Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Argentine school - According to the French

When looking for news and updates on tonight's international match between Argentina and France, I came across with this video in which prestigious French magazine L'Equipe analyzes what they call "L'ecole Argentine" (The Argentine school).

It's in French and I don't understand everything they say, but perhaps you do and even if you don't, you'll enjoy this video.

They show the mythical Club Parque, the entity that produced an incredible number of Argentine international footballers such as Fernando REDONDO, Fernando GAGO, Sergio BATISTA himself and many many more.

Enjoy this 13:29 minute video while you get ready for the match.

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Anonymous said...

Here's 2 good links for anyone who wants to watch the match and does not have espn2/espn360/espnd: