five minutes of the game. And the goals came after a fluky header from PALERMO and a goal-mouth scramble in which Jamaica's keeper tried to catch a butterfly in the area instead of keeping his eyes on the ball. Ignacio CANUTO the scorer.

Of course nobody will speak about how horrible this Jamaican keeper was. The first proof of this came in the very commentary of the game on TyC Sports. "PALERMO is the kind of natural born goalscorer that we don't have elsewhere in Argentina!" said one of those dinosaurs commentating the game. It doesn't matter if the guy is slow as a stoned turtle. He plays for Boca and his life has been like a movie script (HAS BEEN being the key words). That's enough to cement his place in our once very strong national team.

For the first time in my life I found myself actively rooting for an Argentina defeat. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Why? Because I want what's best for the national team and what's best right now is to avoid any kind of validation of the mess MARADONA is doing with Argentina.

He was celebrating the goals like they were important. The look in his eye was that of a man who doesn't seem to realize what the situation is really like. A man who doesn't seem to understand that this was a VERY WEAK Jamaican side playing in Argentina and at times dominating the home side (which on a very different note showcased a very nice navy blue away shirt. Possibly the only outstanding thing about this game).

And that's all that MARADONA does during the game. 15 months since he was appointed and I NEVER (NEVER EVER EVER!) saw him or any of the members of his coaching stuff, give the players any kind of tactical direction or orders. He just stands there and says nothing other than: "Vamos, vamos" (come on, come on!).

True managers don't get excited about scoring two goals against this Jamaican side. True managers just think about how the team or some players work. That's what could have matter about this meaningless game. Apparently not to Diego, who is now talking about Fabián MONZON as if he was Ashley COLE and a young Paolo MALDINI put together, when he had NOBODY to mark and enjoyed the kind of liberties he won't enjoy against any decent opposition.

Football is not an exact science (that's one of the beauties of it), but having a (dis)organization like this will most likely complicate or even eliminate any chances we have to progress to the later stages at the World Cup.

It could happen, because I know of a guy who has been struck by lighting SEVEN TIMES in his life and survived.

If you ask me right now, the only chance we've got to win the World Cup in South Africa is if something like THIS was to happen to all the other teams in the tournament.

We are now officially doomed when it comes to knowing that Martín PALERMO is practically a certainty in the World Cup squad as the arm-band and the many hugs he shares with MARADONA show. "PALERMO is 80% guaranteed in my World Cup squad. He needs to keep his good level at Boca. PALERMO is necessary to me".

The only problem is that we won't be facing a team as weak as this Jamaican side in South Africa.

Right now, I can't take these thoughts off my head. I close my eyes and all I see MARADONA coming straight at me and forcing me to eat all my vegetables under threat of punishing me with more horrible images like those I've watched tonight.

He's coming to beat me and I'm too small to fight back...


koma said...

the only thing that I disagree with u is about the away jersey. Seriously man, it's ugly.. I'm a big fan of the away jersey, and still wear the 2002 away jersey with pride, but this one, well, it sucks... it looks like Chelsea...

Anonymous said...

Seba Seba Sba lol. I have never seen you like this. I didn't catch the game because well I had more important things to do then watch Argentina's C vs Jam's (I don't know, a bunch of guys that were given a ticket to Argentina and jersey to where). I had blamed Diego's actions do to his drug use and well this is a clear case. Anybody that has done drugs that much, must be missing a couple marbles. I am still have hope for the team, no way am I defending Diego but I am supporting my team until I can not support them anymore(which my brain and heart will stop). The way Diego hug Palermo, the guy is going to South Africa, there is no question about that. Kiss either Diego Milito,Lisandro,Crespo,Barrios,Zarate and so on goodbye. Well Milito I think will may get a call, but will be 20th man or so on the list. A shame really, but again I think the time the group of players that will have together will help them.

Koma, not a fan of the jersey because you think it looks similar to Chelsea. I say it looks a bit similar to 86, the color and all. I like it!


Anonymous said...

listen we don't want to play good game and lost in end... we did enough in past.... whatever u said and Wat type of criticism u did... Argentina won the game and that is the fact... so stop yelling against maradona and do it when Argentina lost to anyone....

Anonymous said...

I get your point Seba.

But let's just give Diego a chance in the real World Cup. For all what he had done for Argentina in the past, could you please give him just one opportunity in the same stage that made him what he was.

One opportunity, that's all.


Forza_albicelestes said...

Just saw the clips....Did u see how we conceded the goal...

Mohd said...

I totally agree with Seba, this is DISGUSTING and painfully funny

LM10ARG said...

Today's game also goes on to show that primera division Argentina is in a downhill. The players looked very ordinary to me in this game. Which really surprised me was that both colon and newell's lost to a chilean and ecuadorian team in libertadores play-off. I don't expect much from lanus or even banfield at libertadores. Estudiantes and Velez are the only hopes. And about maradona, I absolutely don't know what to say. May be I am just tired of saying. I know another WC summer full of tears is waiting for me. I started watching wc from 1998 and this will be my fourth wc. I don't know how long I will have to wait to see Argentina win a wc but it simply doesn't look like happening this year. I just hope I get to see Argentina winnig the wc at least once before I die. Anyways, Argentina till death...coming from a Bangladeshi albicelestes fan.

