Wednesday, February 04, 2009

U20: ARG v. URU - Win or wave the YWC goodbye?

After the disappointing and controversial 2-0 defeat against Brazil on Monday, Argentina will be in front of a crucial test if our youngsters want to keep the dream alive and keep thinking of making it to the Youth World Cup later this year.

The winning tradition the Albicelestes have in that category asks for nothing less than at least qualifying for the U20 World Cup.

Argentina, without suspended Franco ZUCULINI, will face Uruguay, a team that won all their matches except the one they lost to Brazil in the first match of the second round.

They clearly look as favourites and it'll take a lot from our boys to break the Skyblues. There's no more room for mistakes and in order to make sure we make it to Egypt 2009, we need to win our three remaining matches -or at least two, but without losing the other one-, if we don't want to rely on other results coming our way.

I still trust these boys, but they seriously need to improve.


Akash said...

Albiceleste goals:Leandro Romagnoli(2),Aldo Duscher,Lautaro Acosta,Gaston Sangoy(2).

p2bn said...

m starting to watch...its umm 40 mins...hopefully they will win...
vamos albiceleste

Sebastian said...

We are playing with 10 men and down 1-0 with 15 minutes to go.

Not looking good. Not looking good at all.

Roy said...

2-0 with 13 minutes left. That's about it.

Sebastian said...

2-0 down now. Horrible situation for us now. We are forced to beat Venezuela (the home team) and then Colombia.

Colombia defeated Paraguay earlier today.

The standings so far?

Brazil: 6pts in 2 matches (they play later tonight against Venezuela)
Uruguay: 6pts in 3 matches.
Paraguay: 4pts in 3 matches.
Colombia: 3pts in 3 matches.
Venezuela: 3pts in 2 matches.
Argentina: 1pt in 3 matches.

We are in the last place and if Venezuela upset Brazil tonight, we'll be in deep deep waters, with three teams on 6 points, with another one at 4.

Sebastian said...

Eduardo SALVIO scores. 1-2 down. 4 minutes + injury time to go.

But we are really exposed to their counterattacks.

One point here would be golden!

Sebastian said...

It's over. Now we need Brazil to beat Venezuela and then win our last two matches.

I wouldn't put my money on Argentina winning both.

Roy said...

If Brazil beats Venezuela, I truly think we'll be able to win our next 2 matches. The problem is we decide to step it up and play when it's too late. In other words, when our backs are against the wall. Well if Brazil beats Venezuela, our backs will be against the wall and I truly think we'll be able to win.

Salvio has been the standout player for us by far. We should of beaten Venezuela in the first match(early penalty really screwed us) but Colombia will be tricky. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want Brazil to win tonight.

John said...

Hi Guys, just got to the office only to find this bad news. Dammed!!!

Since when we became that bad at qualifying levels. I just hope we can win the remaining two matches and move on.

It will be a nightmare to see us not having to defend our title in Egypt.

God help us!!!

Roy said...

To be fair to the team, the ref against Brazil really screwed us. I'm glad that Conmebol(or was it FIFA?) that sent him back to Uruguay and he'll never ref another match in this tournament.

Argentina was playing their best match of the tournament against Brazil in very bad conditions and the referee was clearly on Brazil's side. Let's not forget that these players are still kids. Mentally I'm sure it messed them up. Let's not forget that psychology/the mental game can play a huge part in how the team plays. Junior or senior level, it will always be there.

Here's hoping that Brazil beats Venezuela and we win our next 2 matches.

p2bn said...

ohh crap....not least they were drawing till i started watching these games....sometimes i so believe when i watch the game we loose. i stopped watching after watching 10 mins when we were in 20mins and then watched the 2nd half. in 5 mins they scored the first and i stopped watching and got the bad news frm u guys.....yes the brazil game screwed us was totally unfair and i can understand a bit how those guys might be feeling. i hope we qualify.
vamos albiceleste

Sebastian said...

Brazil just score. 1-0 up on 35 minutes.

As it stands:

Brazil 9
Uruguay 6
Paraguay 4
Colombia 3
Venezuela 3
Argentina 1

I think our best shot would be to win our two remaining matches (Venezuela and Colombia) and hope that Brazil and Uruguay do the same so they run away with the tournament and leave us with the chance to clinch third or fourth place.

Sebastian said...

p2bn: don't blame yourself! This is really not a good team (or at least they are not playing like one).

Here's a link (in Spanish) to see the remaining fixtures.

John said...

I've just posted an article on the Seville/Athletic match from Lautaro ACOSTA scored in the dying minutes.

Just as he did 2 years ago and last year in Beijing. I wish we had a saviour like him right now.

John said...

Brazil 3-o so looks like the standing stays as it is based on what Seba mentioned earlier.

We have to beat Venezuela in our next match and hope Brazil can do us a favour again by beating Colombia.

Anonymous said...

This is shameful just shameful. When Argentina produces young talent they are playing like a bunch of fool's. When you wear that jersey you must show honor and play for the country. They way this team has played so far if Suriname had a footballing team they would of got a point out of them. 2 games left and they need to win, lets see what they do. If they do not make will I be shocked? nope. Not being able to qualify to defend the title.


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