Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Javier, Liverpool’s Man of the Masche

It’s hard for me to understand on what goes on with Rafa BENITEZ. Sometimes he gets it right and the next time everything goes horribly wrong for him. But that was not the case when Liverpool took on Real Madrid in the Champions League

He masterminded another magnificent European away triumph as the Reds confounded the odds with a stunning 1-0 victory in the Bernabeu. Yossi BENAYOUN headed the late winner to give his side every chance of progressing to the quarter-finals.

But let me tell you this, the result against Real was made possible because Javier MASCHERANO son of a gun performance. He was the main catalyst in not allowing Real to have any comfort on the pitch.

Should you need some clarification, you may ask Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Fernando GAGO or Arjen ROBBEN.

He made a cracking tackle on Pipita after sloppy play from Alberto RIERA. Another fantastic tackle on GAGO, which resulted him being yellow carded harshly (I’ll leave it to the rest to decide on whether the booking was legitimate).

I’ve got nothing against Real (though I have more love Barcelona!) since some OUR boys are in that team. I just felt there was need to highlight on what was another top class performance from Javier MASCHERANO.

He is my choice as the Man of the Match.


Anonymous said...

Mascherano was good as always. He helped out Aurelio when Robben seemed to be tormenting him. Infact their defense rarely let Real enter their box and Mascherano deserves some credit for that. MOM? I'll have to think again.

utusanLFC said...

I beg to differ. My vote is for Benayoun. When the whole mode of play as per instructed by Rafa, every one is doing the defending. Look at Reira. He failed miserably to go forward. But playing in the middle, that small Jew... zigzagging the Real's defenders not once but many times, and this is simply a performance that convienced us of Benayoun's ability while he was in West Ham. I hope Rafa will play him more. Only then, we'll see more of the beautiful game from this fella. SALUTE YOSSI! YOU SO AWESOME! And my vote comes even before he heads the goal. He was alive the whole 90mins.

Nasir said...

Most often, the goalscorer always get the credit. But I agree that Mascherano deserve to get the MOM. This match wasn't a pleasant one. Most of the battles were made in midfield n that was where Liverpool won. The midfielders have to track back numerous times to provide defensive cover for the defenders. N this was where Mascherano excelled. As usual, he doesn't get much credit but the little things he make allows the rest of the attackers to concentrate on their job. Look at how Real Madrid suffered when they sold Makalele. That is how precious Mascherano is to Liverpool. Even Barca have their own, Yaya Toure. Enough said, U'll never walk alone!!!

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