ARGENTINIAN777 said...

hey guys i lets stay clam n its really good to see so many true argentinians fans bt ya i hope we can win the world cup... vamos vamos vamos argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rune said...

Just wanna say that I very much enjoyed reading your post, Seba! You write straight from your heart. agree with almost everything you say.
But the news yesterday that Diego said Samuel will be included in his world cup squad was just so great that I am suddenly in a good will be over in a day or two and everything will get back to normal, I guess.

ZiggY said...

Rune, he said Walter Samuel will be included?! I never heard about that! Someone give me a url, please!

On another note, did anyone watch Gabriel Milito play last weekend for Barca... he played GREATTTT! Also, with suspensions and injuries to the other defenders, he's surely gonna start in the next few games. I hope he will take this opportunity to prove he's back to his best and get his call. Although Argentina have been playing VERY bad defensively, fact remains that we DO have great defenders out there like Demichelis, Samuel, Gaby Milito, Garay and Burdisso. The problem is just that they are not getting called by el stupido Maradona.

Guys, i wouldnt take this Jamaica game seriously. I seriously doubt that any of those players will be called up in the final 23, apart from Palermo. Besides, Palermo will surely sit on the bench the whole WC, behind the likes of Higuain (on fire!), Messi (on fire!), Tevez (on fire!) and hopefully Milito (on fire!). If there's any friendly to take seriously, it's the one on March 3rd against Germany.

Mohd said...


Despite the injustice following Milito and the circus of Palermo, still the forward line is not my main concern. with Messi, Higuain, and DiMaria the current favorites to maradona. And with Tevez form rising, the attack is our least problem.

The problem is the midfield and defence. the ONLY player i can see now holding our midfield together is Banega. instead Maradona keeps hanging on his hopes on the likes of Veron and lady Gago. Pastore is also a player i am starting to like. Lucho is also a very good tactical player.

Also a big problem in defence. Milito (if he continues to play), and Samuel MUST make the squad.

My formation would be:

main Subs:

cha said...

Maradona also said, Banega under his consideration...this is good news.

Maxi Lopez said...

Great article Seba. Thanks for the good work. People are less depressed when they know they aren't alone :)

johnny said...

Ha ha ! Eat your veggies you scrawny little fucker !!! Very nice write up Seba ! Diego is tearing a hole in your heart and it is clear to see. "Hope" and a miracle is all we have now. I am sure that Palermo will go to South Africa with Diego and will enter matches in the second period. Maradona won't take him and not play him some. Also, too bad Diego is in love with Monzon. Despite Boca's well documented problems, Monzon DOESN'T START FOR BOCA ! Why ? Because Boca's defense is horrible right now and MONZON CAN'T PLAY DEFENSE !

It is a good sign for the back that Samuel is on his way though. Now, if Diego can see his way to making sure Banega is chosen we might have a chance in midfield.

Of course all of this talk about players has zero bearing on the fact that Diego has no idea about game "plan". So, we have to hope that Diego miraculously picks enough good players and then via some miracle becomes savvy about strategy and tactics. A tall order !

Sebastian said...

Thanks for your comments, amigos.

Just to make clear...I still want Argentina to win the World Cup. Of course I do. I guess deep down I still hold a little hope that Diego will be removed as our manager (very tiny small hope), but if not, then I'll be giving him and Argentina my full support. I think NOW is the time to criticize and be as tough in our analysis as we possibly can.

The fact that we won last night hides nothing about the fact that it was a joke of a game and a joke of a team we fielded. A joke of a preparation, really. Scheduling a game for a day in which you wouldn't be able to call players from the six best teams in the country (those playing the Copa Libertadores) and then once you do call players from the other sides in the Primera División, you only have one training session before the game.

What do you expect? I think it was a bad thing we won last night because now the complacency from the media and the belief that comes from the core of our coaching stuff will continue. Diego and his friends (I wouldn't dare to say 'co-workers' because I don't see them working at all) will keep thinking they know exactly what they are doing and will stay convinced that they are doing a good job.

Now...regarding SAMUEL, I think that deserves another post (and I'll write it as soon as I have some time) because there are a lot of very interesting points to be made there.

Anonymous said...

what kind of goalkeeping was that, in the first Jamaica's goal?

ahaha, hdp Maradona, andate ya!


johnny said...

That was "stuck in mud while dreaming of Wanda Nara" goalkeeping.

totti said...

match highlights

about that Palermo issue: he can not ever play on the field! ok he scored goals, but against who?
i would support, if Palermo will take him as a third goalkeeper - we dont have better anyway and we must admit one: Palermo is a true fighter and motivator

GK said...

Can anyone provide links concerning Samuel and Banega? I couldn't care less what the final score was against Jamaica or how Diego celebrated. The game was absolutely meaningless and was a waste of everyone's time. It's a shame this game is taking attention away from some good news we finally get regarding the national team.

Dave P said...

Yeah GK if Samuel is getting a place on the squad and he is yet to play under maradona then this gives us hope that anybody like cambiasso and banega can make the squad...hopefully...cant wait for the germany game.

p2bn said...

Ahh I feel you Seba. All I can remeber now is the great old saying which repeats itself when I think of our situation. I know I and everyone I knew who supported Argentina wished for Diego to be the coach and I assume most of you guys wanted that too; maybe a bit bater but still diego as the coach of nationl team was a dream to all of us. So the old saying has come to haunt us now.


I still hope Messi will singe handedly win us. It's more realistic then hoping Deigo's strategy will win us. No matter how I love him; he and possibly the AFA seems to have made a farce of our team. The only thing I see saving us is the pure and raw talent of our players.

Ohh well at least I won't have high hopes this year only to be pissed off for weeks after we get out. If we somehow win; Then no one can stop me from going crazy.

Vamos Argentina

John said...

Hey Guys,

Walter SAMUEL is heading to South Africa

Just click on the link.

Anonymous said...

nohd i like your formation
please let it be true about samuel and diego please add banega and both milito bros.

Anonymous said...

For Seba and John

From World

Riquelme won't get call-up - Maradona

Walter Samuel guaranteed World Cup place

Maradona hits out at Valdano

Sparrow said...

Take it Easy Seba. We all share your agony. Suddenly I don't feel the exitement of the World Cup anymore. The youth team would have a better chance to take it.


LM10ARG said...

Now that gago will rot on real's bench is a good thing for us. Hopefully at least for that reason, B4nega will be picked.

dori said...

I just wish he had some drug overdose and kill himself, at least people will feel sorry for him.
He got us the WC back in 86..but then ruined our 94 team due to drug issues and now he's ruining our chances again for 2010 as an incompetent DT.
Last night I was really hoping for Argentina to lose so that it might lead to his removal from current position.
I might sound like a hypocrete but hoping for argentina to lose might be the most patriotic thing right now.

Mohd said...

man what he said about valdano is disgusting and shows his stupid brains! i HATE real madrid, but to ask valdano to interfere in Peligrini's decisions shows how stupid he is! Heinzi was not good enough for real, and gago...OMG do not let me start; one of the worst players i have ever seen in Arg shirt. As for Higuain? he did it for himself and forced himself into the starting line-up.
but it took the dump-ass 1 year to call him to the NT...unbelievable!

ZiggY said...


i totally agree with you man. Banega is one of my favorite midfielders at the moment. I had my eyes on this guy ever since the WYC when he played alongside Messi, Zabaleta and Aguero. His talent was obvious to see and i was waiting for him to shine in Europe, although it took him a while.. but finally he's showing his brilliance. He's the most talented central midfielder we have at the moment and he's also aggressive defensively... he's perfect. I'd play him alongside Cambiasso in the middle rather than Mascherano.

Honestly right now im breathing better with today's news that Samuel will be going to South Africa. This is really a surprise, a great one! Now im hoping for el stupido to regain his faith in Zanetti as a right back and also give Gaby Milito a trial in Germany, at least in training.

My dream team at the moment (very offensive):

Messi---------Aimar-------Di Maria

Anonymous said...

Great Article Sebastian, I totally agree with all of your article..keep it up loves to read all of your post..Thanks.

Roy said...

Mohd, I gotta disagree with you on the Valdano part. I appreciate everything Valdano has done for the National Team, I really do, but his heart seems to be with Madrid and not with Argentina. What Diego said about Valdano trying to keep an Argentine down being "disgusting", well I gotta agree with him.

It seems all that time in Madrid has made Valdano forget where he's really from. I know what his job is in Madrid and all, but when you have an up and coming star ARGENTINE star like Higuain, you take care of him. So yeah, I'm siding with Diego on this one.

Ziggy, kteer bheb el line-up, but we would get killed on the counter. If we're down a goal with little time left, I would say go for it, even though we the chances of conceeding another goal would be huge.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone in this blog, Anybody here know when Maradona will post the player list to face Germany on March 3 rd..?

Leo said...

If you all want to see Maradona get kicked out as manager, just wait until the Germany game when we get our asses handed to us on a silver platter. Frankly, I think Argentina is scared shitless about playing the Germans and I would be too if I was him, but then again I'm not that stupid. The only hope I have right now is in our Argentinian brothers playing there hearts out in Europe right now and hopefully they will bring that same level of play to the WC, if Maradona doesn't get in the way!

LM10ARG said...

valdano is a disgrace to Argentina. Once he even said cristina ronaldive is better than Messi which is just criminal. Lol in my opinion his Argentine citizenship should be cancelled.

Mohd said...

Ziggy, Guys

I HATE Valdano, hell I hate everything related to Real Madrid. And valdano arrogance character is clear..and I hate him as well :) (damn i hate too much people :))

But my point is that maradona has no right to interfere in anyone's job. for god's sake he had the whole world asking him to include the same Higuain he is talking about for over 1 year. and he only did it when he wanted to! as for gago, please i would not include him if i make a team of guys to play in the streets of Beriut!


even if we loose against germany, maradona is here to stay. he will do what he did against spain, play with defensive midfielders all over and try to loose with small margin.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

stick to argentina news telling dads how to be dads doest suit you sir